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Item #: SCP-CN-1621

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-CN-1621 is contained in Standard Pharmaceutical Anomaly Containment Unit #68 at Site-CN-75. All testing involving SCP-CN-1621 requires the approval of the Head Researcher. Subjects who consume SCP-CN-1621 are to be contained in a Standard Humanoid Isolation Chamber at Site-CN-75, and may only be released after being administered specialized medication to counteract the effects of the anomaly. Alternatively, they may be transferred to Site-CN-75-C7 Anomalous Feline/Canine Section upon full transformation for containment and testing.

Further investigation into the parapharmacist/PoI "dado" is currently ongoing.

Description: SCP-CN-1621 is a collection of 72 blue capsules, each of which has the marking "UNISOM"; it has been determined that this object has no relation to Pfizer Inc., and is unrelated to Unisom diphenhydramine tablets other than in appearance. It is strongly suspected that SCP-CN-1621 is produced by the parapharmacist/POI "dado".

When SCP-CN-1621 is ingested orally, the person consuming the object will begin to experience the effects of SCP-CN-1621; this is divided into three phases:

  • 0-10 min: The subject's body will begin producing large amounts of L-DOPA, leading to an increase in the subject's excitability, amicability and happiness; the subject will also begin to express curiosity about non-derogatory words used in everyday communication and the objects they refer to. This generally causes the subject to ignore their current environment and physical condition. This effect can be inhibited using nepetalactone suppressant (i.e. catnip); if not, SCP-CN-1621's anomalous effects will continue into the next phase; if an equivalent dose of suppressant is ingested, all abnormalities in the subject will return to their levels prior to ingesting SCP-CN-1621.
  • 10-24 min: The subject will become hunched over and their limbs will atrophy; their exterior appearance and bone structure will distort until the subject's body has become roughly the size of an average housecat and the tailbone will extend, producing a tail complete with muscles, nerves, tendons and ligaments. All changes at this stage result in a feline body. The subject will not feel that these changes are anomalous, and will believe that they should always have been a cat. Subjects ingesting equivalent doses of suppressant inhibited anomalous effects up until the next stage, but did not return subjects to pre-ingestion levels.
  • 24+ min: Subject's external appearance will change drastically; for instance, the structure and position of the ears and the structure of the eyes will change, and fur will grow on the subject's body. However, the subject's vocal cords will remain able to vocalize in a manner similar to that of a human. Subjects will gain the behavioral patterns and habits of a typical house cat (Felis catus), but retain the thought processes and intelligence of a human. At this point, suppressants are ineffective in reversing the effects. Subjects typically become house cats; however, many subjects become their favorite species of feline.

Following full transformation under SCP-CN-1621's effects, the subject will typically choose to abandon their previous life and social circles and begin wandering aimlessly. It has been confirmed that these changes are neither a secondary anomalous effect of SCP-CN-1621 nor a psychological side-effect of the transformations caused by the object, but rather a choice made by the subject; when questioned, subjects claim that this desire is due to their mental state prior to ingesting SCP-CN-1621 or their love and desire for felines. Subjects continue to maintain contact with their prior family, relatives and friends seemingly out of concern. There are currently some cases where subjects became canines rather than felines; this is seemingly related to these subject's preference of dogs over cats.

Subjects display a mix of indifference and disinterest when the subject of their transformation is brought up.

Addendum SCP-CN-1621.1: The Foundation first contained SCP-CN-1621 after discovering it in an Amazon package; inspection of the labels on the package indicated that the instances had been purchased. The following content consists of relevant textual information retrieved from communication devices at the scene from two different accounts, confirming that SCP-CN-1621 was obtained from the parapharmacist/PoI "dado" or related individuals. The Foundation is attempting to track down the two residents who had purchased SCP-CN-1621.

<Begin Log>

<2019/6/9 - 10:02>

<supernova>:You there?

<2019/6/9 - 10:12>

<supernova>:Anyone there?

<dado>:yes hello sorry dado was feeding hamster

<supernova>:My friend multizig told me about you
<supernova>:He said you could help me
<supernova>:He told me you're a really good pharmacologist
<supernova>:You there?

