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Item #: SCP-CN-1835

Object Class: Euclid

Threat Level: Orange

Special Containment Procedures: As SCP-CN-1835 cannot currently be destroyed or moved by any means and displays instability and random occurrence, the Foundation has purchased the location and placed it under the management of Site-CN-09. An isolation zone consisting of a dense region of cameras with no light sources has been established around the location of the anomaly. If any unknown entity damages the cameras, two maintenance personnel are to be dispatched, accompanied by one member of MTF-己亥-55 ("Shadows Driving Out Light"), stationed at Site-CN-09, to carry out maintenance. During the repair process, the contents of CN-1835 Special Situation Handbook should be followed closely; if any humanoid entity is discovered, all personnel should immediately leave the isolation zone.



Description: SCP-CN-1835 is an anomalous location in Guizhou Province, People's Republic of China, appearing to be a 65 m long, 30 m wide spanning bridge; it is similar to other bridges in terms of use and material. During the period between 01:30 am and 01:45 am, the anomalous properties of the object will manifest.


An image of SCP-CN-1835-A rapidly moving through SCP-CN-1835's isolation zone, captured by cameras in 20██

When a subject moves above the anomaly, there is a chance that it will trigger the anomalous effect; the subject and a young female (SCP-CN-1835-A) 171 cm in height will play a game of "hide and seek", and play the roles of "hider" and "seeker"; experimental data has shown that there is a 91.3% chance SCP-CN-1835-A plays the "seeker" role; otherwise, in the remaining 8.7% of cases, the tester has a chance of seeing many incomprehensible objects and hearing a burst of [COGNITOHAZARD REMOVED]an unknown piece by the Syncope Symphony

At this point, the affected entity will ignore all requests for them to stop, barring being [DATA EXPUNGED]; the result of the hide-and-seek with SCP-CN-1835-A will result in one of the following situations. When SCP-CN-1835-A plays the role of the "seeker", as the affected subject is playing the "hider" role, after completing SCP-CN-1835-A's requests, the subject will be biologically unaffected, but will fall asleep for 24 hours and [COGNITOHAZARD REMOVED]claim to have seen four people standing around them

Following this, the subject's personality and self-awareness will change drastically; the most prominent change being the subject's understanding and mastery of music.

Interview Log:

Description: An █████, female, 28 years of age, mistakenly entered SCP-CN-1835 in 20██
Interviewee: An █████
Interviewer: Agent Lee

<Begin Interview>

(Both parties enter the room and sit down.)

An: I know it's because of those things I said on the internet that you came, Officer, but that was just nonsense I spouted while drunk.

Lee: Oh, I'm not actually a police officer. I only wanted to ask about that time you wandered onto that bridge in 20██.

An: Oh, then who are you? Why are you under the guise of a policeman?

Lee: I'm sorry, I don't think I can tell you that.

An: Alright then. (gives a look of disdain) What would you like to ask?

Lee: Alright, Ms. An, I would like to ask what happened the day you wandered onto that bridge.

An: Not much. I just got drunk that day, and suddenly found myself looking at a girl younger than me by about ten years. She wanted me to play a game of hide and seek with her. I don't know why, but I agreed, and then after that my vision changed into another world, it was like… (interrupted)

Lee: You're saying "she" wanted you to play hide and seek, and after that what you saw changed? What did it look like?

An: Ah… even though it was dark then, a patch of light appeared from behind me, the whole bridge was like those bridges from children's tales and anime, like… how do I say it, it was very girly, and I heard some music that got stuck in my head. She was like a young child, I still remember seeing she was carrying a [COGNITOHAZARD REMOVED]Kirk Lonwood High School [COGNITOHAZARD HIDDEN]


An: What I say is true, in the end, you can guess, a whole bunch of people dressedi n strange outfits came out by her side; there were around ten or fifteen of them. And the music I heard became a piercing metallic sound; I was already getting dizzy, and that sound gave me a big shock.

Lee: It was sudden? And "she" was still wet?

An: Probably, I don't quite remember. After that I was shocked dizzy, and when I woke up the next day I was already at home having slept for about a day.

Lee: Slept for about a day? And what did you dream about?

An: I dreamed about…(thinking[COGNITOHAZARD REMOVED]Four people, standing by my side, I don't think they had faces. And then, there was nothing.

Lee: Is that all?

An: Yes. And in that case, get the fuck out of my house. (Video feed forcibly stopped.)

<End Interview>

I cannot meet you again, but I can listen to that melody with you. It's starting, can't you hear it? Ah, isn't this [COGNITOHAZARD HIDDEN]

Addendum 1: In 20██, the corpse of a 16-year-old female was discovered under the water near SCP-CN-1835. Following Foundation forensic analysis, it is suggested that the female jumped into the river, committing suicide by drowning. In addition, a [COGNITOHAZARD REMOVED] was found in the river.1970's accordion [COGNITOHAZARD HIDDEN]

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