SCP-CN-, 00122
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♒♒ Cognitohazard, Notification ♒♒

The following file, has anomalous, cognitohazards, affecting its text. As such we have to, ensure personnel, viewing this file have, enough CRV, the threshold being, fourteen and a half. If the CRV, test reports that your, CRV does not, meet required levels, you should remain calm, and avoid moving. Medical experts, have just been dispatched, to your location.

​Please repeat the phrase, to the microphone, slowly and clearly:

Three one twenty-five

Item Numbering: SCP-CN-, 00122

Classification: Item is Euclid

Special Containment, Procedures are thus: SCP-CN-, 122-1, is contained within, an Euclid chamber, located at Site-, CN-51. Personnel without, Level 3 clearance, cannot access it. A Mobile Task Force, 甲寅-02, ("The Fifth Collectors"), has been assigned to, erasing online, manifestations, tracing origins, before doing so. Infected subjects, must at the least be, amnesticized with, Class C amnestics; infected contents, are to be archived, and originals, incinerated. New information, is to be given, to the project lead, Dr. Yuan Mengyao.

Object Description: The object is an, anomalous meme, with no way to be, normally described. Attempts to describe, the object always, result in phrases, of five syllables. It is infectious; infected content, has the same effect. Humans who see it, become infected; victims describing, this state are also, likewise infectious. Describing other, things or orally, communicating, or using hand signs, are unaffected,1This affects every, tongue similarly.

In experiments, infected report: when writing content, the changes in form, are unconscious and, if resisted cause, inability, to write anything. It is suspected, it is compulsive, and subconsciously, affects the subject.

Affected content, when stored alongside, ordinary text, begins infection. This can take these forms: Digital storage, printed and written.

Of note is that when, infecting new text, there may be changes, to fit things in fives. Handwritten content, when infected will, be identical, in handwriting to, the original. In a few cases, meeting classical, poetry it will, make each line have five, syllables without, changing the meaning, or breaking the rhymes. It is suspected, that the object has, some kind of sapience, understanding art, culture and other, relevant topics.

Object discovered, September the tenth, 2015. Strange short sentences, surfaced on the net. Agents took notice, and reported it, with affected speech. They were treated with, Class C amnestics, and returned back to, normal speech patterns. The Mobile Task Force,"The Fifth Collectors", were then established, to quickly erase, infected content, search for infected, and track the source of, the anomaly, but with no results.

SCP-CN-, 122-1, is an infected, SCP-14, 25 instance. [DATA RELATING, TO OPERATION, STARGAZER EXPUNGED] it was then obtained, it was observed that, its contents were split, as five syllables, per phrase with no more, abnormal effects; to prevent attempts, at restoration, contents were not saved. Plans to destroy it, are under debate.

Object Addendum:

Personally I, think the object is, not significant, in terms of threat posed; it has been contained, and not transmitted, for quite a long time. As such I suggest: revise Object Class, downgrade it to Safe.
— Suggestion raised by, Mr. Wislarm Touwn, Senior Researcher

I cannot approve, as this object is, deeply linked to the, "Fifth Church" GoI, and has been used by, other GoIs. For safety reasons, I cannot downgrade, its Object Class now.
— Dr. Yuan Mengyao, Site Vice-Director

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