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Notice from the Foundation Records and Information Security Management Department

This document describes a highly disturbing cognitohazard, please ensure your CRV (cognitohazard resistance value) is within the threshold and make sure you are accompanied by at least one person.

— Maria Jones, Director, RAISA

does the black moon howl

We command the black moon to howl

Welcome, Dear O5-2.

5/1425 LEVEL 5/1425
Item #: SCP-1425

Special Containment Procedures: The Foundation has reached an agreement with the Church of the Broken God, and Site-CN-82-γ is responsible for the research, control and personnel flow of the project. Once a week, Mobile Task Force Xinchen-3 "Wandering Preachers" is responsible for psychological counseling and treatment for members of the Church of the Broken God. The main direction of treatment is tentatively set to strengthen church members' cognition of the standard "Broken God", and if possible, try to make personnel's cognition closer to the direction of atheism. — Should a new historic event occur, be prepared to initiate an exposure protocol. —

Description:SCP-CN-1425 is an X-class cognitohazard, mainly acting on people who have been exposed to information about the "Broken God"1 people. Affected persons will experience visual hallucinations, auditory hallucinations, and other perceptions of the apex-type multifunctional entity—"The Broken God". This deviation is usually negligible; however, it is believed that epoch-making scientific and technological achievements and major historical events have a chance to increase the effect of SCP-CN-1425. SCP-CN-1425 has been notably observed three times since recorded history. Since the event Alpla1916, the fourth large-scale cognitive shift may have begun.

SCP-CN-1425-1 is an entity commonly referred to by the Church of the Broken God as Broken God/MEKHANE/WAN, which is described by the church as a multifunctional apex-type entity, but other evidence indicates otherwise (see appendix) .

Appendix 1: Monitoring Record

Father Vanderboom: Holy Father.
Robert Bomaro: What's the matter, kid?
Father Vanderboom: Holy Father, the Lord's response is getting weaker and weaker, and I'm afraid it's not a good thing.
Robert Bomaro: Superfluous, the power of the Lord is much stronger than you can imagine. Didn't you hear the oracle that came from the Lord when all things were biting and turning? No response is because your heart is not religious enough. Open your heart, confess your sins, and let the beautiful ticking cleanse your soul. Don't bother me with such things in the future.
Father Vanderboom: No, Holy Father, I'm not alone. I have contacted other priests, first in the Shanghai Diocese, then in East China, South Asia, North China, Siberia, Europe and the United States… the same is true for tickers and hummers. The newcomers do not have this feeling, but our feeling is particularly obvious: the Lord’s message It's really not as obvious as it was twenty years ago. He seems to be getting weaker. Holy Father, you are the existence closest to the Lord, your feelings should be the most obvious…
Robert Bomaro: The Lord's state is beyond your imagination, so don't jump to conclusions. The Lord is striking outsiders, (pause) go back, bless you, child. Remember, stand firm in your beliefs.
Father Vanderboom:…Holy Father, one more thing. (ring)
Robert Bomaro: (picking up) Hello?
Robert Bomaro: I understand your concerns, but this is completely unnecessary. If you are not devout enough to communicate with the Lord, you will be replaced now. Well, may the Lord bless you. (hangs up) What's the matter?
Father Vanderboom: Most priests are… crazy. They're always saying, saying the Lord isn't broken, or other demagogues, and some of them… committed suicide. (In a low voice) Even Olga…if this continues, the church's higher-ups might…
Father Vanderboom: Holy Father?
Father Vanderboom: Holy Father!
Robert Bomaro: Huh?
Father Vanderboom: Father, look at this…
Robert Bomaro: Go talk to the foundation, and trade your heart for their long-term treatment.
Father Vanderboom:Heart, heart? Are you going to hand over the holy things?
Robert Bomaro: Those lost kids, they need healing. I don't want to see the church divided again, understand? Besides, that's not the real heart of God. (laughs) Since they want to satisfy that stupid curiosity, let them do it. The Lord will forgive them.
Father Vanderboom: Yes, Holy Father. (Pause) Holy Father, actually…can you change the teaching? About the image of the Lord…
Robert Bomaro: Your faith has also been shaken?
Father Vanderboom: No, Holy Father, I just…
Robert Bomaro: Okay. You are not the first to say this. As early as the Industrial Revolution, someone said that the situation at that time was very similar to the present, but it was very different.
Robert Bomaro: Unpredictable God's thoughts. Go back and bless your child.
Father Vanderboom: Yes, Holy Father.

