Work Notes: SCP-CN-1417
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Members of the dedicated containment work team are to contact the in-charge to carry out short-term planning

Procedure # SCP-CN-1417 Editing Time 3 days ago1990.01.02
Database Codename #CN-1417 "City of Mist" Danger Class O Red / Highly dangerous
Classification Level 3 Attention Class O Orange / High attention
Containment Class Keter / Containment difficult Damage Class O Black / Cannot be restrained / K-Class Scenario
Anomaly Traits Meteorological, Cognitohazard, Hallucination, K-Class Scenario
Description 1. The Foundation is currently working with local authorities, taking full control of the #CN-1417 area, and is currently evacuating civilians and locking down the area under the pretense of a "sudden contamination". Personnel embedded in local authorities are to redeploy Foundation staff in place of ordinary personnel sent by local authorities. Personnel attempting to enter LoI-1417 are to be discouraged by any means necessary. Besides those already in LoI-1417 and MTF entering for rescue operations, no personnel are to leave or enter LoI-1417, so as to prevent unnecessary loss of life.

2. A wall has been constructed around LoI-1417 in order to prevent people from leaving or entering the area, and a [REDACTED]m restricted zone has been constructed around the area to prevent direct eye contact.

3. A specialized team has been deployed to analyze information sent out by personnel within #CN-1417; new containment procedures are to be devised based on the results.

4. All #CN-1417-1 entities are to be contained within, and any entities that attempt to escape are to be terminated immediately. Temporary placement positions have been set up within to organize Foundation personnel and aid the injured.

5. As there are currently no effective means to cure the transmission of #CN-1417, personnel are to stay alert for any possibility of expansion. A contingency plan in case the anomaly expands to encompass the world, leading to a K-class scenario, is under discussion.

6. All personnel who have contacted #CN-1417 are to undergo a Cognitive Resistant Index test. Following contact, personnel must undergo an isolation period of one week to detect signs of transformation.

7. It is forbidden to respond to any audio signal from the inside or any non-Foundation-frequency wireless signal; a passphrase is to be used for authentication prior to responding. All photographs of #CN-1417 or any images from the interior are to undergo cognitohazard decontamination.

8. The HCML employee in charge of #CN-1417 is to perform a psychological analysis each time they meet personnel from Site-CN-[REDACTED].
Status Currently, the Foundation facility Site-CN-[REDACTED] remains within LoI-1417; priority for exploration of LoI-1417, research into the properties of #CN-1417 and rescue of survivors at Site-CN-[REDACTED] is to be given to MTF-辛巳-12, composed of personnel from the temporary site.

Suppression of #CN-1417 is currently in good condition, and there is currently no risk of leakage.
Notes Research personnel from the following disciplines should be inducted into the SCP-CN-1417 research team (personnel with doctorates are required where not stated):
1. Parameteorology (Required: Four-person research team)
2. UAV development team (Required: Weather information gathering)
3. Cognitohazard avoidance and treatment (Required: 15-person team)
4. Cognitohazard neutralization
5. Hallucination prevention
6. Parabiology
7. Dimensional transportation (Required: 1. Expert in Ways, 2. 3 exploration teams with at least 1 year of experience)
8. Para-anthropology (Required: Anomalous religion)
9. Cryptography (Required: applicable prior results)
10. For further information, please contact the HMCL employee.
Objectives include updating containment procedures, researching treatment methods and developing further understanding of the anomaly.
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