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The following file involves an a Level XII Ontological Threat, and is classified 4/CN-1313.

Any unauthorized access will be tracked and sent to the Internal Security Tribunal.


Image of SCP-CN-1313-1, photographed August 2009. Object currently contained in Site-CN-618's F-H-D Containment Wing.

Item #: SCP-CN-1313

Object Class: Euclid Keter

Threat Level: ● Orange ● Black

Special Containment Procedures:

Special Containment Procedures C

SCP-CN-1313-1 and SCP-CN-1313-3 are to be contained on Floor B13 of Site-CN-3411, separately in an Akiva-radiation-filtering thaumaturgical crystal containment rack and an Akiva-radiation-enhancing crystal wall alcove in Containment Wing 34-N-Ω, which has been constructed to resemble the chamber at Famen Temple. The straight-line distance between SCP-CN-1313-1 and SCP-CN-1313-3 must be maintained between 8 and 25 m12. SCP-CN-1313-3 is not to be removed from its alcove. Every month, at least one "offering" in front of the alcove must be replaced; all "offerings" are to originate from other "Buddha's bone relic" temples or museums13 and are to be "blessed" by at least three senior monks.

At any givem time, at least five members of Mobile Task Force 庚午Gengwu-42 ("Misty Shadows Dreaming Flowers")14 are to be stationed at the Site and ready to take orders. Personnel entering Containment Wing 34-N-Ω for patrolling or work are to be accompanied by at least two members of MTF-庚午-4215. Altering the layout of items within Containment Wing 34-N-Ω is forbidden without approval from the Foundation Religious Affairs Committee and the Archaeological Department. All possible interfering situations are to be resolved within 3 days.

Every year, a Buddhist temple within 12.3 km of the Containment Wing16 is to carry out a Buddhist ritual, which must be attended by at least 108 devout senior monks17. The ritual is to last 7 days18, and involve at least 504 minutes19 of chanting sutras.

Each year, the number of civilians residing20 within a 12.3 km radius of the Containment Wing is to be maintained above 8,400,000. There is no need for civilians to visit the Site to observe the object, and personnel need not regularly make direct visual contact with the object. If the number of residents drops below this threshold for unavoidable reasons, the Chinese Branch Management Committee is to report this to the O5 Council and [DATA EXPUNGED] is to be used to transfer SCP-CN-1313-1 and SCP-CN-1313-3 to the backup containment facilities in either Site-CN-██ in Beijing, Site-CN-██ in Guangzhou, or Site-CN-██ in Chongqing.

Personnel who maintain direct visual contact with SCP-CN-1313-3 for more than 5 hours and refuse to leave, regardless of clearance or whether they are Foundation personnel, are to be forcibly removed from the Containment Wing by MTF-庚午-42 and administered Class A amnestics. It is forbidden to numerically measure any properties of SCP-CN-1313-3, and no such records are to be kept at Site-CN-34. No experimentation with the object is permitted without Chinese Branch Management Committee approval. No cross-testing involving SCP-CN-1313-1 is permitted.

All personnel involved in SCP-CN-1313-1 cross-testing after 1 January 2013 are to be secured in a High-Risk Radioactive Humanoid Entity Containment Chamber for long-term observation and monitoring. Their remains (if existent) are to be considered "highly radioactive waste" and dealt with accordingly.

SCP-CN-1313-1, in its stable state, appears to be a typical metal Buddhist monk's staff. In Tang dynasty documents, it is referred to as the "True Body Welcoming Gold and Silver-Decorated Double-Wheel Twelve-Ring Staff", and the Foundation's Archaeological Department has given it the name "Tang Gold and Silver Double-Wheel Twelve-Ring Staff". It is 196 cm long, the ring at its cap has a diameter of 25.5 cm, the twelve rings beneath it have a diameter of 6.8 cm, and the staff itself has a thickness of 3.25 cm and a mass of 2390 g22.

Non-destructive metallurgical analysis and spectral analysis shows that with the exception of the surface coating decorations, which is composed of 99.99% pure gold and 0.01% mithril, the main body of the object is composed of 90.2% silver, 7.2% gold, 1.3% mercury, 0.5% ytttrium, 0.3% beryllium, 0.09% mithril and various unknown elements.

