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Item #: SCP-CN-176

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-CN-176 is to be kept in Standard Humanoid Containment Cell No. 7 at Site-CN-91. No other special containment procedure is required.

Description: SCP-CN-176 appears as a 46 year old male human, standing 174 cm tall, weighing 76 kg. The second-generation identification card held by the subject identifies the name of the subject as ██. The subject was abandoned after birth in ████ Orphanage, ██ Municipality, China, and worked in the aforementioned orphanage from his middle school graduation until containment.

The main anomaly associated with the subject is its ability to transform a part of its body into food items commonly perceived as “snacks”. The following is a log of such transformations:

Body parts Corresponding snack
Fingers Wafer sticks; composition similar to products of brand ██
Head Cotton candy; composition identical to products of brand ███
Arms Baguettes; ingredients include flour, water, yeast and salt, all non-anomalous
Toes Hawthorn products; composition identical to guo dan pi1 of brand ███
Shins Chocolate bars; composition non-anomalous

The subject can consciously transform part of the body into snacks documented above, the process of which, as of the date of writing, has not been known. Immediately after transformation, if the piece of snack was ingested when still attached to the body, the subject experiences corresponding pain. The subject has the ability to decide to detach the transformed body part or to retain it. After detachment, the corresponding part of the subject regenerates rapidly. Ingestion of the snack at this stage results in no feeling of pain by the subject. The subject can only attempt transformation on one of its body parts once per hour.

The subject states that its anomalous ability came from its childhood. Containment of the subject was established in an accident, after which it was transferred to Site-CN-91 for analysis.

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