This Level 5/CHAOS clearance is not part of standard Level 5 clearance.

The following document describes an anomalous parallel reality with strong connections to Foundation interests. Any information leakage will be dealt with harshly.

Unauthorized personnel are not to proceed beyond this point.


Item #: SCP-CN-1666

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: To cover up the existence of SCP-CN-1666, Area-CN-07 has been constructed at the entrance to SCP-CN-1666. Except to personnel who have obtained special clearance, the existence of this anomaly is to be kept from personnel not stationed at this Area.

Military and research personnel have been assigned to Area-CN-07 in excess of the standard requirements. These personnel are to explore and contain SCP-CN-1666, conduct research on the anomaly, and restore and reassemble the damaged technological artifacts found within the anomaly. All information gained is to be reported to the O5 Council; all exploration of SCP-CN-1666 is to be recorded by O5 Council. SCP-CN-1666's special properties are being strictly monitored; if the anomalous properties are found to have expanded in range, the O5 Council is to be contacted and all personnel are to be evacuated.

Several Scranton Reality Anchors (SRA) are to be placed at the entrance to SCP-CN-1666 to mitigate the decrease in Hume levels in case the anomaly spreads. The operating status of the SRAs are to be inspected every six months and the SRAs are to be replaced if necessary. Personnel responsible for managing the SRAs can be found in Document SRA-CN-933, revision 1.0.7. One Xyank/Anastasakos Constant Temporal Sink (XACTS) capable of maintaining consistent tachyon flow (with a maximum power output of 100 W) has been installed, and maintenance is to be carried out monthly. Personnel responsible for managing the XACTS can be found in Document XACTS-CN-1900, revision 1.3.0.

Following Incidents 1666-1 and 1666-2, all personnel with Level 3 or higher clearance are forbidden from entering SCP-CN-1666.

Description: SCP-CN-1666 is a spatial anomaly. The entrance to SCP-CN-1666 is located in the Taklamakan Desert.

SCP-CN-1666 is a parallel reality containing an already-destroyed version of baseline reality. The remains of man-made installations found within SCP-CN-1666 have been confirmed to be Foundation-made; based on the information found within these installations, human civilization had progressed to an interstellar stage, and the last year recorded as current is 4675 CE.

SCP-CN-1666 has no particular physical laws. Entities and spacetime within the anomaly do not respect standard laws of physics; in addition, physical constants vary throughout the interior of the space. The average Hume level of this reality fluctuates rapidly and intensely; the largest Hume value is lower than the standard level in baseline reality by 10-20 Humes. Entities from this universe entering SCP-CN-1666 will undergo irreversible anomalous changes after 2 hours (h), including but not limited to:

  • Growth of biological organs.
  • Changes in part of or the entirety of the entity.
  • Changes in one or more of the physical qualities of the entity.
  • Disappearance. It is unknown whether sentient entities that have disappeared remain conscious.

Of note is that entities from the interior of SCP-CN-1666 brought into baseline reality will also undergo similar anomalous effects.

The interior of SCP-CN-1666 contains light-emitting objects of irregular arrangement and constantly varying color. Due to the limitations in measurement capabilities, it is only known that the electromagnetic waves emitted by these objects have wavelengths on the Balmer series; it remains unknown whether there are wavelengths that cannot be measured. It was hypothesized that these objects are stars or other large celestial objects left behind prior to the destruction of the world within SCP-CN-1666; this hypothesis was later verified by the Deep Space Exploration Division.

Addendum I: Incident 1666-1


SCP Foundation Medical Department Report

Patient: Dr. Ecun

2019/1/6 21:12: Dr. Ecun entered the interior of SCP-CN-1666, attempting to restore various information pertaining to future technology.

2019/1/6 23:01: As the two-hour mark approached, the project lead Dr. Period ordered Dr. Ecun to leave, and instructed researchers and MTF members to proceed to the Medical Department to prepare treatment for exposure to SCP-CN-1666's anomalous effects. However, Dr. Ecun's metallic portal had fallen over while leaving the ruins of the facility and could not be operated.

2019/1/6 23:23: With the help of Mobile Task Force, Dr. Ecun was able to escape. As SCP-CN-1666's anomalous effect was not yet in full effect, only his body from the hip down had been converted into steel, and the Medical Department personnel decided to perform an amputation surgery.

Advisor: Dr. Paracelsus

Result: Amputation successful; as it was discovered that Dr. Ecun's spinal cord had been converted to a combination of steel and wood, he is currently paralyzed.

Analysis: Ecun, male, 196 cm tall, Asian.

Due to excessive exposure to high-Hume-level regions with unstable laws of physics, a large portion of his organs below the hip have been replaced with iron; many of the nerves in his spinal cord below the neck have been replaced with wood. The injury has been classified Type A, and it is recommended that he be given indefinite medical leave.

— Dr. Paracelsus

Addendum II: Incident 1666-2

SCP Foundation Scientific Department - Deep Space Exploration Division Report

Affected Personnel: Prof. Paradox

Time: 2019/2/15 5:43

2019/2/14: Prof. Paradox requested to enter SCP-CN-1666 in order to retrieve "possibly-existent critical information". As the details of what this information entailed were not provided and Prof. Paradox appeared to not be of sound mind, this request was rejected.

2019/2/15 0:12: Prof. Paradox was discovered to have bypassed the security measures for SCP-CN-1666 and entered the anomaly. As this act was considered a grievous violation of protocol, the vice project lead Dr. SF ordered the Mobile Task Force on duty to enter the anomaly in search of the researcher.

2019/2/15 2:01: Mobile Task Force returns to baseline reality without finding the researcher, providing notes to the project lead.

