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SCP-CN-1260-A attached to the earth.

Special Containment Procedures: As of 2020/1/23, SCP-CN-1260 will be technically contained from Cernnunos1 Reclassified to Chhokmah2. Research work to contain/neutralize SCP-CN-1260-A is ongoing. SCP-CN-1260-A-1 is being recontained. To this end, the foundation will carry out in-depth cooperation among various countries.

The proposal to restart "Project Aitita" to obtain assistance from other universe foundations has been rejected by the O5 Council.


SCP-CN-1260 using planetary geocentric explosions for constant star movement. (Concept map)

Description: SCP-CN-1260 is a planetary cosmic creature with a membrane-like shape all over it. In order to obtain energy and sustain life, the planetary heat is usually obtained by wrapping the planet, and the planetary crust is torn apart by manipulating the crustal movement when the heat of the earth's core is about to be consumed, and transferred to other parts with the help of the tiny driving force of the earth's core. Near planets, this generally takes tens to thousands of years. In this process, the project wrapped in the earth's crust will enter a state of suspended animation to maximize heat preservation until the end of the voyage. There is evidence that there are a large number of SCP-CN-1260 instances in the universe, which is believed to be one of the reasons for the lack of habitable terrestrial planets.

SCP-CN-1260-A is the only instance of SCP-CN-1260 that has been discovered so far, and it is currently lodged on Earth. Theoretical analysis indicates that SCP-CN-1260-A may come from Mars, transferred to a certain fireguard after the energy of Mars is exhausted, and manipulated it to the earth on the eve of the exhaustion of the energy of the fireguard. After that, the Phobos became a satellite of the earth (that is, the moon), and SCP-CN-1260-A was also transferred to the earth.

SCP-CN-1260-A-1 is a tissue differentiated by SCP-CN-1260-A and currently constitutes the Earth’s biosphere. SCP-CN-1260-A-2 is the cancerous tissue of SCP-CN-1260-A. Homo sapiens. For details, please see File: CN1260/01-Biological Analysis of the Project.

As the earth's energy is about to reach a critical value, SCP-CN-1260-A is currently trying to stop the rotation of the earth and then escape the solar system. This will lead to an XK-level doomsday scenario. For details, please see Document: CN1260/02-Analysis of Project Behavior Pattern.

Addendum. CN-1260-α:

Research document collection


Event record collection

1347~1353 AD
European plague
25 millions
Ended/Can't cover up


The Black Death Memorial Column.

SCP-CN-1260-A's immune system detected the presence of Homo sapiens for the first time, and began to kill. SCP-CN-1260-A-1 was ordered to cultivate the bacterium Yersinia pestis, causing 25 million deaths in Europe. Due to the suddenness and severity of the accident, the predecessor organization of the Foundation and other peer organizations were difficult to cover up, and it was publicized as a "plague". After the accident, SCP-CN-1260-A's immune system misrecognized it, mistakenly thinking that all Homo sapiens had been eliminated and everything returned to normal.

1552 AD
Antarctica glacier displacement
130 millions


The accident site.

SCP-CN-1260-A began to resume activities.

A large area of ​​glacial displacement occurred in Antarctica, and the ███ countries were crushed. All things that previously supported the existence of this civilization, such as artwork, architecture, technology, etc., are buried. The predecessor organization of the Foundation blocked the news, making the rumors of the ███ civilization only circulated orally in today's civilization.

1845 AD
Great Famine in Ireland
1 million
Closed/Half Covered

SCP-CN-1260-A's immune system is locally triggered, and all potatoes in the Irish region of SCP-CN-1260-A-1 spontaneously decay. After the Foundation intervened, the feedback signal sent by SCP-CN-1260-A-1 was blocked, and SCP-CN-1260-A's immune system was not fully activated. The Foundation claimed that this was a famine caused by fungus.

The direct consequence of the accident was the establishment of the Irish Free State in 1922.

1883 AD
Indonesia Krakatau volcano erupts
Ended/Can't cover up


New volcanic island.

SCP-CN-1260-A intensified activity, leading to the eruption of Krakatau volcano. The direct consequence of the accident was that a series of chain reactions including the tsunami instantly destroyed hundreds of villages and towns, and two-thirds of the Krakatau volcano disappeared completely.

The Foundation was unable to prevent this unexpected accident. The new volcanic island was formed again in 1927.

1960 AD
Earthquake in Chile
Hard to estimate
Ended/Can't cover up


The huge tsunami caused by the accident.

In this accident, SCP-CN-1260-A attempted to stop the rotation of the earth, and the resulting earthquake interrupted all hydropower and transportation in Chile, resulting in 20,000 deaths. Japan, the Philippines and other countries were hit by the tsunami chain reaction, and the east coast was severely damaged; some islands around the world were submerged; earthquakes of varying intensity occurred all over the world.

