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Item #: SCP-CN-1969

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-CN-1969 is to be contained in a Standard Humanoid Containment Chamber in Site-CN-21's Humanoid Containment Wing. In order to prevent unnecessary retrocausal effects, all information regarding SCP-CN-1969 is to be completely removed from the internet, and discussion of SCP-CN-1969 beyond that which is necessary for containment is prohibited. In order to maintain the existence of the anomaly, one member of Class D personnel is to insult its biological mother at least once a week, with the relevant personnel changed weekly. In order to prevent the object's retrocausal reconstruction from affecting Foundation work, the Class D personnel used in containment must undergo a strict psychological evaluation. In addition, during enactment of containment procedures, the object's biological mother must be described as "dead"1.

Altering the personal possessions and room structure of the containment chamber requires Level 4 or higher approval. SCP-CN-1969's requests have included:

  • One personal computer with internet access (denied)
  • One personal computer with no internet access, but with games installed (approved)
  • One cracked, modded version of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice (pending)
  • Web novels in .txt format (approved)
  • Works relating to Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos in .txt format (approved)

Description: SCP-CN-1969 is a Hume entity commonly referred to as a "victim of reality warping". Its usual Hume level fluctuates between 43.2 and 44.8. Its physical appearance typically manifests as a human (Homo sapiens); however, it occasionally manifests as a pig, donkey, dog, or other such animal due to its retrocausal effects. The object must constantly provoke people around it, inciting insults directed towards its biological mother, in order to retrocasually reconstruct the local reality of its past history. These insults cause its mother to be maintained in a state of "having once existed", thereby ensuring the existence of the object itself.

Prior to the object's containment, the object had posted a large quantity of provocative messages on various online platforms, causing large-scale retroactive transformation:

Platform Content Result
Baidu Tieba Creating anime-styled "fanart" of the Ebola virus and insulting people suffering from the disease One respondent was found to have a father-son relation to the object, and several respondents tested positive for AIDS
Parawatch Wiki Claimed forest fires in the Amazon Rainforest were caused by an unknown group attempting to "kill kaijus" Banned by Parawatch admins, no significant retrocausal effects
Sina Weibo Opposing █████'s territorial claims Users who responded were discovered to have been arrested several years ago for rape, intentional homicide, and desecration of the dead.
Twitter Posting insults against Parawatch Wiki A box of ashes labeled "@█████████'s mother" (@█████████ being the object's Twitter username) was discovered in low Earth orbit, which after retrieval was found to contain the object's mother's ashes
Ambrose Restaurants app Provoking arguments between users with different taste preferences EVE particle radiation around the object became erratic; a Foundation-made Kant counter was found forcibly inserted into the object's anus, following which the object was contained by the Foundation and investigations were carried out
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