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Item #: SCP-CN-1920 4/CN-1920
Object Class: Euclid CLASSIFIED

Threat Level: Yellow

Lightest injury out of those sustained by all SCP-CN-1920 victims. Content warning: blood.

Special Containment Procedures: All entrances to Research Area C-02 in the West Wing of Site-CN-82-γ have been sealed, and personnel without clearance are to be informed of the cover story "high-level research project". To prevent unnecessary panic, all information relating to this anomaly are classified 4/CN-1920; until better means of dealing with the anomaly surface, unauthorized access to the anomaly is prohibited.

All personnel in the quarantine zone, regardless of their security clearance or position, are to be immediately brought into isolation and questioned. If the subject presents any physical defects the next time they awaken, an occupational injury assessment is to be carried out immediately and a decision is to be made based on the intensity of the damage; personnel who do not show signs of the anomalous effect are to be administered amnestics and returned to their positions. Note that the above containment procedures are to be carried out under the strictest secrecy.

Description: SCP-CN-1920 is one or multiple non-physical anomalies located in Research Area C-02 in the West Wing of Site-CN-82-γ, which were first noticed on 2020/1/4. The anomaly can only be described by those who have been affected by it; according to their descriptions, it is mainly black in the shape of letters, with deep red outlines constantly producing mist. Humans entering this area may lead to the anomaly taking effect; other organisms and inorganic objects do not cause the anomaly to take effect.

Once the anomaly is triggered, the subject will encounter the following phenomena, which cannot be alleviated or removed by any means:

  • Human faces momentarily appearing in the subject's peripheral vision.
  • When alone in a room, sounds of unknown source will be heard from behind, but when the subject turns around to look for the source of the sound, the sounds will stop. Currently reported sounds include: deep breathing, children laughing, knocking, and indistinct whispering.
  • Constant nightmares when sleeping; nightmares consist of being in a dark, cramped room with dust and spider webs everywhere; the outfitting of the room varies. No windows or light sources are present, but the interior of the room is still visible. During interviews, all subjects claimed to see the rotting corpse of a baby in the center of the room, with no wounds visible. Of note is that the face of the baby is extremely similar to that of the subject at that age.

When the subject awakens from sleep for the first time after coming under the anomaly's effect, the subject will suffer physical harm from an unknown source; this harm is typically severe, and can even be life-threatening.

Addendum CN-1920-1: Record of all victims of SCP-CN-1920
Victim SCP-CN-1920 Shape Result
Chen Xinghe Щ Right femur cut into 24 parts
Nehemiah Θ, Ю Cut appeared on back of left hand, 8 cm in length, 0.5 cm deep
Liang Xuan q, x, ж, j Both eyes gouged out
D-7745 Ø Skull contracted, causing overflow of brain matter
D-7794 א, ၇ Carotid arteries burst
D-8716 צ, ç, [indecipherable], ည, β Apparently ceased to exist, current location if any unknown
D-████ [indecipherable], [indecipherable] [DATA EXPUNGED]

Addendum CN-1920-2:

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