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Dr. Ke's hand-drawn description of SCP-CN-123-J, explaining why seven urinals cannot be used by four people

Item #: SCP-CN-123-J

Object Class: Keter Eucild Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Due to its wide spread, the anomaly is impossible to be completely contained. The Foundation is working hard to eliminate SCP-CN-123-J's effects inside itself, but with very limited outcomes.

(updated on 14/5/2018) The Foundation has found out a way to eliminate the effect of SCP-CN-123-J flawlessly via the genius design of Dr. Ke, and is now working on promoting it globally, but with very limited outcomes.

(updated on 17/5/2018) Inspired by Dr. Ke, Class Two assistant researcher Huskar proposed a more constructive suggestion: dividing neighbouring urinals with boards. The investigations of the Foundation has showed that this suggestion had already been applied to more than half of China's public restrooms. According to RAD's anlysis, SCP-CN-123-J can be contained completety with appropriate boards (with appropriate length, height and width). A front company called Special Cleanroom Planning Corporation is assigned to promote this method globally.

Description: SCP-CN-123-J is an abnormal cognitive influence which only occurs in males. Its main effect is that influenced males (designated as SCP-CN-123-J-1) will comply with the two rules below whenever possible when urinating in public restrooms with urinals:

  • choosing the urinal which is farthest from others, and choosing the farthest urinal from the door when there is no other person in the restroom.
  • There must be at least one unoccupied urinal between any two people.

SCP-CN-123-J-1 will continue to urinate when these two rules can not be complied, but they will have psychological changes for a short time, usually coming up with saddness and mild anxiety; but SCP-CN-123-J-1 will be a little overwhelming frustrated in some situations1.

Nothing has been found as the medium of SCP-CN-123-J's spreading. It is conjectured that SCP-CN-123-J-1 is part of human's instinct.

I'm just confused, it's only using the restroom, why are you staying so far from each other? -Dr. Hannah

No, you won't understand, you females excreting in seperate rooms won't understand. It's just as unbearable as two guys using one urinal at the same time! -Dr. Ke

…Well, okay. -Dr. Hannah

Note: Dr. Ke has been investigated for suspection on sexual harassment to Dr. Hannah.

Addendum: A chart of the relationship between the number of males going to excret and urinals needed to go on excreting normally:
Number of males Number of urinals
1 1
2 3
3 5
4 8
5 9
6 14
7 15

Note: more calculations are on hiatus due to Dr. Ke's refusal.

Seriously, why the heck did I calculate this? -Dr. Ke

Addendum 2:
On 14/5/2018, Dr. Ke spoke out randomly proposed "why don't we just add some spaces of an urinal between two urinals" during the research on SCP-CN-123-J. The propose was considered immediately as an effective way to contain SCP-CN-123-J. The containment procedure was updated hereafter.

Adding spaces between urinals, what a waste, could we just use boards to divide them? -Class Two assistant researcher Huskar

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