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Are You Robot?

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    Item #: SCP-CN-1691

    Object Class: Euclid

    Special Containment Procedures: SCP-CN-1691 is to be placed in a modified C-2 humanoid containment chamber. Due to the rareness of it and the possibility that provides critical clues to investigate Sarkic Cults, The Foundation should avert SCP-CN-1691 from any hurt, and satisfies any proper requirement of SCP-CN-1691 to keep a high level of psychological state.

    Description: SCP-CN-1691 is a humanoid entity with an appearance of a human male aged 80 to 85 years, 160 cm tall, weighing 90 kg, hunchback. The epithelial tissue and connective tissue of it have been replaced with the titanium alloy. An anomalous property of SCP-CN-1691 is that one-third of its brain is some tissue consisting of flesh and blood including the central nervous system. SCP-CN-1691 also has an ability to communicate with other people, despite its language habit has been keeping at a state that failed to pass Turing Test 30 years ago.

    From 2045 to 2075, SCP-CN-1691 posted a massive spam message on the internet to block access, which has been impacted on activities of The Foundation's Strategic Network Department. SCP-CN-1691 was located and defined as a anomaly before being contained.

    The style of SCP-CN-1691's residence is entirely irrelevant to modern. There are wooden floors and non-folding wooden chairs and tables, placing glasswares containing some transparent fluid floating with a few amounts of salt particles of an unknown mineral. On the right side of glasswares exist a small white jar labeled as IBUPROFEN containing four capsules with unknown ingredients, whose use and anomalous properties have not yet been known. On the left side of glasswares is a laptop discontinued years ago, and several pieces of symbol carriers consisted of some plant fiber. The following is a portion of literal materials of the aforesaid that piece that possess language habits consistent with SCP-CN-1691:

    Day01 2035/11/4

    Whether all diaries have to start with a gorgeous prologue, I don't know, just feeling an urgent need to write down such a weird and mysterious day.

    This morning my heart suddenly ached. The doctor in the clinic downstairs said that I must go to a big hospital for bypass surgery, when I arrived at the central hospital, there was even no cardiovascular medicine department. The front desk told me that heart bypass is a very old-timely technology, as for now, the way is directly replacing the heart. I admit that I have staying in prison for a long time but, It shouldn't change so much.

    A huge plant is behind the hospital. Patients lined up to walk into a massive machine as if an assembly line within the plant - and a completely different man coming out, or simply doesn't a man; The some lost eyes, the some lost fingers, and some lost arms. All of those have been replaced to some kind of iron shelf even being shining, which made me such scared that eager for taking a taxi to go home. While I got into a taxi, however, I saw a pair of eyeballs like a whirling surveillance camera of the driver through a rearview mirror, the creepy sensation growing stronger then I ran off the taxi to walk back my home. The more weirdos could be seen outside the stress. Simply a nightmare, I need to go to bed now.

    Day03 2035/11/6

    It cannot continue. Today I heard that the replacement turned out to be a mechanical heart. If I accept it, will I become a zombie liked those weirdos? But the doctor told me if my body was replaced with a machine, I will no longer get any disease, save money from meals, and even extend the life span to about 200 years. Considering again, maybe I just need a heart.

    Day12 2035/11/15

    Damned terrible. I can hear a grating of bearing rotation and gear friction, a crack of viscous liquids dropping on metal pipe, a thunder of motors and compressors racing, a chime of the floor clock in the room with the pendulum in my heart…Perhaps nothing could be more uncomfortable than this, but thankfully I don't need to change my appearance. I don't want me look just like not a human.

    The doctor said that the result does not disappoint me just following their arrangement, this sentence had me all a shiver. Today was exceptionally cold outside, clouds overhead exceptionally like clouds.

    Day14 2035/11/16

    Every day is a new day. Please forgive me continue those nonsenses. Day after day, I force myself to drink a few bags of herbal medicine left in the house, taking pains to hear the doctor change various tones to persuade me to replace my body with machines. A half-open diary with clean pages is in front of me. A glass of pure water drunk twice is next to the window. A day as long as a year during bearing anguish and writing anguish. My brain had been immersing in chaos and ignorance.

    I don't know which new rules have been issued but seems that there are robots everywhere. Is this collective replacement demanded by the government? Will my old classmates be among them?

    Are You Robot?

    Day31 2035/12/3

    It's hard to stand the pain. Puainkillers have run out and are no longer for sale on the streets, the rainy weather making me itch all over. The fact is that as long as my skin is changed to iron sheets them having no water entering or rusting, which point I have asked a reliable doctor but still don't want to change, because that makes me look weriired and ugly and terrible. Now a headache simply killing me that I may be no way to get components and machine oil tomorrow. I wish there will have the rest in that time.

    Day900 I don't know what day it is. 2039/7/4

    Nice to meet you, my dear diary. My hands are very heavy for inner titanium alloys, but they can be uplifted by a hydraulic device equipping in forearms and being precisely controlled. Heart disease has disappeared, and the dizziness is fully cured. I haven't had any illness for a long time feeling so high over than standing upon the completely flat ground.


    Being unbelievable to me, a people who lost 80% of their bodies can be brought back from death by modern technology. Right, the diary didn't be updated because I suffer a severe car accident, my legs and arms were drawn into a truck's head-hight tire. After regaining consciousness, I find I was laying in a hospital bed, a dazzling white ceiling light hanging in my sight. Plants beside the windows can be viewed by my myopic eyes and even a 2 mm gap on the edge of a worker bee's right-wing staying on carnations. It should never be detected under normal.

    Nurses coming and going are speaking some odd words I uncomprehending. They sound like virtually Chinese and every word can be understood, but putting together doesn't sound human at all.


    Nothing worth writing down


    Same as yesterday


    Perhaps I won't keep a diary. During the past, as long as I keep awake, every detail of every time will brand into my brain. Those scenes and characters are clear in my mind, forever haunting me.

    Is that a good thing?

    ◀ 3/CN-1691 Access granted, interview logs has been unfolded



    SCP-CN-1691:You are talking a pack of nonsense. I don't want to talk to you metal fucker cannot speak clearly. You dragged an old man from his private home, throwing him into a truck, then shutting him up in a cold dark chamber. I have never been heard what sarkic cults, and never considered the questions program I posted has something improper. The access was blocked just about the oversight of your internet department, you-


    SCP-CN-1691: I am finding the stuff I need, it does not concern you, not concern robots. Whatever I post is all irrelevant to you. Why are you arresting me!


    SCP-CN-1691: <silence>

    [END LOG]

    On the fourth day after the interview, the subject disappeared from its containment chamber, and the fiber material of unknown origin was found in the containment chamber, which was confirmed as the same as the symbol drawn by SCP-CN-1691 in its residence. It is not known how the aforesaid fiber material was brought into the containment chamber. The following is an excerpt of the symbol:

    How dare those robots in white coats insult efforts in years by me. Is truly no one can understand my sentence? The one not only a machine but also having the independent consciousness, am I, the only and last…isn't it? Maybe that results from my brain were not completely replaced with gears and valves, I will feel grateful for that one-third.

    I am looking for a lost myself.
    I will continue to look for it.

    Who is peeping

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