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Item Number: SCP-CN-1864

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The intelligence department of the foundation will monitor the content related to SCP-CN-1864 on all social networks. Every day, all personnel above level 3 in the intelligence department screen the information, and save the information that correctly describes the contents of SCP-CN-1864 in the [DATA EXPUNGED] database, and dispatch Mobile Task Force MTF-Wuyin-15 "Broken Wing Dragonfly" to conduct correlation Class A amnestics involving personnel, remaining information stored in [REDACTED].

Description:SCP-CN-1864 is a special curse ceremony. Curse targets can be people or places. The sacrificial ritual may cause human death, natural disaster or other negative effects. Usually, the ritual requires extremely high props. To perform the SCP-CN-1864 ritual, you need a piece of paper with the target of the curse written on it, a recurved obsidian knife of a specific shape, a set of four paintings with specific patterns drawn by the blood of girls under the age of 18, and a pair of bat wings , two poisonous fangs of the Green Bamboo Snake, and a copper teapot of a specific shape.
The ceremony is performed as follows:

  • The caster holds an obsidian knife in his left hand, and penetrates the four paintings from the center one by one in a certain order.
  • Put the batwing and snake teeth into the copper pot.
  • Place the broken four paintings on any flat surface from bottom to top in order of penetration.
  • The caster holds the obsidian knife in his left hand, and places the copper pot on the painting with his right hand, with the spout pointing to the east.
  • The caster draws any amount of blood from any part of the body with an obsidian knife and splashes it on the copper pot.
  • The caster speaks the phrase "[REDACTED]" in any language.

At this point, the ceremony is complete. The cursed target will have effects such as death, natural disasters, etc. within a three-day to one-week interval.

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