The gold and silver decorations on the object's surface use techniques indiscernible from standard Tang dynasty-era precious metal used by the imperial court, and its metallic crystal structure is a cubic crystal system typical of thaumaturgical alloys. However, below a depth of 100 μm, the object's structure possesses an anomalous topology that cannot be modeled in three-dimensional space. The Higher-Dimensional Geometry Department believes it to be a six-dimensional hypercubic crystal structure composed of metal atoms23. This anomalous structure may indicate that the object has been created using unknown anomalous technology and/or in a higher-dimensional space24. Between the object's six-dimensional and three-dimensional sections is a highly inert energy field layer, which is thought to be a highly dense region of accumulated Akiva radiation trapped due to the change in dimensions. This layer prevents the outer layer from contacting the six-dimensional space and becoming a six-dimensional projection, ensuring the stability of the object's exterior. While the object was first discovered by Xuanzang, the founder of East Asian Yogachara Buddhism, in the second year of Zhenguan (628 CE), isotope dating indicates with over 75% accuracy that the object was created before ████ BCE. However, there is a possibility that the object's anomalous interior structure has accelerated radioactive decay in the surface layers, rendering this measurement inaccurate.

SCP-CN-1313-225 is a shortened Buddhist monk's staff, referred to by the Archaeological Department as the "Tang Pure Gold Single-Wheel Twelve-Ring Staff". The object appears to have been created with reference to the exterior appearance of SCP-CN-1313-1. SCP-CN-1313-2 is 27 cm long and masses 211 g. Spectroscopic analysis of the metal indicates that the object is composed of 100% pure gold26. Nondestructive metallurgic analysis and hyperspatial penetrative analysis indicates that the object's crystal structure is non-anomalous. Historical records clearly indicate that the object was created in the twenty-second year of Zhenguan (648 CE), and was designed personally by Xuanzang, the first leader of the Chinese Yogachara school, and built under the supervision of Fang Xuanling, minister under the then-current DubheTiān​shū of the Abnormality Institute and Yan Lide, master craftsman under the then-current PhecdaTiān​jī.


Image of SCP-CN-1313-2, photographed May 2009, shortly after completion of expansion works at Site-CN-618.

SCP-CN-1313-3 is an ivory-colored bone-shaped object in the rough form of a hollow cylinder, showing typical signs of high-temperature crystallization. Documents inherited from the Abnormality Institute referred to it as the "Buddha's Finger Bone Relic". Its size and mass constantly and irregularly vary in slight amounts over time; however, analysis in multiple parts has shown that these variations have defined upper and lower bounds. However, the specific values of these limits are a strong cognitohazard. Any electronic device on which all four of these values are recorded will severely malfunction; as such, only physical records are allowed to be kept. The object continuously releases dense Akiva radiation; however, no harmful effects have been recorded, even though the radius of its radiation field varies irregularly over time. However, all observations have shown that the density of its Akiva particles is always strongest at a distance between 6.6312 and 28.7352 m27. The object is believed, both in literature and in the "visions" of contemporary Buddhist monks, to be a relic left from the cremation of Shakyamuni, the founder of Buddhism28. However, based on separate investigations by the Foundation's Archaeological, Biology, Anthropology and Theology departments, it has been ascertained that its microscopic structure does not correspond to high-temperature immolation products of the bones of any known species, let alone hominids, and all attempts to extract trace material from its surface have failed as extracted material dissipates within nanoseconds. Nondestructive DNA analysis also failed due to the high-density Akiva radiation emanating from the object. The "Joint Investigation into the Nature of the Famen Temple Buddha's Finger Bone Relic" jointly organized by the abovementioned departments concluded that the object may have belonged to the material three-dimensional projection of an Apex-tier pluripotent entity29 prior to high-temperature immolation.


Image of SCP-CN-1313-3, photographed by the Religious Artifacts Department using a temporary 99%-effectiveness Akiva radiation screen.

Addendum CN-1313-Α:

Addendum CN-1313-B:

Addendum CN-1313-C:

Addendum CN-1313-D:

Addendum CN-1313-E:

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    Authentication successful. Welcome, Level 5 personnel.








