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The contents of the following document have been affected by the object's anomalous properties, and may possess DANGEROUS EFFECTS. DESIGNATED INFORMATION.

Loading document: SCP-CN-1246-Σ

Underlined text contains DESIGNATED INFORMATION

Item#: CN-1246
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-CN-1246 is contained in the DESIGNATED CONTAINMENT PROCEDURES. Its containment procedures are to be split into MULTIPLE independent parts.

Personnel and other information storage devices under a certain part may only know/contain A CERTAIN AMOUNT of relevant information. All employees and DESIGNATED PERSONNEL during the DESIGNATED TIME FRAME are to undergo DESIGNATED TREATMENT to temporarily prevent the ability of the cerebral cortex from PERFORMING DESIGNATED ACTION. As such, SEVERAL DOCUMENTS have been written and separately saved: SCP-CN-1246-█ through SCP-CN-1246-█. This document is SCP-CN-1246-Σ.

For DESIGNATED REASONS, some information in this document must be PROCESSED IN THE DESIGNATED MANNER and marked in DESIGNATED MANNER. All documents relevant to the object are to HAVE DESIGNATED PROPERTY.

The content below the line does not contain any more text relating to the DESIGNATED CONTENT.

Description: SCP-CN-1246 is DESIGNATED ANOMALY. Its essence is an EXISTENCE POSSESSING SPECIFIED QUALITIES. MEDIA, including the DESIGNATED ORGAN in humans, may only DEVELOP DESIGNATED EFFECT in information regarding a LIMITED PART of it. When a MEDIUM contains more information than a certain AMOUNT regarding the object, it will MALFUNCTION. If further attempts are made, it will immediately result in DESIGNATED NEGATIVE INCIDENT and its composition will be reorganized. Current theories postulate that different MEDIA have different thresholds for SCP-CN-1246. Research into this property is currently IN DESIGNATED RANGE of progress.

Other theories postulate that stably storing SCP-CN-1246 may also result in MALFUNCTION and also DAMAGE. DESIGNATED ASSESSMENT.

SCP-CN-1246-1 is the threshold of total ████████ related to SCP-CN-1246 required for the DESIGNATED ORGAN of the DESIGNATED BIOLOGICAL SPECIES to DEVELOP DESIGNATED EFFECT. The current ratio of ██ to SCP-CN-1246-1 is [DATA EXPUNGED] (≤1).

SCP-CN-1246 is physically EFFECTIVELY HARMLESS. As such, it has been classified Euclid.

Discovery: DESIGNATED AGENT discovered the object for the first time while CARRYING OUT DESIGNATED ACTIVITY at DESIGNATED LOCATION at DESIGNATED TIME. At first, THEY did not notice any obvious anomaly. When THEY attempted to RECORD OBJECT INFORMATION IN DESIGNATED MANNER, THEY discovered DESIGNATED PROPERTY. After various attempts, THEY made initial confirmation of OBJECT being an anomalous object and contacted DESIGNATED CONTACT IN DESIGNATED MANNER. DESIGNATED GROUP then arrived and PERFORMED DESIGNATED ACTION at DESIGNATED TIME. The anomalous qualities of the object quickly resulted in DESIGNATED OUTCOME (theorized DESIGNATED CONCLUSION).

Due to CONTINUED DETERIORATION, DESIGNATED INSTANCE decided to request backup from Mobile Task Force Eta-10 (DESIGNATED NAME) and EMPLOYED DESIGNATED PROCEDURES at DESIGNATED TIME, and with great difficulty ACHIEVED DESIGNATED OUTCOME. Temporary containment was established. PERIOD OF TIME LATER research into the object produced results and the current containment procedures were established.

The following information was found at DESIGNATED LOCATION:

Are We Cool Yet?
mrs 5UP4R H0T1

No further information about the object's properties is recorded below DESIGNATED EVENT.

Addendum 1: Incident Log 1246-█

At DESIGNATED TIME, DESIGNATED PERSONNEL unconsciously OBSERVED IN DESIGNATED MANNER the object, causing the loss of the ability to understand the object's position. As there is no way to determine whether the object is still located within the containment chamber, THEY decided to report a containment breach. DESIGNATED PROCEDURES were implemented. DESIGNATED PERSONNEL subsequently arrived. After some chaos, DESIGNATED PROGRAM was activated. While PARTIAL information was lost, information about the object's location was recovered and OBJECT PRESUMABLY RECONTAINED.

PERIOD OF TIME LATER, by O5 Council decision, a group was formed from employees of DESIGNATED DEPARTMENT and DESIGNATED DEPARTMENT took over containment work. Following further research, the current stage of containment procedures was designed and implemented.

Addendum 2: Activation Log CN-1246-█



E: I want—

C: Quiet. I've worked here for so long, and I've seen that strange fellow often… Kneel down, walk slowly. There's a ,mantra I think makes a lot of sense, and that all of us doing this should know by heart…

C: Speak no evil, see no evil, hear no evil.

C: Quickly, put on the filter and turn up all the dials to the maximum.


E: He's in front—

C: Correct. Do not speak any further. Close your eyes.

E: Then how do we see where we're going?

C: This is but basic training.

E: H-huh, okay…


C: You, drive. (sound of car door slamming)

[wireless static]

C: This is Convoy E, we have successfully retrieved the object, I repeat, we have successfully retrieved the object. The object is in the back of Truck E.

E: Confirm, the object is currently in the back of Truck E.

Command: Received. Currently pressing switch 4.

(mechanical sound)

E: Switch 4 pressed.


C: Can we depart?


C: I'm guessing that's "not yet".

[Some minutes later, during which DESIGNATED EVENT CONTINUES.]


E: Now it's your problem, when do we hit the gas?

C: Don't know.

E: Then it's up to you. Really. It's part of the plan.

C: Alright.


C: [suddenly slams accelerator] We're off!

E: Woah — That's fine, that's the effect we want.


Addendum 3: Experiment Report CN-1246-█


Date: 2008/4/7


Content: Standard ANOMALY observation procedure. Observing person required to CONFIRM DESIGNATED PROPERTY OF OBJECT.

Result: RESEARCH PERSONNEL used a pencil to draw the APPEARANCE of the object on the recording board, and measured its HEIGHT AND WIDTH. This information is archived. Following this, RESEARCH PERSONNEL discovered THEY were unable to confirm DESIGNATED INFORMATION and began to panic.












Alright, alright, we've come to the DESIGNATED PART of the document where we use plain language to explain what's going on with the object and explain the scary truth.

First of all, it's obvious that the document has MALFUNCTIONED, making it hard to read. Please be understanding.

Next, DESIGNATED INFORMATION. Yes, it's lost control, and we should have anticipatted it. If DESIGNATED PRONOUN have read up to this point, please find DESIGNATED MOBILE TASK FORCE or a weapon capable of causing large-scale harm and come here, DESIGNATED INFORMATION. We are not afraid of being sacrificed. Every one of us has been preparing for this the second we entered this organization.

Finally, DESIGNATED INFORMATION. It was our neglect of DESIGNATED INCIDENT that led to this disaster.

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