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Item #: SCP-CN-1837

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: The lock containing SCP-CN-1837 and its holding computer is to be checked and the password updated every 24 hours. The main and backup power supply units of the holding computer are to be checked every week in order to prevent failure and deterioration. SCP-CN-1837's internal storage must be fully cleared and formatted every 30 minutes; this is to be performed by an AI within the containment facility and must be supervised with direct visual oversight by two members of Foundation personnel. The USB port into which SCP-CN-1837 is plugged in must be parallel to the ground.



SCP-CN-1837 copying data

SCP-CN-1837 is a USB flash drive produced in Japan; date of manufacture is unknown. Whenever SCP-CN-1837 is inserted into the USB port of a powered-on computer, SCP-CN-1837 will automatically begin copying and storing files from the computer's storage; until all data has been copied, the data transfer rate depends on the version of the USB protocol supported by the port. In addition, whenever SCP-CN-1837 is removed from the USB port by any human subject via direct physical contact, SCP-CN-1837 will perform a semicircular slicing attack with the USB port as the starting point and going parallel to the USB port's direction.

SCP-CN-1837's slice will completely cut through any object in its path and separate the cut object into left and right segments separated by between 5 cm and 10 m, depending on the size of the cut object.

The size of SCP-1837's slicing attack is determined by the total amount of information within SCP-CN-1837. SCP-CN-1837's attack radius is 1 m when completely formatted with no data, and this radius increases by 1 mm for each bit of data stored within SCP-CN-1837. The largest recorded volume of data ever stored within SCP-CN-1837 to date is currently 4.2 billion TB, and no upper limit to SCP-CN-1837's storage has been discovered.

If SCP-CN-1837 is not inserted into a functioning USB slot by direct human contact 600 seconds after being unplugged, it will automatically make a spatial movement, appearing in the USB slot of the nearest active data and beginning to copy data autonomously.

If, prior to removing SCP-CN-1837 with one's hands, the "Safely Remove Hardware and Eject Media" option is selected on the computer and the message "The 'USB Mass Storage Device' device can now be safely removed from the computer." is shown on the screen, SCP-CN-1837 can be removed from the computer without producing the slicing effect.

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