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Item #: SCP-CN-145

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Known individual cases of SCP-CN-145 are now located in Civil air Defence Work-2 at Site-CN-06. Due to its immobility, the object is contained on site and isolated from the outside world by a blast door.

Any internal access to the object requires at least two security officers.

Description: SCP-CN-145 is a general term for a class of enclosed areas found in Site-CN-06. At present, one individual case has been found in Site-CN-06. The possibility of additional isolated cases at the facility haven't been ruled out. SCP-CN-145 has been shut down for long term since the shutdown of Project Aidita following the [DATA EXPUNGED].

SCP-CN-145 is a highly enclosed environmental facility with a volume of about 1000 cubic meters that meets the requirements of airtightness and material recycling.

In composition, the internal space of SCP-CN-145 is not anomalous. The connection/latching device with the outside appears as a single carved wooden door marked SCP-CN-145-1. The internal identification of the metal machine with unknown structure ensures that the SCP-CN-145 is generally isolated from the outside world. Its strength is far greater than the same quality of the general material structure, the detection showed which has reached the aerospace level. Infinitesimal amounts of radioactive elements were detected in SCP-CN-145-1. In the latest investigation, SCP-CN-145-1 is presumed to be a space link device for connecting a space used for camouflage, while its actual floor space in Site-CN-06 is unknown. The space entered by SCP-CN-145-1 is still numbered as SCP-CN-145.

35% of the interior space of SCP-CN-145 is equipped with life-support equipment. It has a service life of about 200 years, or about 300 years with basic maintenance. Its interior space can be roughly divided into two blocks: the working area and the living area, which build a small and medium-sized production society based on circular diet. SCP-CN-145 provides 220V ac power internally. The object supports internal radio message transmission, but no external signal connection. The energy source of the object is unknown.

Individuals recorded within SCP-CN-145 were marked SCP-CN-145-2. Their genetic similarity with human has reached 99.98%. Medical identification showed that SCP-CN-145-2 had all received some degree of organism modification.

SCP-CN-145-2 has high intelligence and can complete communication with human beings based on Chinese. However, in many interviews, SCP-CN-145-2 always refused to cooperate, and some individuals even showed strong hostility.

In multiple records, SCP-CN-145-2 demonstrated extremely high instrument handling capability. They seem to be able to complete external communication links between the opening and closing of SCP-CN-145-1. The source of its authorization is unknown.

SCP-CN-145-2 hold a level of science and technology roughly similar to that of the current human society, and has made great achievements in literature and medicine beyond the outside world. No similar individuals or populations were found outside SCP-CN-145. Investigations into the social environment are still underway.

The number of SCP-CN-145-2 individuals known to have survived is about 42, and five intact remains of SCP-CN-145-2 have been found. SCP-CN-145-2 will ask visitors to lead him out of the containment facility, usually by threat. SCP-CN-145-2 usually uses threats to lead visitors away from containment facilities. But SCP-CN-145-2 always tried to avoid physical contact with visitors. However, there are still some records of SCP-CN-145-2 individual injury to visitors. It is also worth noting that other individuals will try to prevent such behavior. No SCP-CN-145-2 individuals leaving the holding facility have died so far.

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