2019/2/15 4:35: The first batch of assigned personnel enters SCP-CN-1666 for daily routine research. Of these personnel, Researcher Zhong Chaoyang discovered Prof. Paradox's shadow. As he had not been ordered to search for the researcher in question, he did not report this. It was only following Incident 1666-2 that Researcher Zhong reported this information.

2019/2/15 5:43: Internal Hume levels within SCP-CN-1666 rise to unexpected levels; the largest value during this time exceeded all previous records from the Physics Department. Observation revealed a region of space within the anomaly had started to vibrate violently and that the entropy in all other regions had rapidly decreased. Measurements with a Brunning-Kant device revealed that the core of the region contained a single humanoid entity, which quickly moved upward and faded, eventually disappearing. During post-incident inspection of the center of the phenomenon, researchers discovered what seemed to be traces of Prof. Paradox's presence, as well as legible text on the ground. Prof. Paradox is considered lost.

Text left after Incident 1666-2:

The black star shines on the broken ground

The veil has been lifted, and all is lost in the sea of chaos

The light is fading

The sky will soon be dark, I am scared.

It has been determined that this was a message left by Prof. Paradox prior to his disappearance. Further research is ongoing.

Following this incident, the project lead ordered that all Level 3 or higher personnel are forbidden from entering SCP-CN-1666; where special conditions dictate that these personnel must enter, they must be accompanied by other personnel.

Addendum III: Information obtained from data storage device found in SCP-CN-1666


… Following Incident 298382-28, the Federation of Earth entered a state of chaos. A wormhole that split the whole capital star had opened without warning, causing the capital star to be entrapped in its Roche limit under its immense gravitational force and torn apart. Soon enough, the laws of physics in that patch of space quickly fell apart. The basic laws of the universe no longer applied in that region; the physical constants as measured in the laboratory began to fluctuate irregularly. In that area, it was like reality had leaked out; regardless of how high the beacon was set, there was no way to fill in that Hume void.

This kind of rapid, irregular expansion had a speed that exceeded even the speed of light, which traditional physics stated could not be exceeded in this universe. The speed at which this anomaly expanded was so fast that when the Foundation finally managed to muster up the first signs of a countermeasure, half of the Andromeda Supercluster had become a dark patch of chaos. We are using various methods to attempt to prevent this kind of expansion, and up till now have produced good results.

[CORRUPTED] … but even more black stars are opening at the edges of the universe, bringing more waves of chaos. When the black stars arrive, no laws that can be researched will remain.

The Deep Space Exploration Division-Parallel Universe Observation Division joint report states that our timeline has fallen apart from the theoretical "universal border", composed of a rampart of universal laws. In other words, our universe has broken. The wave of chaos is like [CORRUPTED] … We can only retreat to the last interstellar site, Site-1831, where all that surrounds us are warped stars and [CORRUPTED]

Notice from RAISA:

[Further access requires Twin Gods clearance.]

[Please enter credentials…]

[Credentials accepted.]

The following content has been decrypted for your viewing.

To our successors:

If you can decrypt this, you can glean an understanding of what the Federation of Earth has gone through. As this has occurred so quickly, we can only quickly describe our history and what we have gone through. We don't know how far this message will reach, or if anyone can read it. By the time you see this message, we are already far gone.

The black stars' appearance is an apocalypse. These are windows that link what is outside the universe to what is inside, letting the chaos outside the universe enter our universe. We have already discovered a universal control facility in our Solar System that protects us and aids our peaceful development, which has led us to believe our universe is artificial. But after leaving the Solar System, this belief was thrown aside. But unfortunately, what we have discovered is that this is seemingly the truth.

The universe is a veil that protects physical law and order. In addition to keeping the real chaos on the other side of the veil, it allows order to be built from those laws on its inside. The whole veil should have protected us till heat death, but it has been torn away by someone.

We know not who or what has torn away this veil, but the chaos coming in from the outside has not given us time to think about such a question.

To our successors, when you find this place, our universe has already been destroyed, but your veil is still intact.

Updated 4675/12/03; set to unrestricted access. Editor: Rosen Immanuel Postar

Addendum IV: 2019/4/3, message received by project lead Dr. Period

That place is the light, the boundless light

There is someone standing on it, and behind him is an expanse of white

His power expands in all directions; the stars tremble in his presence

The white veil begins to flutter

The darkness flashes on the horizon

The red meteor streaks across the dark violet sky, leaving azure trails

Chaos enters to engulf all, tearing apart countless veils

Like feathers drifting through the sky

I am here, watching the darkness

Going against the current

The god of light has no power to prevent this


Escaping, driving it off, the laws cease to exist here

I have seen the web covering the veil

Binding the atypical form of this shout

The screams of the nameless

Are for me to hear

But the darkness is coming soon

The endless night

The light is fading

In this life, I may not be able to see the light again

The sky is getting dark, the veil shall be torn open

I panic. What do I do? I am scared.


SCP Foundation Informational Analysis and Memetics Department Report

Advisor: Dr. Planck

Results: This paper is handwritten; according to handwriting analysis, it appears to have been written by Prof. Paradox, who has already been confirmed to have disappeared. It is currently thought that Prof. Paradox is outside the universe.

  • The "god of light" and the person standing on the light are thought to be the same person.
  • The darkness and chaos are thought to be the chaos outside the universe, which is the reason for the destruction of the interior of SCP-CN-1666.
  • The "veil" refers to the universe, and "the destruction of the veil" refers to the destruction of a universe.
  • "The darkness is coming soon" indicates that the chaos is soon to come.

Document has been sent to the O5 Council.

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