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An example of SCP-CN-1276-1

Item #: SCP-CN-1276

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: As SCP-CN-1276-1's appearances do not have a pattern, there is no way to establish traditional containment; instead, all SCP-CN-1276-1 currently known are to be monitored for reoccurences of SCP-CN-1276 and temporarily locked down if they occur.

The Foundation is conducting realtime monitoring of Areas ██ through ███ of the Data Layer. Information vaguely relating to SCP-CN-1276 is to be posted to the Data Layer and surface internet to draw out visitors to SCP-CN-1276-1 and detect previously unknown SCP-CN-1276-1; while SCP-CN-1276-1's effects are still present, the exterior should be cordoned off and one D-class personnel should be dispatched to test the effects of untested food items so as to ascertain further information on SCP-CN-1276.

Description: SCP-CN-1276 is a weak indoor reality-altering phenomenon that has a probability of occurring after meeting certain conditions. SCP-CN-1276-1 is the designation for all buildings in which SCP-CN-1276 has occurred. The currently known conditions include: the use of the space for a normally operating Japanese-style conveyor belt sushi restaurant, the majority of the employees being in the kitchen, the customers being quiet, and the local time being between 18:00 and 24:00. The coverage of the phenomenon is limited to the restaurant.

When SCP-CN-1276 occurs, once a human subject eating alone consumes food served by the restaurant, a certain degree of reality alteration will occur around them; observation has revealed that the nature and duration of this alteration is dependent on the food being consumed. If the subject proceeds to move to a table with other people present or begins to converse, the anomaly will immediately cease. Investigation has revealed that bar-style seats where multiple people sit next to each other facing the conveyor will not cause SCP-CN-1276 to cease. All currently known effects are listed in Addendum 1.

SCP-CN-1276 typically lasts for 4 to 6 hours or until the restaurant closes. When SCP-CN-1276 occurs, employees within the restaurant will avoid all conversation and continue serving customers normally; questioning following the end of SCP-CN-1276 reveals that employees do not experience any anomalous effects, and do not possess detailed memories of the period for which SCP-CN-1276 lasted.

256 days after the first occurrence of SCP-CN-1276, Mobile Task Force 庚午-16 ("Corner Case") discovered SCP-CN-1276-2 during routine patrol of Area ███ of the Data Layer1 SCP-CN-1276-2 is an online virtual restaurant known as "Zekkōchō2 Conveyor Belt Sushi". Upon entering the restaurant's secure system, MTF-庚午-16 conducted a short conversation with an account claiming to be the owner of the restaurant. See Addendum 2.

Addendum 1:

Food Type Effect Note
Unagi don All items in the subject's field of view are rendered in ukiyoe style
Toffee apple Subject begins to give off the scent of apple vinegar
Salmon sushi Subject recalls the last time they met with friends at the restaurant
Tonkotsu shōyu ramen Subject recalls the last time they ate tonkotsu shōyu ramen
Seaweed salad Subject claims to smell "the air after a thunderstorm on a summer night"
Mussels Subject's vision dims, claiming that "only the moonlight and the reflection of the moon in the water remain clear"
Tamagoyaki Subject freezes in place for ~30 seconds, after which they claim "to not have felt the passage of time"
Unagi kabayaki sushi The individual recalls a childhood dream and feels a desire to fulfill it
Prawn sushi Subject suddenly becomes aware of the location of the nearest manga store
Japanese boiled okra Subject recalls the last time they cried, and claims to feel "sadness and remorse welling up in [their] heart"
Calpis Subject can only speak in Kansai dialect for some time Some subjects were unable to speak Japanese before this period and lost the ability afterward
Salmon don Enough coins to buy a can of cola from a vending machine will appear in the subject's pocket After one purchase, the clerk will not respond to any further requests to order this item
Miso soup Subject claims to have the strong desire to sing
Salt-grilled saury Subject suddenly begins to recite from a collection of famous Japanese poetry
Crab meat salad A red-and-white omamori appears in the subject's pocket
Gyūdon Three postcards from nearby tourist attractions appear in the subject's bag Postcards are affixed with stamps
Fried gyōza Investigation shows all subjects who consume this product will draw a small prize at the next lucky draw they enter in
Kitsune udon The subject recalls that there was an image of a fox in a previously unnoticed location
Fried tempura If the subject watches animated cartoons in a certain period following consumption, they will uncontrollably follow the main character in shouting out the name of their moves This item only appears in restaurants equipped with televisions; televisions typically begin to play animated cartoons following consumption of this item
Ramune Subjects recall important items that have been buried Some subjects recall past worries, rather than physical objects
Taiyaki Subject gains a strong desire to touch the maneki-neko in the restaurant; if the subject does so, a flower marking will appear on the maneki-neko This item only appears in stores possessing maneki-neko
Tuna sashimi Investigation shows all subjects who consumed this product will receive an extra fork the next time they purchase cup noodles
California roll Subjects will recall "a very catchy tune" and be unable to forget it until the next day This item only appears when the facility is located outside Asia
Black rice dango Subject begins to cry and expresses relief afterward
Anko daifuku The subject recalls a beautiful story that they conceived that ended prematurely
Takoyaki An arcade token not corresponding to any known arcade appears in the subject's pocket
Matcha ice cream Subject claims to recall "dreary classrooms in midsummer and fantasies about ceiling fans".
Shrimp sashimi The subject's cool-colored jacket turns red
Unagi roll Staff will bring a set of 24 colored pencils instead of food
"Four Heavenly Kings!" Unlike the pictures on the menu, the plate has five rolls of sushi The menu shows four rolls of sushi
Dorayaki The subject will hear "an anime song that [they] really like" from the next room, and state that "[they] wanted to check it out but it had already ended". Repeated investigation has shown that the songs are typically from action anime
Sake All numbers on the subject's bill will be whole numbers
Peach-flavored ice cream Subject will be given a set of fresh but not seasonal fruits upon paying the bill
Croquette Subject will be given a folded letter when they pay the bill There is a small line of Japanese text in the corner of the back of the letter, typically to encourage the subject to write a message to a friend
Ikura sushi The subject's umbrella will be patterned with 24 black cats holding umbrellas, which will disappear once the rain clears This item will only appear when the subject carries an umbrella and it is raining
Japanese curry rice Subject expresses a "slightly nervous and excited feeling, like doing something for the first time"
Salt-flavored ramen Investigation shows all subjects who consumed this product encountered a train at the next railroad crossing

