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Item#: CN-1463
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
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Special Containment Procedures: Currently, all 216 known instances of SCP-CN-1463-1 are contained in Standard Humanoid Containment Units at Site-CN-33. MTF-辰巳-33 "Hard Work Pays Off" has administered Class-A amnestics to all humans who have had direct contact with SCP-CN-1463-1 instances and is tasked with retrieving any uncontained instances of SCP-CN-1463-1 for containment. Currently, only female researchers are allowed to conduct interviews with SCP-CN-1463-1 instances. Further research into the Groups of Interest "Japan Organisms Improvement and Creation Laboratory" and "PAMWAC" is currently underway.

No experimentation or testing on SCP-CN-1463-2 instances is permitted. All instances of SCP-CN-1463-2 are contained at Site-CN-33 in Standard Anomalous Object Containment Unit #60. Two fully armed agents are to guard Standard Anomalous Object Containment Unit #60 at all times, and are to terminate any unauthorized personnel who attempt to enter the containment unit and retrieve SCP-CN-1463-2. Guards are to be changed every 4 hours.

Description: SCP-CN-1463-1 is the designation for a group of anomalous humanoids with similar features. SCP-CN-1463-1 appear to be human females between the ages of 10 to 18, possessing the following anomalous traits: a pair of ears on the head identical to those of housecats (Felis catus Linnaeus), a feline tail extending from the coccyx the length of which depends on the height of the instance, and eyes similar to those of housecats. These features vary between SCP-CN-1463-1 instances, but always correspond to the characteristics of a specific breed of housecat. SCP-CN-1463-1's physical development ceases at the age of 18 years. SCP-CN-1463-1 are capable of communication in Chinese and Japanese, and are of the same intellect as a typical human. As of this writing, no instance of SCP-CN-1463-1 has made ant attempt to escape containment.

SCP-CN-1463-1 instances are capable of communicating with each other over long distances. It is theorized that this ability uses an unknown form of psychic wave to transfer information between their brains.

SCP-CN-1463-2 is a collection of 17 15 anomalous objects appearing to be capsules. Upon opening a capsule, an instance of SCP-CN-1463-1 approximately 10 years of age will emerge from the capsule. Instances manifest asleep and awaken after 1 to 2 hours. It is currently unclear how SCP-CN-1463-1 can be contained within a capsule that is far smaller than the resulting object. Due to the limited resources available to Site-CN-33, it is strictly forbidden to open the remaining instances of SCP-CN-1463-2.

SCP-CN-1463-1's anomalous properties manifest when any male human (henceforth "the subject") has been in the vicinity of SCP-CN-1463-1 for a total of 24 hours. At this point, the subject will become obsessed with and protective of the instance of SCP-CN-1463-1. This effect compounds as the subject remains in the vicinity of SCP-CN-1463-1, and may even exceed similar feelings the subject feels for his own friends and family. This is believed to be an anomalous effect inherent to SCP-CN-1463-1 and cannot be treated with amnestics; however, when the individual is forcibly removed from SCP-CN-1463-1, these effects will slowly reduce in intensity and abate.

On 2019/08/12, the Foundation discovered an online announcement jointly made by the Japan Organisms Improvement and Creation Laboratory and PAMWAC1 (see addenda). In the following month, the Foundation discovered a large amount of SCP-CN-1463-1 instances in public places and an anomalous increase in incidents relating to registration of pet cats. This was confirmed as anomalous and MTF-辰巳-33 "Hard Work Pays Off" subsequently contained all instances of SCP-CN-1463-1. As a result of SCP-CN-1463-1's anomalous effects, affected subjects strongly resisted the containment of SCP-CN-1463-1, significantly hampering containment efforts. It is noted that the Foundation subsequently discovered 17 instances of SCP-CN-1463-2 in an abandoned facility suspected to be owned by JOICL and a further 3 instances in the possession of individuals apprehended during containment of SCP-CN-1463-1. It is speculated that SCP-CN-1463-2 also possesses a similar cognitohazardous effect. The aforementioned online announcement has been taken down.

Addendum A: Operational Intelligence and Preparation - Related Materials

Object: SCP-CN-1463

Addendum B: SCP-CN-1463 Pursuit Log

Object: SCP-CN-1463

Addendum C: Interview Log

Object: SCP-CN-1463

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