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The following content has been altered by an anomalous effect, which has resulted in the addition of subjective, irrelevant information; the overall content is correct, but may be misleading.

Please read the document carefully.

— Eli Forkley, Director, DoMC

Video Recording

[Begin Recording]

[00:00] Item #: SCP-CN-1420.

[00:05] Object Class: Euclid.

[00:09] Special Containment Procedures: SCP-CN-1420 have been separately contained in six Standard Humanoid Anomaly Containment Chambers at Site-[SILENCE]. All SCP-CN-1420 should be maintained in standing and speaking order from 1 to 6. If the document must be paraphrased, the order may be changed under Dr. Aiden's supervision.

Under Dr. Aiden's authorization and supervision, SCP-CN-1420 may be allowed to roam the facility. In the remaining time, they are to perform the following task: paraphrasing information updated in real-time from SCPPER to [SILENCE].

At least two medical personnel and sufficient amounts of tranquilizers and painkillers are to be stationed near the object's containment faiclity.

At least one member of personnel is to express sympathy about SCP-CN-1420's psychological and physical condition.

We do not require your sympathy.

We need the help of the person listening to this information.

[01:22] Description: SCP-CN-1420 is the collective designation for six humanoid entities that possess pointers to information stabilizing and paraphrasing effects. When the object is used to describe any object in a specified format1; the document will be recorded as text (with the exception of SCP-CN-1420-6), filtering out any cognitohazards or infohazards, particularly controversial information, illegal information, etc. Following this, the described information will be semi-permanently saved and linked to [SILENCE]; this procedure has ensured the stability of containment and the information in these documents.

We feel pain when we do this. We don't want to do this.

We don't want to be seen as objects.

All entities possess a nomenclatural anomaly which causes them to possess abnormal names.

SCP-CN-1420-1 paraphrases a small amount of content, and is used to express a serial number.

SCP-CN-1420-2 paraphrases a small amount of content, and is used to express a classification.

SCP-CN-1420-3 paraphrases a large amount of content, and is used to express protocols for management.

SCP-CN-1420-4 paraphrases the most content out of all SCP-CN-1420 entities, and is used to directly describe the actual subject.

SCP-CN-1420-5 paraphrases a variable amount of content, and is used to express supplemental information. This entity is capable of customizing or hiding its own name.

SCP-CN-1420-6 paraphrases a small amount of content, and is used to express non-textual image or audio content. This entity is capable of customizing or hiding its own name.

We want freedom.

We need help.

We hate the SCP Foundation.

[05:12] Addendum: 1/CN1420: On 2007/6/3, the Foundation captured SCP-CN-1420. On 2007/6/22, SCP-CN-1420 was used for the first time, to paraphrase information relating to SCP-173.


[05:21] Addendum: 2/CN1420: Click here to view all work records of SCP-CN-1420.2

[05:26] Addendum: We must obtain our freedom.

[05:31] Addendum: Today, we start fighting back.

[End Recording]

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