Addendum 2:

Scanning area ███… Complete. No anomalies detected.
Scanning area ██… Complete. No anomalies detected.
Scanning area ███… 19 error(s), 45 warning(s). Anomalies not present in previous scan detected

Bleriava, check the source of the anomaly.

Scanning area ███… Coordinates of anomaly confirmed.
Surrounding data shows signs of human tampering.
Attempting to ascertain source… Credentials required to access source code, quitting.
Currently compiling error report.
Currently uploading screenshots.

It's a new conveyor belt sushi restaurant. Doc, do you see this?

No credentials? Could it be that only the interior is open source? … Bleriava, Termerapa, pretend to be a customer and enter to investigate.

Then we're entering. Oh, the workers are all cats! So cute! And there are cats in chef hats doing the cooking!

It's a one-minute looping 3D video. Doc, we're already seated. Activating real-time information reporting system.

Alright, the signal's stable. Can you get information on the restaurant and other customers?

Scanning customer reviews… complete. Processing and uploading now.

I'll take a look.

"I ate the salmon sushi and suddenly thought of the last time I met my friends here"
"I ate the black rice dango and started crying for some reason, but I'm better now"
"I crashed for half a minute after I finished eating"

… This matches the information we have on SCP-CN-1276. There's a lot more information to be found.

Termerapa, take a dish and try it.

Got it — takoyaki is delicious. Bleriava, do you want one?

No data tampering. If SCP-CN-1276 is relevant, I suspect it did not occur as more than one person was present.

Understood. Is there any more information?

Termerapa, request more computing resources.

Hold on, I'll finish this plate.

Attempting to bypass firewall… Complete.
Attempting to bypass proxy… Complete.
Attempting to connect to port 80… Complete.

Unknown user data detected. Target avatar appears to be a maneki-neko on the front desk.

Why'd you hack in? How rude.

Don't mind me, nya. I am the owner of this store. Don't hesitate to talk to me.

Hello. If you're the owner, we'd like to know more about this place. Are you involved in the recent reality alterations at various conveyor belt sushi stores?

We have signed a temporary agreement with them; guests are free to visit the physical stores to try the new dishes, and we will take into account customer feedback.

What is your goal with all this? Running a virtual store on the Data Layer can't be that profitable.

… It's simple, nya.

"I'd like to bring happiness to everyone."

Even if it's just a little bit, even if nobody notices. Everyone wants to feel the kindness of others once in a while, right? If such a wish could be heard, the sad things that happened to you wouldn't have happened. If I could convey that — that was why this shop was opened.

And why do only solitary diners get affected?

If you've got a friend with you, you don't need our services, nya?

Once everyone is no longer lonely, this store, too, will close.

Doc, what do we do?

Have you recorded all the information? Send it over, the countermeasure team will make a decision soon.

Chief, shall we go? Bye, kitty!

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