Item#: CN-1780
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:


Image found in SCP-CN-1780's bag during containment

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-CN-1780 is contained in a Standard Humanoid Containment Chamber in Site-CN-29, with at least two armed guards monitoring it at all times.

The containment chamber is equipped with:

  • One pink single bed
  • One Mattel Barbie doll set
  • One pink blanket
  • One brown teddy bear
  • One children's sketch pad, to be renewed weekly

SCP-CN-1780 is mostly cooperative with Foundation personnel as long as sufficient food, sketch pads, toys and entertainment is provided. Under no circumstances is SCP-CN-1780 allowed to leave its holding cell.

If a CN1780/S event occurs, all affected personnel are to "freeze" for at least 5 seconds.

Description: SCP-CN-1780 appears to be a roughly 10 year old1Asian female, with a height of 1.38 m and a weight of 30.5 kg, with black hair and brown eyes, capable of communication in Chinese.

Under typical conditions, SCP-CN-1780 is extremely docile; however, when it experiences a sudden change in emotional state2, there is a high chance of an CN1780/S event occurring.

All human subjects in SCP-CN-1780's vision will be affected in event of an CN1780/S event. When such an event occurs, SCP-CN-1780 will express great happiness3, and will count up to three in Chinese as a warning over three seconds. If an affected person does not "freeze" at the end of the count, all affected subjects' biological matter will be anomalously reorganized into lignin structures.
In all recorded tests and incidents, "freezing" entails:

  • Not physically changing in position for 5 seconds
  • No part of the body visibly moving for 5 seconds
  • Maintaining heart rate under 108 bpm for 5 seconds

Whether these are caused by possible reality-warping abilities in SCP-CN-1780 is pending further investigation.

Origin: After several missing person incidents in a kindergarten in ██████ District, ███████ City, █████████ Province, China caught Foundation attention on 2006/04/0█, agents were dispatched to the scene; the first group of agents were lost due to the anomalous effects of the object. On 4/27, the third containment attempt successfully transferred the object to Site-CN-29. When contained, the subject was 5 years of age. The subject is now being raised in Foundation custody.

Interview Log CN1780-A1

Interviewer: Dr. Shang Jiayuan, Site-CN-29
Interviewee: SCP-CN-1780

Interview Date: 2010/05/02

[Begin Recording]

Dr. Shang: Hi there!

SCP-CN-1780: Hello, sir.

Dr. Shang: My name is Shang Jiayuan. What's your name?

SCP-CN-1780: My name is…

(silence, 17 s)

SCP-CN-1780: Oh, I remember, my name is Zhang ███yuan.

Dr. Shang: That's a nice name.

SCP-CN-1780: Thank you, sir.

Dr. Shang: ███yuan, you went to [REDACTED] kindergarten, right?

SCP-CN-1780: Um… yes?

Dr. Shang: What happened to your friends?

SCP-CN-1780: They didn't follow the rules! They were supposed to be playing with me! (emotions becoming unstable)

Dr. Shang: (taking out lollipop) I have some lollipops, if you answer these questions, you can have one.

SCP-CN-1780: (emotions stabilizing) Alright!

Dr. Shang: What game were you playing?

SCP-CN-1780: (silence, 30 s)

Dr. Shang: Oh, I'm sorry. That was a strange question.

SCP-CN-1780: We were playing a game.

Dr. Shang: Were your mom and dad there?

SCP-CN-1780: We were just playing! My mom and dad were there!

Dr. Shang: And what about your teachers?

SCP-CN-1780: The teachers didn't let us play. But in the end they played too! And then… and then… (silence)

Dr. Shang: And then?

SCP-CN-1780: They didn't follow the rules, so they lost! (emotions becoming unstable)

Dr. Shang: Here, teddy bear!

SCP-CN-1780: (throws teddy bear to the ground) They left me behind! They never played with me! I just wanted to play! (standing up)

Dr. Shang: (into transceiver) [REDACTED], object becoming unstable, requesting to end the test! I repeat, object— fuck, there's no goddamn signal!

SCP-CN-1780: Come on, play with me!

Dr. Shang: Um, I don't know how to play!

SCP-CN-1780: One…

Dr. Shang: (into transceiver) [REDACTED], object becoming unstable, requesting… fuck, don't come near me!!

SCP-CN-1780: Two..

Dr. Shang: Help! Fucking help!

SCP-CN-1780: Three! Wooden men!4

(Dr. Shang turns to wood.)

SCP-CN-1780: Sir? Why aren't you playing? Sir…!

[End Recording]

When Foundation personnel arrived, SCP-CN-1780 was in the corner quietly playing with a toy bear. Dr. Shang Jiayuan is confirmed dead.

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