Appendix 2: Psychological counseling records (excerpts), Sanmarco, a member of the Maxwell sect, 2015/7/4

You won't arrest me, will you? Won't? Very good, it seems that I was worrying too much.
Olga was first. Within a week, the entire Maizong had heard about this strange man. We were just laughing, and then… everything changed. Really, unbelievable… I thought only Robert and the agents could hear the oracle. We didn't realize the seriousness of the matter until then, and the anxiety spread throughout the entire psychic network at the speed of light. Everyone was confused: so many Broken Gods, which one should we restore? God, what a horrible time. Almost everyone is accusing the other party's Lord of being a counterfeit… You don't understand, we are infected the moment we see His figure—or hear the oracle. It perfectly fits everyone's image of the Lord, and no one can stay sane. That must be a cognitohazard. I remember that the most common sentence I said to them was "some heresy must have stolen his glory"…but I didn't believe it myself.
I never saw Olga again. It could be dead, it could be… Anyway, I hate him. He left a mess that could never be fixed, and he got away with it. I know it's not his fault, but I just can't help it. Because… this time we may not be divided again, ever.
Already done? No, there is no discomfort…Thanks, I think I have to go, go to mediate quickly… Be prepared, within two years, a large number of believers with broken beliefs should come to you. (laughs) So, bye.

Addendum 3:Interview with Dr. Foster, former member of GoI-004B "Gear Orthodoxy"

Interviewer: C.H.
Interviewee: Dr. Foster
Foreword: During a routine treatment, former Cogwheel Orthodox member Oliver Foster suddenly proposed to join the Foundation. Because it is believed that the information mentioned by Foster played a key role in the study of SCP-CN-1425-1, it is recorded as follows.
C.H.: So here we go. Oliver Foster, senior cartographer, despite being excluded in the Orthodox Church, is still mostly in awe, am I right?
Dr. Foster: Uh huh.
C.H.: Why did you leave the church?
Dr. Foster: There is nothing to say… It's just that there is no mutual conspiracy.
C.H.: Oh? What is your way?
Dr. Foster: You know about medieval churches, right? A scam ring of lunatics and crooks who make a living brainwashing people…well, at least mostly. In my opinion, the Church of the Broken God is not fundamentally different from them. The only difference might be that our gods are real and theirs are not.
C.H.:You guys also… distort the teachings?
Dr. Foster: Not a misinterpretation, sir. In other words, it's not just as simple as a misinterpretation. How do you think Orthodoxy and Maxwellism split? They never hear the whole of the Lord's decree: they only hear what they want, what they can understand. That's why the church thinks the Lord is broken, that's why the church is divided, no one can convince Who, and in the future, predictably, will continue to split. I feel sad for us.
C.H.: So, why do you want to join the Foundation?
Dr. Foster: I used to be an atheist. I have always denied the existence of God, even when He appeared before me. The purpose of my joining the Orthodox Church is just to get closer to the Lord, and then… to pull Him down from the throne.
Dr. Foster: (quietly) Then I paid the price. Fortunately the Lord is merciful. He doesn't care what we think, whether being seen as omniscient or omnipotent is a god or an anomaly that needs to be explained… But mortals are different. So here I am.
C.H.:God allows you?
Dr. Foster: For the entire universe, what waves can our small planetary civilization make, right?
C.H.: Interesting thought… It's the first time I've met such a person. (turns head)
Dr. Widenl: All parameters are normal. The polygraph did not respond.
C.H.: Good. (Smiling face) Then, when the inspection period is over, you will be a member of the Foundation. Congratulations, Dr. Forest. Now let's talk about some other topics…
C.H.'s avatar expands to fill the entire screen.
C.H.: What do you think of the image of the Broken God?
Dr. Foster: The Lord… As the church says, the Lord is broken. But not physically broken. Human beings have short thinking and can hardly see the truth, so when listening to the oracle, they will understand the gods as what they want to see and give them different names. This is the so-called side. The Lord is different from them. The Lord has no side, it is born according to the heart, and it comes from everyone who knows the name of the Lord. The cause and effect in the eyes of those congregants is completely reversed…
C.H.: I can tell you've been meaning to say this for a long time.
Dr. Foster: (laughing dryly) I tried to convince them… ever. This is one of the reasons why I was excluded. But I believe it will be better here.
C.H.: Sure, please.

Update (2016/8/20): On 2016/8/17, GoI-004 officially announced its disbandment, and a φK-class "Pantheon" scenario has occurred. Tens of thousands of SCP-CN-1425-1 entities (including SCP-001, SCP-CN-1900, etc.) into a highly active state, the large-scale destruction and panic it caused forced the Foundation to activate the negligence protocol and the "Kill the God" plan. Actions are under way to revise church doctrine and make the image of the Broken God harmless, but the results are not very satisfactory. Therefore, the current task is to cooperate with the GOC's pizzicato protocol to eliminate as many SCP-CN-1425-1 entities as possible.

