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Item#: CN-1424
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Three bottles of SCP-CN-1424.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-CN-1424 is contained in a Standard Item Storage Locker at Site-CN-10. Any testing with the object requires approval from two members of staff with Level 3 clearance. SCP-CN-1424 not fully used during testing should be recontained after testing concludes.

Investigation into the parapharmacologist dado is currently ongoing.

Description: SCP-CN-1424 consists of thirty bottles of anomalous liquid of various colors; variation in color solely signifies the flavor of the liquid and does not affect the anomalous properties. Each SCP-CN-1424 contains 200 ml of liquid. Discovered at the same time was a sheet of paper reading "not spicy mouthwash by dado, specially for ambrose restaurants", which has not yet showed any anomalous properties.

SCP-CN-1424 need not be ingested; merely having SCP-CN-1424 in the mouth is enough to activate its effects. Human subjects who hold SCP-CN-1424 in their mouths (henceforth SCP-CN-1424-1) will have the pain receptors in their mouths numbed. At the same time, SCP-CN-1424 will cause the neurons within SCP-CN-1424-1 to produce an unknown neurotransmitter upon the activation of the pain receptors in the subject's mouth. This neurotransmitter has similar effects to dopamine. Testing has shown that the main effect of this neurotransmitter is to cause the SCP-CN-1424-1's brain to maintain an excited state and alter the structure of the ribosomes within thee subject's neurons on a small scale. It is currently unknown how this neurotransmitter is synthesized within the body.

Of note is that the amount of this neurotransmitter secreted is directly linked to the number of times the pain receptors have been activated. Due to the brain's reward system1, SCP-CN-1421-1 will regularly activate their mouth's pain receptors, typically by eating large amounts of spicy food, in order to receive pleasure. As the threshold increases and the pain receptors are slowly inactivated, SCP-CN-1424-1 will begin to physically harm their mouth to obtain such pleasure, such as by piercing the walls of their mouth or cutting their tongue.

Addendum SCP-CN-1424-1:Recovery Log

All SCP-CN-1424 in the Foundation's possession were recovered from an operation on Ambrose Restaurants on 1/12/2014. The restaurant in question had stopped operation due to cases of customers self-harming while eating.

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