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Item #: SCP-CN-171

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Students in district ██, ████████ City are strictly prohibited from leaving their dormitory after lights out. D-class personnel, equivalent to the number of dormitory floors, are to be assigned to each dormitory after dark, and is to ensured that they do not leave the corridor. All student dormitories located in district ██, ████████ City are to be demolished or repurposed, and any school located in the area is prohibited from building any new student dormitories without authorization. The Foundation is to fund ██████ Real Estate Company in order to build additional studio apartments in the area to provide housing for students. These apartments are prohibited from using anything similar to the phrases "student apartment" or "student dormitory" while advertising. All students is to be notified that the demolition of the student dormitories is caused due to a change of land resource policy. Any students who have witnessed SCP-CN-171 and survived are to be administered amnestics.

Description: SCP-CN-171 is an entity that manifests within student dormitories in district ██, ████████ City when dark. Sightings indicate that SCP-CN-171 is often seen in corridor after lights out.

SCP-CN-171-1 is a high-power flashlight with no fixed appearance. When a subject encounters SCP-CN-171-1, it will approach the subject at roughly the same speed as a human adult walking. SCP-CN-171-1 usually levitates at a height between 0.5 to 0.8m above the ground. When SCP-CN-171-1 is approximately 1m near the subject, the subject will hear a middle-aged woman's voice with an accent in the ███████ dialect, the content of the sentence is usually "lights out" or other sentence with similar meanings. Afterwards, the flashlight will turn off, and any light source will be unable to reach the subject. Afterwards, the subject will be [DATA EXPUNGED]. After a certain period of time, SCP-CN-171-1 will vanish, and light will again be able to reach the subject.

SCP-CN-171-2 will manifest during or after the subject is [DATA EXPUNGED]. Its height is between 1.5m to 1.7m. SCP-CN-171-2 will attack all humans and camera equipment that witness or record SCP-CN-171-1. SCP-CN-171-2 will vanish only after it is not being recorded by any camera equipment.

Research into SCP-CN-171 has been carried out, but the cause of its appearance and its attack method have not been determined.

Attempting to run away from SCP-CN-171 will lead it increasing its movement speed; no speed limit has been observed so far.

Addendum 1: D-2731's encounter with SCP-CN-171
During the experiment,D-2731 was wearing a head mounted recording device.
Keyframes of the video have been recorded.

Addendum 2: D-2291's encounter with SCP-CN-171
During the experiment,D-2291 was wearing a head mounted recording device.
Keyframes of the video have been recorded.

Addendum 3: D-2819's encounter with SCP-CN-171
During the experiment,D-2819 was wearing a head mounted recording device.
Keyframes of the video have been recorded.

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