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SCP-CN-1604, photographed on 2020/03/03

Item #: SCP-CN-1604

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-CN-1604 is contained in Standard Anomalous Object Containment Unit #8168 at Site-CN-75. The Intelligence Department is to monitor gun violence cases in its system and attempt to locate any other possibly-existent SCP-CN-1604 bullets. It is infeasible to determine a total count of deaths caused by SCP-CN-1604 using mathematical models.

Description: SCP-CN-1604 is a Smith & Wesson M19 revolver. Anomalies are present in its structure and in the bullets fired by the object.

SCP-CN-1604 possesses the following anomalous capabilities:

  • Regardless of how many times it is shot, the cylinder maintains a count of 6 unfired bullets;
  • When loading the object, there will always be an empty chamber, into which bullets of any caliber may be loaded;
  • Bullets fired are of inconsistent caliber and possess markings on the shell;
  • Every bullet fired causes the death of exactly one person, regardless of whether humans are present in the shooting area;
  • The shot subject, besides feeling pain as if they would have been shot in the area where they were hit, will not be hurt; however, a dead copy of the subject will appear with injuries consistent with the shot body part;
  • Analysis of the rifling grooves left on bullets produced by SCP-CN-1604 is capable of conclusively tracing a bullet to SCP-CN-1604.

The analysis department studied the collected SCP-CN-1604 shells and discovered that beginning from the 4008th shell collected, the caliber of the bullet matches the 2nth decimal place of π, where n is the bullet's place in the ordering; based on the date and time of occurrence, time when the shot was fired and the corresponding victim's time of death to order the 1,738,483 spent shells collected, eventually confirming the pattern in the last 1006 shells found. Subsequent bullets produced by SCP-CN-1604 possessed the same property.

Addendum: SCP-CN-1604 was discovered on 2020/03/03 at a murder scene; it was noticed that during the crime, the number of bullets fired far exceeded the number of bullets a gun of the same model would be able to hold and thus subsequently contained. 207 bullets and 762 shells were discovered in the gunman's home. As a result, the irregular-caliber bullets involved in 2764 gun-related cases were determined to have come from SCP-CN-1604 by analysis of rifling grooves; of note is that the number of deaths in these cases was only 2088, which did not match the number of bullets contained.

By backtracing back to the six earliest recorded incidents, which occurred in December of 1909, the calibers of the bullets saved as evidence are 0.1, 0.2, 0.3, 0.4, 0.5 and 0.6 inches. For the next 12 years, SCP-CN-1604 was lost and out of the hands of authorities; at the next official record that included SCP-CN-1604, which occurred in October of 1918, the calibers of the bullets saved as evidence are 0.45275, 0.45276, 0.45277, and 0.45278 inches, after which the object left the hands of authorities again up until it was contained by the Foundation.

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