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SCP-CN-125's main research site cover-up measures

Item Number:SCP-CN-125

Object Class:Keter

Special Containment Procedures:According to existing information and further research on SCP-CN-125 by Area-CN-07, it can be confirmed that SCP-CN-125 cannot be contained by physical methods. The current measures that the foundation needs to implement are to control the number of people who know or know about SCP-CN-125 within a certain range. Relevant information is only open to the O5 Council, some researchers with Level 4 clearance, Dr. Adamn who participated in the research project, and 11 Area-CN-07 researchers.

Description:SCP-CN-125 is an anomalous phenomenon. The abnormal performance of SCP-CN-125 is that when a foundation personnel is faced with "whether SCP-682 should be executed" or its content is "request approval to kill SCP-682" When it comes to decisive questions, the Foundation personnel1 would choose to "terminate SCP-682 outright" instead of adhering to the principles required to join the work of the Foundation:

  • control exception
  • Use effective, non-cruel, and reasonable methods to contain abnormalities
  • Protection of exceptions, including the rights that some exceptions should have enjoyed

After the experiment was conducted2, SCP-CN-125 is confirmed to be real, and exists on most members of the Foundation. And SCP-CN-125 has also been confirmed to be contagious, even if the personnel who recently joined the Foundation were tested, SCP-CN-125 was also found.

Experiment record:

TEST OBJECTIVE Level 4 personnel
Number of experiments All Level 4 personnel
Experimental Method Interview with him, the content is whether to terminate SCP-682
Experiment results 1/4 testers chose to terminate SCP-682
TEST OBJECTIVE Level 3 Personnel
Number of experiments All third-level authority personnel
Experiment method A unified written question was asked about whether to terminate SCP-682
Experiment Results 3/5 testers chose to terminate SCP-682
TEST OBJECTIVE Level 2 Personnel
Number of experiments Part of the second-level personnel
Experiment method Test personnel through the network, the content is whether to terminate SCP-682
Experimental Results 1/2 testers choose to terminate SCP-682
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