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      Authentication successful. Welcome, Overseer.

      Personal Log of SCP-2634 Assistant Research Director Dr. Jonathan Mabry

      Hello. It's me again, Dr. Jonathan Mabry, at 11:10 AM, um, May 22nd, 2018. As you know, this morning, it visited me again.
      At the time, I was in my quarters, shaving. It was about half past seven in the morning. And then like last time, I heard it in my head, saying "prepare". I scared, quickly putting down my razor, and before I could wash off the shaving cream, I felt Tathagata drag me into its dimension. I'm very familiar, it's happened six or seven times in the last three years. I don't know if you could see me disappearing after being folded inside out from within through the camera in the mirror.
      Like last time and the time before, Tathagata brought me directly into six-space. Six-dimensional space was still as beautiful as the first time I saw it. There, I saw Tathagata again, but it looked a bit different, not like a sphere in a plane or a polyhedron - polytope? - but a beautiful structure, even harder to describe. But I didn't have time to take in that beauty, because I felt this strong sense of pressure I'd never felt before. Tathagata was sending me some sort of panicked feeling.
      After that, my god, it was so strange! I saw even more "Tathagata"s, each a different shape, but they all exuded a beautiful radiance that would make anyone forget all their worries, maybe even their senses, in an instant, if I could describe it as "radiance" — they all gathered around me, or at least to a three-dimensional being they seemed to be slowly approaching, and that feeling was like standing on a starlit night, the moon and the lights of Earth gone, gazing up at the galaxy and seeing every last star speeding towards you. My friend said, these were its comrades from many parallel universes. It's strange, isn't it? But then it told me that each parallel universe is connected by "paths" in six-space that cannot be envisioned by humans.

      Today seemed to have some special meaning to them, I "heard" the most mature Tathagata say that today was the commemoration of the day one of them descended into three dimensions in human form and began to lead the human population. But I felt not a single bit of joy in its emotions. They seemed to gather together and discuss something, in a "whispering" that I could not hear, but I could feel that they were all extremely nervous.

      I asked Tathagata what had happened. It told me that it and its compatriots had spent countless immeasurable eons an eternity ago, sacrificing more members than the sands of the Ganges, before finally containing (well, I guessed that it meant "containing", even though it used what I think was a word in Sanskrit or some other ancient Indian language) some kind of threat, which would soon break free. That threat had fallen from an uncountably high dimension (my theory is that that might be a "higher narrative layer", though I have no clue what the Pataphysics nuts mean by all that "narrative layer, narrative block" stuff). Its siblings in the higher six-space (I don't know what exactly it meant, maybe it was trying to say every "narrative layer" has a corresponding six-dimensional space and a corresponding "Tathagata") sent warnings about this thread downward before they were destroyed. After immeasurable losses, that thing fell into where they were now, and by analyzing what the higher layers passed down and improved, they finally understood how to "contain" that threat. However, they had already sacrificed a nayuta (it tried to tell me that this was something on the order of 10 to the 108, and Jesus almighty, that is several orders of magnitude higher than the number of elementary particles in our universe, I can't fathom how many that is) of their compatriots to accomplish that. It told me they had trapped that threat in a staff, like those you see in the movies being spun around by Shaolin monks. It tried to tell me something about "beacons", things that its compatriots who descended upon the world long ago eventually became through self-sacrifice, and that these "beacons" are scattered throughout the Earth in our dimension, creating an "energy field" that constantly draws energy from the sixth dimension to maintain their unstable "containment".

      But, as I've learned through my time at the Foundation, no containment measure is foolproof. Even if, as it reminded me, we ensured at all times that at least one "beacon" in three-space is near the threat or something like that, there will be a day when that thing breaks out of containment. It really felt like they could not do anything more about it, and now they had to rely on these young, weak creatures called humans to find a solution. Ah, what do we do… I asked how long it would be before it completely broke out, and it told me, "When the moment the Dharma is lost will be, no one knows, but the era in which the Dharma is lost is unfolding before your eyes."

      I write all this in hopes that you will take some precautions — I bet the O5s already know what the "threat" Tathagata was talking about is. And, well, I just hope you won't think I'm just going even more crazy.

Addendum CN-1313-F:

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