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Item #: SCP-CN-1616-J

Object Class: Ticonderoga1

Special Containment Procedures: It is impossible to completely contain SCP-CN-1616-J due to universality and randomness. considering the item is difficult to impact on normal society virtually, active containment procedures have yet been taken. All SCP-CN-1616-J incidents inside the foundation are to be conserved and documented for the research purpose.

Description: SCP-CN-1616-J refers to a random anomalous phenomenon that occurs on humans taking part in any group activity. Those entities suffering the phenomenon are designated SCP-CN-1616-J-A. The following are instances of SCP-CN-1616-J:

  • Before the activity, SCP-CN-1616-J-A will, in loud voice, claim to other participants that they did not make enough preparations for it. Though in most cases, enough efforts have been observed and SCP-CN-1616-J-A will not appear obvious anxious.
  • During the activity, SCP-CN-1616-J-A will attract the attention of other participants with a relatively high-performance show. Which occasionally will make other participants perform worse than normal or upset.
  • After the activity, other participants will express astonishment towards SCP-CN-1616-J-A, and questions such as 'I thought you said you weren't ready!' Under most circumstances, SCP-CN-1616-J-A will explain vaguely about such behavior or can not answer.

According to figures provided by the Foundation, the occurrence rate of SCP-CN-1616-J reaches up to 80%, which is hard to explain with traditional social anthropology theories, and thus SCP-CN-1616-J is listed as an SCP item. Various hypotheses have been raised so far, all be denied due to lack of evidence. The hypotheses comprise, but not be limited to, the following items:

  • Temporary memory loss to preparations
  • Change of history on preparations
  • Action character / sound-based meme on SCP-CN-1616-J-A themselves (positive) or other participants (negative)

Relevant researches were being made for operations.

Addendum 1: SCP-CN-1616-J incidents inside the SCP Foundation (excerpts)

#Incident: #5
Occasion: Foundation New Employee Written Test
Overview: A participant claimed 'Oh Fuck I've not reviewed last night…What is to be done?' after the test. The outcome showed that the individual came second of the 56 people. While this outcome was published, faced the question 'You said you didn't review!', the individual just scratched the head and smiled embarrassedly without further answers. According to their roommate, the individual stayed up late to review.

#Incident: #22
Occasion: D-class Basketball Championship
Overview: Before the game, D-class personnel yelled to their roommate 'Damn it I ain't done no practice recently, I ain't gonna shoot any in this game.' During the game, they made 3 three-point shots and accumulated a mark of 57, taking the honor of MVP (Most Valuable Player). Their roommate said, 'That guy went to the playground each night for, like, several days. I ain't know why.'

#Incident: #31
Occasion: Midsummer Singing Contest
Overview: Dr. ████ said 'The most terrible my voice so your guys could just take me as a joke.' before the contest. The doctor sang the song Qinghai-Tibet Plateau without any crackings, winning unanimous applauses. Several staves reported to heard singing coming from Dr. ████'s office.

#Incident: #43
Occasion: The Operation to Chaos Insurgency's Stronghold
Overview: A MTF member claims 'Not feeling well recently, maybe I couldn't come back.' During the operation, the member removed 17 C.I. agents alone, and successfully prevent the high dangerous anomaly ██████ to be worked by C.I. Despite suffered severe harm, their vital signs tended to be stable. It is considering award they FOUNDATION STAR. According to their close teammate, they entered the mock-fight chamber frequently before this operation.

#Incident: #55
Occasion: SCP-CN-███ Containment Procedures Proposal Conference
Overview: Before the conference, a researcher loudly claims 'Alas, seems my proposal is hopeless.' Then their proposal was officially adopted due to cost-effectiveness. Their colleagues said they had been witness to the researcher recited a speech on the sneak.

For a full record of SCP-CN-1616-J please consult the research panel.


2020/08/07,A NARRATIVE CHANGE was detected by the pataphysics department, which suspected remained from entity swn001-1. The following information was believed to be related to SCP-CN-1616-J:

A Plan are being made for further operations to avoid too many effects by the entity.

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