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Item #: SCP-CN-1987

Object Class: Thaumiel

Special Containment Procedures: When not being tested, SCP-CN-1987 shall be placed in a locked safe. Outside of relevant personnel, staff who wish to test SCP-CN-1987 should acquire written permission.

Outdoor testing of SCP-CN-1987 is prohibited on principle.

Description: SCP-CN-1987 is a red toilet plunger with a handle measuring 50 cm. The anomalous properties of this object manifest when a human subject1 in the vicinity partakes in a meal2; at this point, SCP-CN-1987 will autonomously fly in front of the subject and cover their face, which may cause the subject to suffocate3. Besides this, SCP-CN-1987 is completely harmless.

SCP-CN-1987's flight violates the laws of physics; in addition, when the object is in flight, it cannot be damaged. When a subject activates the anomaly, SCP-CN-1987 will take the shortest path to the victim; this is typically a straight line, but the object can "intelligently" avoid any obstacles in its path. The object will continuously increase in speed while in flight; however, when the object sticks to the victim's face, its speed will instantaneously drop to zero, causing no injury to the victim, and can be normally removed afterward. Even so, it is still assumed that SCP-CN-1987 does not possess sapience.

Of note is that SCP-CN-1987's effect only activates when a victim is in the same room4; subjects outside the room will not be affected.

Discovery Log: A video relating to SCP-CN-1987 was discovered on the video sharing site ████████, in which an adult male is eating in a toilet when the plunger in the corner flies into his face without any external force. The video was discovered by Foundation webcrawlers; however, as the video had been widely spread, it was determined that amnesticization was imopssible. Through the efforts of the Media Division, the original video has been replaced with an edited video with an embedded memetic trigger, successfully dealing with a Class II Safety Hazard. Following this, the Foundation retrieved SCP-CN-1987 in ███████ City, Liaoning Province.

Attempting to use SCP-CN-1987 for "harmless office pranks" is forbidden. Violators will be dealt with accordingly. — HMCL Supervisor

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