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Notice from the Recordkeeping and Information Security Administration

The version of this document you are currently viewing is an outdated version that has been preserved for posterity. Please note that the information in this document may be misleading or incorrect.

— Maria Jones, Director, RAISA

ITEM # SCP-CN-1409 BASE CLASS keter euclid
OBJECT CATEGORIES biological cognitohazard compulsion inscription mathematical memetic mind-affecting visual  

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-CN-1409 cannot currently be fully contained. Barc.aic is to monitor all content on the Internet in real time in order to stop the appearance of new SCP-CN-1409-1 and permanently delete replace existing SCP-CN-1409-1 instances with a similar barcode with embedded antimemetic elements1. MTF-庚午-17 ("Barcode Destroyers") is to be on call at all times. Upon receiving any reports of printed SCP-CN-1409-1 being discovered, they are to seek out and destroy the object and release Class C amnestics auto-dissolving counter-memetic agents into the water supply. Upon receiving any reports of SCP-CN-1409-2, they are to immediately seek out the instance and carry out isolation and containment work. Containment Procedures Update: As the counter-memetic procedures have been successfully researched, the Object Class has been lowered to Euclid.


An instance of a UPC-A type SCP-CN-1409 instance. The top of the image has been blurred and and a counter-memetic element has been inserted to the image to neutralize any memetic effect.

Description: SCP-CN-1409 is an anomalous effect that begins to affect a person after visually perceiving SCP-CN-1409-1. It typically has the following manifestations:

  • The subject will perceive all barcodes as SCP-CN-1409-1.
  • The subject will insert barcodes as elements in visual art produced following exposure.
  • The subject will insert barcodes containing the information "4200006200" in visual art produced following exposure.
  • The subject will unconsciously draw barcodes when using writing or drawing implements2.
  • The subject will use means such as internet posts, graffiti, and flyers to spread barcodes containing the information "4200006200".
  • The subject will use all possible means to change all visible barcodes to contain the information "4200006200".
  • In extremely rare cases, the subject will become an instance of SCP-CN-1409-2.

SCP-CN-1409-1 is a barcode containing the information "4200006200". SCP-CN-1409 has many variants; it is currently thought that any barcode containing the information "4200006200" can become SCP-CN-1409-1 and induce SCP-CN-1409.

SCP-CN-1409-2 is a humanoid entity, typically originating as human subjects who have viewed SCP-CN-1409-1. During the process, the subject's skin will slowly lose its pigmentation, becoming entirely white; following this, the front of the subject's torso will produce black pigment and form into parallel lines of varying thickness, creating a barcode which contains the information "4200006200". Analysis shows that SCP-CN-1409-2's transformation occurs more often in population-dense areas and typically takes 10 minutes to complete; the conditions for the transformation are unknown. SCP-CN-1409-2 do not suffer from typical afflictions associated with albinism, such as light sensitivity and immunodeficiency, but will essentially lose all ability to remain active; their required nutritional intake also decreases significantly. All SCP-CN-1409-2 in Foundation custody have died of of tissue cell death leading to a "liquefying" phenomenon.

Addendum 1409.1 - Discovery: On 20██/04/17, Foundation front company Swiftly Clean Products received an urgent request for help from a civilian and discovered that the walls of the caller's shop had been painted with barcodes; a cleaner from the front company proceeded to the location to clean the area. Following this, the cleaner became affected by SCP-CN-1409 and painted the entire front company's offices with barcodes, leading to the anomalous effect's discovery.

Addendum 1409.2 - Origin: Based on backtraced information, this barcode originates from the singer Hotel Brown's eponymous CD album, Hotel Brown. When the SCP-CN-1409 anomaly initiated is unknown; it is estimated to be 2017/██/██, exactly ten days after the album was released. All songs on this album have been forcibly taken down from the internet and all copies of the CD have been collected and destroyed to prevent further memetic effects. It is thought that Hotel Brown did not have any hand in the anomaly.

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