<2019/6/9 - 10:18>

<dado>:yes what u need
<dado>:dado type slow but can offer special help

<supernova>:I need a pill that can help my mental state
<supernova>:Lately life has been tough, and only playing with cats help me feel better
<supernova>:But playing with cats is only a temporary solution, and I don't have the resources to have a pet cat, my boyfriend Mark also doesn't want a cat
<supernova>:But most of my troubles come from him anyway
<supernova>:I wish I could escape from my current life
<supernova>:If there were a pill that could replace the joy that cats give me, that would be good

<supernova>:You there?

<dado>:ah yes pill that make cat happy and escape problems
<dado>:dado make now

<supernova>:Perhaps I wasn't clear
<supernova>:I want something that makes me happy, not makes the cat happy
<supernova>:You've got it backwards
<supernova>:And I don't really want to escape my problems, I was only complaining
<supernova>:So can you do it?

<dado>:ah yes u want switch person and cat, but also want happiness, but leaving is ur choice
<dado>:and person have joy of cat
<dado>:dado offer good service
<dado>:u trust dado

<supernova>:Close enough
<supernova>:When can you send it over?

<dado>:dado send express mail
<dado>:using amazon prime

<supernova>:Please send it ASAP, I can pay first

<dado>:dado understand, pill already sent.
<dado>:u trust dado

<End Log>

<Begin Log>

<2019/6/9 - 10:16>

<WhiteD>:anyone there?

<dado>:yes dado here, dado replying to other person
<dado>:what can fine dado establishment help u with

<WhiteD>:i heard about you from multizig
<WhiteD>:he said you can make a drug that makes peoples wishes come true
<WhiteD>:i need a special type of drug

<2019/6/9 - 10:23>

<WhiteD>:you there?

<dado>:yes what drug u need

<WhiteD>:i need a drug that gives me the same joy as spending time with dogs
<WhiteD>:my girlfriend always pesters me to get us a pet cat
<WhiteD>:but i hate cats, i prefer dogs
<WhiteD>:so we had quite a few fights over it
<WhiteD>:i need something to take my mind of things

<dado>:u want 2 enjoy joy of dog?

<WhiteD>:pretty much
<WhiteD>:multizig was right, you are a friggin legend

<dado>:last customer had same problem but wanted cat not dog

<WhiteD>:doesn't everyone love animals these days?

<dado>:dado have enough pets, dado have hamster
<dado>:dado make very fast, dado just need to change one thing,
<dado>:delivery using amazon prime

<WhiteD>:alright i trust you
<WhiteD>:i'll be waiting

<dado>:yes u trust dado
<dado>:dado send u now
<dado>:u trust dado, dado change ur life👍

<End Log>

No further relevant information was discovered.

Addendum SCP-CN-1621.2: Foundation internet monitoring personnel discovered the following Amazon listing relating to SCP-CN-1621, which is believed to be related to the parapharmacist/PoI "dado". As the information presented is sensitive, a copy has been saved on Foundation servers and the original listing has been locked. The following is the only review on the page.



2019/6/30 - 12:42

Sorry for the late review, this pill is amazing!!

After I took them, I left behind my old life and started to travel throughout the country. Thanks to my lightweight body I don't have to spend a single cent and can go to places ordinary travelers can't! The most important thing is while I was traveling, I met my true love; his name is also Mark and he's an Akita dog, and the most amazing thing is he took the same pill to become a dog! Of course I need to mention that the odds of meeting someone so similar to yourself while traveling aimlessly are so small, it must be a miracle! As strange as it may sound that a Ragdoll cat and an Akita dog became traveling companions, I have to say that we are very happy. Thank you very much, dado!

Response from store: dado appreciate good review! dado only make 2 sets, but dado happy to serve customer.

Addendum SCP-CN-1621.3: On 2019/7/9, an Amazon package containing a box of 30 instances of SCP-CN-1621 was sent to the location where SCP-CN-1621 was initially discovered. The following text was written in black marker on the package: "sry dado sent to wrong address, dado send u now. dado refund u after feed hamster"

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