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Item #: SCP-CN-1733

Object Class: Thaumiel

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-CN-1733 is held in a safe in Area-CN-2510. All Foundation personnel may request to use the object provided they have good reason to, and are to return it after use. Personnel are not to bring SCP-CN-1733 outside of Foundation facilities.

SCP-CN-1733-1 produced during use are to be held in a telekill alloy box for 12 hours before being disposed off in any other body of water.

Description: SCP-CN-1733 is a manuscript of unknown era; its contents are in a language not used by any terrestrial civilization. The object is severely worn; its cover has been soaked in an unknown fluid and is illegible. When a human subject picks up SCP-CN-1733 while not in the presence of another human that can see the pages, its contents will appear in a language that the subject can understand, describing a ritual that can impart anomalous powers to liquids.

The ritual involves various kinetoglyphs and unknown spells; when performed following the steps shown in the object to sufficient precision, the performer is capable of transforming all bodies of water in a 20m radius into SCP-CN-1733-1. The external appearance of SCP-CN-1733-1, as well as its molecular structure and taste, are identical to normal water; however, this liquid is capable of cleansing objects of the concept given to it by the performer. This cleansing occurs immediately on contact, and typically follows various laws of physics; in addition, the concept defined as the "cleansing target" will be completely removed from the cleansed object. Following initial testing, it was determined that this effect does not affect telekill alloy.

Following tests, SCP-CN-1733-1 is effective for 12 hours; if any liquid water is added to a body of SCP-CN-1733-1 during its effective period, this effective period will reset. If within 12 hours no new liquid water is added, all SCP-CN-1733-1 produced by the user will return back to normal water.

Following this, the user will forget all information relating to the ritual; all memories of the ritual instructions will be converted to the unknown language on SCP-CN-1733. Visual records of the ritual are considered to not be effective, as the ritual will lose its effect after the user forgets about it, and the same or a different user will not be able to produce any effect using the recorded ritual.

Discovery: SCP-CN-1733 was discovered by Class D personnel during cleaning of SCP-173's containment chamber on 2020/1/1, covered in the feces and blood secreted by the statue. During the following tests, Site-19 researchers caused personnel losses due to poor handling of SCP-CN-1733. In view of the unknown language used in the object's contents and its ability to produce anomalous water, as well as the fact that Site-19 did not have an archaeology or tactical theology department, the object was transferred to Area-CN-2510 for investigation.

Testing Log: The following tests were conducted using an open telekill container of water.

Addendum: SCP-CN-1733-1's long-term effects on the human body have been seen as isolated and active; it has been determined that the object will not cause harmful effects when carefully used. Due to SCP-CN-1733's anomalous qualities, it has been classified Thaumiel for further research.

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