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SCP-CN-173. The object insists on this pose when being photographed, claiming that it is its profile image.

Item #: SCP-CN-173

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-CN-173 is contained in a Secure Human Containment Unit in Site-CN-99. Owing to the object's good behavior in containment and its anomalous properties, it is allowed to freely roam the Level 1 Clearance floor of the Site, provided it is accompanied by at one guard with the object on a leash, with one member of the Deduction Department monitoring.

MTF-Θ-10 ("Troops of Literature") is to search for the general location of SCP-CN-173-1. Due to the possibility of causing distortions in SCP-CN-173, stronger containment procedures are currently awaiting approval.

In accordance with the Deduction Department's regulations for containment, the object is not to come into contact with narrative-related objects or objects that are capable of producing narratives1.

Description: SCP-CN-173 is a humanoid entity composed of black lines, 2 m in height with each line having a width of 2 cm. Its head is composed of a circle, which has a diameter of approximately 20 cm. The lines composing the object's arms are attached at the connection between its head and torso and possess a joint splitting them in two equal parts. Likewise, the lines composing the object's legs are attached at the bottom of its body, and also possess joints splitting them into two equal parts. The object's torso is 80 cm long, and each of its limbs have a total length of 100 cm.

Regardless of which direction SCP-CN-173 is observed from, the object always appears to face towards the observer. The object does not appear to have any depth, and does not possess the ability to interact with physical objects, meaning that no there is no way for the object to physically interact with any object or resist any external force. Despite this, the object has not been observed to become injured or feel pain; visual analysis shows that the object is still affected by gravity and appears to mass 100 kg.

SCP-CN-173 appears to possess some degree of enactment ability, and has the intelligence of an average human. The object is capable of speech in fluent Mandarin Chinese; its voice originates from a fixed location at the bottom of the object's "head". The object is cognizant of its anomalous properties, and willingly cooperates with containment and experimentation. In most cases, SCP-CN-173's behavior is positive and productive; however, SCP-CN-173 expresses a strong desire to retrieve SCP-CN-173-1. The object is capable of perceiving its surroundings; it is unknown how it achieves this.

Based on SCP-CN-173's descriptions, SCP-CN-173-1 is a canvas produced by Dr. Wondertainment of unknown material. SCP-CN-173-1 is capable of controlling SCP-CN-173's shape; SCP-CN-173 claims that both textual and image descriptions are effective. It is theorized that the object is of a complete pataphysical nature and possesses deductive qualities. When Foundation personnel stated that the Foundation is currently searching for SCP-CN-173-1, SCP-CN-173 willingly believed the Foundation; in addition, its attitude improved. If SCP-CN-173-1 is retrieved, it is to be given to the Deduction Department for analysis and establishment of containment procedures. Due to the risk of forming a narrative loop presented by the narrative subject and guide coexisting within the same narrative, SCP-CN-173 is not to be allowed to come into contact with SCP-CN-173-1.

Addendum 1: Interview Log

Interviewer: Dr. Voctor
Interviewee: SCP-CN-173
Location: Site-CN-99
Date: 2017/6/1

<Begin Recording>

<Irrelevant content excised>

Voctor: As an exchange, I need you to tell me everything you know about Dr. Wondertainment.

SCP-CN-173: I'm sorry, I don't know. I don't think my concept document says anything about knowing what goes on with my creator behind the scenes. But I think I know what I should tell you.

Voctor: Which is?

SCP-CN-173: "Dr. Wondertainment series products should not be solely used by the Foundation or other organizations or individuals. Dr. Wondertainment series products are suitable only for children and adults young at heart. If such incidents occur again, Dr. Wondertainment will pursue legal action through copyrights and patents." In my concept document, it told me to explain it this way to any Foundation personnel.

Voctor: I see. But if you don't say anything, we'll still find SCP-CN-173-1. So, can you tell us anything about your memories prior to being discovered by the Foundation?

SCP-CN-173: The first thing I remember is being in a showcase at the ████████████ toy store. At that time, I didn't have a shape, so nobody could see me. I don't know what I was before, it's not written in my concept document.

SCP-CN-173: After that, there was a child, I don't know his name, who took my hand and bought me.


Voctor: And then?

SCP-CN-173: Oh, jeez… That little idiot just took his pen and doodled all over the board. I don't know what the hell he was thinking! Are kids these days all like this? His parents didn't stop him either! How can kids treat toys like this?

Voctor: I don't think I'll ever understand, but I express my sympathies.

SCP-CN-173: After a while, I lost consciousness, and I felt like my body just started sinking. Until I woke up like this, lying on the side of the road. Maybe it was a reboot mechanism. Thank you for saving me. I don't know where that board went, but please don't break it, or I'll die.

Voctor: I'm sorry, the information you're giving us is too fragmented. But we'll try our best to find it.

SCP-CN-173: No worries. And anyway, I don't want to be ruined like that by those kids again. Even if my concept says I'm a toy for kids, are those things even called kids?

<Irrelevant content excised>

<End Recording>

Addendum 2: Recovery Log
MTF-Θ-10 ("Troops of Literature") discovered the following content on a piece of paper during a retrieval mission at the aforementioned toy store:

Wow! You've just found your very own Little Mister, a limited edition China-only collection from Dr. Wondertainment! Join your Mr. Custom on adventures, or enter a [CUSTOM] world! Mr. Custom can become whatever your heart desires, so have fun!

[Awaiting Edit]2

Find them all and become Mr. Collector!!

26. Mr./Ms. Water-Absorbing Portable Assistant
27. Mr. Custom ✔

[Awaiting Edit]

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