Addendum 4: Video Recording (Extracted from the "Black Star Night" Operation Report, Global Occult Coalition and SCP Foundation, 2016)

Boshin-3-11-Cap: Alright boys, cheer up! The mission this time is to clear the area of 1425-1. See those two big guys over there?
The camera turns, an SCP-CN-1425-1 entity similar to SCP-001 stands in the river (coded as SCP-CN-1425-1-190), and the downstream water flow is almost cut off. High-speed gears and chains can be seen, mixed with building debris and biomass. Another SCP-CN-1425-1 (coded as SCP-CN-1425-1-191) stands on the shore, composed of mechanical structures and biological tissues, in the shape of a human. Two entities are attacking each other. The wreckage was scattered all around, piled up nearly 5m. //
Boshin-3-11-Cap: Don't mess with them, that's the final goal. Prioritize cleaning of peripheral entities.
Bochen-3-11-2: Team Liu, I heard that the dream of the data layer has also entered an active state. Will our equipment be affected?
Wuchen-3-11-Cap: You are the only one who has a lot to do. Hurry up, the sky will fall and there will be a skynet to support it.
The team moved forward along the road, and several metal figures came slowly, and the comparison showed that they were similar to the entities that appeared in the 1943 Ascension incident. Due to the effect of cognitive impairment equipment, they did not notice Team Boshin-3-11.
Boshin-3-11-1: I have an ominous premonition… These damn demons, their shape, and the way they expand like an ant colony remind me of the war in '43. (cough)
Boshin-3-11-2: Okay old man, don't worry about those old things, now our equipment is not the same as before.
Boshin-3-11-Cap: Quiet, look for their weak spots.
The team approaches a metal humanoid.
Boshin-3-11-2: How are these things made? It doesn't even look like a power source.
Boshin-3-11-1: probably splintered off of that guy—(Camera pans twice)—. In a sense, these demons are still on the same level as Jesus.
Boshin-3-11-2: How ironic.
Boshin-3-11-3: Found it. (long burst)
The entity makes a howl and disintegrates. The rest of the dolls snarled and separated to search.
Boshin-3-11-Cap:Okay, stay safe and clean up as soon as possible.
(duplicate content omitted)
Boshin-3-11-4: Is this the last one?
Boshin-3-11-2: I don't think so. Next… (Camera moves up) Wow, this guy is big enough.
Boshin-3-11-Cap: How many Anti-Green bullets do we have?
Boshin-3-11-1: 25 magazines.
Boshin-3-11-Cap: Replace. Be sure to knock them down in the shortest possible time.
The team puts on anti-green bullets. Boshin-3-11-3 took a few steps forward.
Boshin-3-11-3: I said, did you hear anything?
Boshin-3-11-2: Are you hallucinating?
Boshin-3-11-3: (indistinct)
Boshin-3-11-2: Hey, what's the matter with you? (take a step)
Boshin-3-11-Cap: Leave him alone.
Boshin-3-11-2: Yes… Yes.
The team opened fire on SCP-CN-1425-1-190. The entity turns its head and moves towards the team, dropping mechanical parts from its body. The entity protrudes two robotic arms from behind and rolls up Boshin-3-11-4.
Boshin-3-11-4: Ugh!
Boshin-3-11-2: number four!
Boshin-3-11-Cap: Keep your distance, keep firing, don't stop.
The team retreats and continues to focus on attacking SCP-CN-1425-1-190. A bullet destroyed the anomalous power source at the center of the entity, causing it to disintegrate 5m from the river bank. Boshin-3-11-4 fell into the water, and Boshin-3-11-2 ran forward to rescue him.
Boshin-3-11-1: Ha, heart. I almost forgot about this.
SCP-CN-1425-1-191 approached the wreckage of SCP-CN-1425-1-190, grabbed a handful of parts and looked at them, then put them down and walked towards the city.
The squad continues to fire. SCP-CN-1425-1-191 turned its head, twisted its face, and fell down. The river overflowed to the shore.
Boshin-3-11-3:Look at what you've done! How dare you offend the Lord! The Lord will punish you!
Boshin-3-11-Cap: Wake up, you are no longer a priest of the Church of the Broken God. One thing you have to understand: there is no such thing as a broken god-
Boshin-3-11-Cap gave the entity a shot. //
Boshin-3-11-Cap: It's just an anomaly. That's all.

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