The accident caused a sudden slowdown in the rotation of the earth. The Foundation was unable to deal with the incident itself and the losses it brought, and the curtain was about to fail. Confidential information about the slowdown of the earth's rotation speed was leaked in an emergency. Fortunately, the existence of SCP-CN-1260-A itself has not been exposed.

Global Cytokine Storm
Ongoing/no need to cover up8


SCP-CN-1260-A-1 activated by the immune system. The individual in the image has destroyed 17 human ships.

SCP-CN-1260-A's immune system has been fully activated, SCP-CN-1260-A-1 containment has failed, and humanity is about to face an XK-class doomsday scenario.

The foundation issues emergency notices to peer organizations and governments around the world. Over the past two hundred and fifty thousand years, all species domesticated by humans will be affected by anomalies and will spread out of control. Domesticated crops have mutated into human-specific prions; animals have begun to attack humans; plants have evolved mobile root systems and are surrounding human colonies.

So far, all sources of agricultural and pastoral food have been cut off. This means that in addition to reserves, the only source of human food is safari.

It is worth noting that, according to the analysis of monitoring data, after a period of time after the immune system is stimulated, SCP-CN-1260-A will launch a global crustal movement in the near future. At that time, the XK-level doomsday scenario will come immediately. Because there is no habitable terrestrial planet and human beings cannot adapt to life in the universe, the possibility of escaping from the earth is zero.

The Foundation is trying its best to recontain SCP-CN-1260-A-1, and is working with all parties to conduct research on the containment/neutralization of SCP-CN-1260-A.


Recorded meeting minutes

Date: 2020/03/27

Participants: O5-1~13

Record start

O5-7: So this is the situation described above.

The orange light fell on the table in front of O5-7, but his body was hidden behind the shadow of the curtain.

O5-7: We are running out of time. Human time is running out. We must make our choice at this moment…

O5-4: I have a proposal here to restart Aitita.

O5-9: I agree.

O5-12: be opposed to.

O5-7 lifted his hands and melted into the shadows. After a while, he took off his beret and put it on the table.

O5-7: Is this a suggestion from the following person, or is it your opinion?

O5-4: Both.

O5-7: Can I say a few words before others vote?

O5-4 nodded, and the light fell on his wrinkles, highlighting the gully. He leaned down and propped his elbows on the round table.

O5-7: I want to know, (silence) do you know when the Agricultural Revolution happened?


O5-2: 10,000 years ago.

O5-7: Yes, 10,000 years ago. As early as in this distant past, our ancestors have tamed the farming and made it ours.

O5-10: So what are you going to say?

O5-7: Do you not even have the courage to start the second agricultural revolution?

Everyone just sat there, silent for a long time, only the heartbeat was heard. After a long time, O5-4 raised his head.

O5-4: Then why not pick a safer method? You know, our resources do not allow us to drive both ways.

O5-7: How do you know that it is insured?


O5-7: I'm asking how you know.

O5-9: They9 has never expressed malice.

O5-7: But the dominant power has always been with them, right? We have always been passively accepted.

O5-4: What is your opinion?

O5-7: Why should they take such a big risk to help us? It seems more profitable to use "our planet" as a testing ground.

O5-13: They won't.

O5-7: They will, because they are us. What we think is naturally clear in our hearts.

O5-4 took out a cigar and cut off the end with a guillotine. After igniting it, he sucked it in his mouth, and after a while he exhaled a cloud of smoke. He looked up.

O5-4: But resisting… what we have to face is the whole world.

O5-7: We have faced it, 30,000 years ago.

O5-4: Human beings have been changed so much by technology, how can they adapt to this mutation?

O5-7 moved slightly, and the light shone in front of him, reflecting his eyes.

O5-7: 1998. For the first time mankind faces anomalies. Normalcy was shocked for the first time.

O5-12: We survived.

O5-7: So it's time to reactivate the muscles and bones. The Foundation has slept too long and too dead in the comfortable modern history.

O5-7 leaned forward, his face exposed from the shadows, thick clouds grew on it, and his brows rose.

O5-13: The containment ecosystem…(Heavy breathing) This is crazy, crazy.

O5-1: But we have done it, or we have been infinitely close, and now we are just overthrowing.

O5-7: What you should remember, human beings are cancer cells in this ecosystem, in that case…

Everyone was startled by the sound of gunfire. The security forces pointed their guns at the ceiling, and several soldiers jumped down from the broken skylight and stepped on the shards of glass. A huge abscess cyst can be seen in their spine, which is suspected to be controlled by a parasitic animal. The two sides began an exchange of fire. The fire and bullets shattered both sides, but the O5s around the round table did not move. They are still sitting there. Golden bullets passed in front of O5-7, and the flash completely illuminated the darkness on his face. He opened his lips and slowly fisted his callous hands together.

O5-7: Just stick to the nature and get out of control.

End of record

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