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Item #: SCP-CN-1391

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-CN-1391 is contained in a locked, opaque anomalous object locker. Use of SCP-CN-1391 requires written authorization from one member of Level 3 or higher personnel. SCP-CN-1391-1 affected by the anomaly are to be contained in standard humanoid containment lockers and physically restrained until the effects have subsided.

Investigation into the parapharmacist "dado" is underway.

Description: SCP-CN-1391 is the designation for a total of 48 pharmaceutical tablets. Each tablet is packaged in aluminum foil and measures 0.8 cm by 0.5 cm, with "dado" imprinted on one side. It has been confirmed from the retrieval log and research that SCP-CN-1391 is a product of the parapharmacist "dado".

Based on testing, SCP-CN-1391's anomalous properties only occur when consumed by hamsters. When SCP-CN-1391 is fed to a hamster, it will undergo three stages of anomalous effect:

  • Stage I: The skeleton and physical appearance of the hamster will grow rapidly, such that the hamster becomes the size of an average adult female, containing a full and functional nervous system. During this period, the hamster will not feel any physical or mental discomfort; a small amount of subjects will become confused for an unknown reason.
  • Stage II: The hamster's fur will fall off and growth will stop. The brain and other organs of the hamster will grow rapidly to resemble those of humans; at this point, the hamster will also develop sapience.
  • Stage III: The external appearance of the hamster will change to resemble that of a human. The hamster's vocal cords will also become able to speak like a human.

Following the end of Stage III, the hamster will have become a young human female. After the hamster's pupils adapt to the external environment, it will become submissive and attached to the first human it sees, and will begin menstruating for the next 24 hours. After 24 hours, the subject will go through the three stages in reverse, once again becoming a hamster, with a brain identical to the original hamster. The hamster does not retain its memories of this period; thus there is no need to amnesticize it.

Addendum SCP-CN-1391/1

The object was discovered in a residence in █████████, Guangzhou on 2020/1/2, when a call was detected between a man and Amazon Customer Support. The man asked for a refund, claiming "the hamster medication I bought didn't cure my hamsters, but turned them into people". Foundation agent ████ ███████ intercepted the call, went to the man's residence, took SCP-CN-1931 and the SCP-CN-1931-1 who had taken the tablets into containment, and amnesticized the man. Two replacement hamsters were given to the man in question. The following content was discovered on the man's computer; it is believed to be a log of the man's conversation with the parapharmacist "dado". Attempting to track down the other party failed as they had used a server to hide their IP.

<Begin Log>
<2019-12-29 – 8:08>

<hamsterlover123>: (。・∀・)ノ゙Hey
<hamsterlover123>: (。・∀・)ノ゙Hey, you there?

<2019-12-29 – 8:10>

<dado>: yes is dado favorite kaomoji! hello what may dado do 4 u.
<hamsterlover123>: Hello, I hear you are an amazing pharmacist. I'd like you to make something for me.
<dado>: ok what pill u want, dado make 4 u.
<hamsterlover123>: Well, my hamsters have been having some pretty bad diarrhea for the past few days. Could you make a pill for that?
<dado>: o u hav hamsters just like dado here! dado make pill now, in few days u will get, tell me where u live so dado send 2 u
<hamsterlover123>: Guangzhou, █████████ estate, No. ███. Right, how much do I have to pay you?
<dado>: hamster pill no need give dado money. dado love hamsters!
<hamsterlover123>: Oh, thank you very much! Have a good day!

<2020-1-1 - 12:09>

<dado>: hello dado has sent out ur hamster pill, u get them tomorrow, are ur hamsters good?
<hamsterlover123>: My hamsters are still having the runs. It's hurting my heart. Can you confirm that my hamsters will get better with your medication?
<dado>:u trust dado, dado make good pill

<2020-1-2- 9:01>

<hamsterlover123>: (。・∀・)ノ゙You there?
<dado>: dado here
<hamsterlover123>: I've got your pills, are there any instructions?
<dado>: did dado not put instruction?
<hamsterlover123>: I didn't see any instruction booklet in the package.
<dado>: uhhhh ok. give hamster 3 times daily for 3 days.
<hamsterlover123>: O(∩_∩)O Got it. Thank you!

<2020-1-2- 12:39>

<dado>: hello r u still there? while dado feeding hamsters dado realize gave you wrong pill, dado gave u personal hamster pill.
<dado>: dado send u diarrhea pill soon, please not leave bad review 4 dado.
<dado>: u there?

<End Log>

Addendum SCP-CN-1391/2
On 2020/1/4 at 14:23, the man in question received another Amazon delivery; this delivery was confirmed by agents monitoring the house to be from parapharmacist "dado". The drug was found to anomalously induce a neurological disorder in patients that prevents them from excreting waste. Continued investigation into "dado" is ongoing.

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