Item #: SCP-CN-1997

Object Class: Keter Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Owing to SCP-CN-1997's extradimensional properties and the neutral nature of SCP-CN-1997-1 in anomalous society, SCP-CN-1997 cannot be fully contained at the moment. In order to maintain the phase equilibrium between SCP-CN-1997 and the baseline universe, Mobile Task Force 癸酉-10 "Boundary Priests" have entered the "Sky Wall Maintenance Committee"; in order to stabilize the phase structure of "Hong Shing", designated SCP-CN-1997-1, as a pivotal point for phase equilibrium. Given that the phase equilibrium between SCP-CN-1997 and the baseline universe is relatively stable, there is no need for excessive monitoring of SCP-CN-1997 itself.

Based on SCP-CN-1997's environment, personnel entering SCP-CN-1997 are to wear Class IV or higher protective wear or equivalent equipment originating from SCP-CN-1997, and are to undergo basic thaumatological training. Sustenance obtained within SCP-CN-1997 must undergo thaumatological cleansing before consumption; personnel who consume unprocessed food originating within SCP-CN-1997 are considered to be lost, and other personnel have full authorization to execute them.

Following the "Two Phases Agreement", Foundation personnel are to provide suitable protective gear originating from SCP-CN-1997 to residents of SCP-CN-1997 entering the baseline universe through Hong Shing; specific procedures are to be implemented and maintained by officers with 3/CN-1997 clearance stationed at the Hong Shing Police Division of the Hong Kong Police Force. Site-CN-71 shall also pay close attention to anomalous and non-anomalous communities in Hong Kong, specifically incidents of high doses of radiation near entrances and exits to SCP-CN-1997, and return SCP-CN-1997 natives not wearing protective gear to their homeworld.

Description: SCP-CN-1997 is a parallel reality adjacent to the baseline universe on the phase plane1; its approach towards baseline reality between the 1950s and 1970s is thought to be the source of major reality interference leading to repeated EVE waves and reality-shocks in the Greater China region. There is no way to enter SCP-CN-1997 from the baseline universe except through SCP-CN-1997-1.

SCP-CN-1997's atmosphere is largely identical to ours; however, the standard concentration of EVE energy is 35 times higher in SCP-CN-1997 than in baseline reality. Humans residing within SCP-CN-1997 have largely similar biological structure to those in the baseline universe; however, they possess high resistance to radiation and can induce radiation within their bodies to resonate with nearby EVE, allowing thaumatological abilities similar to those of "religious" Type Blue humanoid entities. Autopsy of deceased individuals has revealed that their lower abdomen possesses a spherical organ capable of inducing ionizing radiation2, which is thought to be the origin of their thaumatological abilities. As a result of the "Two Phases Agreement", live testing on SCP-CN-1997 natives has not been authorized.

In addition, it has been determined that multiple humanoid species with small populations evolved from various animals exist within SCP-CN-1997. Further information is classified 4/CN-1997.


City streets within SCP-CN-1997, photographed during initial exploration.

The people of SCP-CN-1997 have developed several cultures and nations, which have the following in common:
  • A common theistic religion, believing that before the birth of the current civilization humanity was ruled by a race of gods, which fell in an event known as the "Twilight of the Gods", leaving behind numerous artifacts and a "gift" for the remaining humans.
  • The use of Chinese characters and Mandarin Chinese as the official script and language. English is viewed as the language of the "Era of the Gods", only known to a few groups and people.
  • The development of using ionizing radiation3 as a source of energy, giving rise to the thaumatological society within SCP-CN-1997. It has been determined that many SCP objects found in the baseline universe are actually creations of SCP-CN-1997 residents; see Addendum 2.
  • Some technology of the baseline universe has been understood by the people of SCP-CN-1997, and is referred to as "the relics of the gods" and "magic", and are kept in secret by various groups; see Addendum 3.
  • A heavy reliance on "divine energy"; SCP-CN-1997 maintains a constant high level of ionizing radiation using various methods, including the technology of baseline reality. All organisms and bodies of water in SCP-CN-1997 are considered to be lethal to baseline humans due to the degree of radiation sustained.

SCP-CN-1997 is constantly approaching the baseline universe on the phase plane level, causing repeated EVE waves and reality shocks in the baseline universe. As the phase interference between the baseline universe and SCP-CN-1997 could incur a Öß-Class "Multi-Universal Amalgamation" scenario, SCP-CN-1997 was initially classified Keter. However, as the mutual approach of SCP-CN-1997 and the baseline universe was suddenly stopped on 1973/10/10, following which the interference also stopped, SCP-CN-1997 was reclassified Euclid. The Dimensional Research Department soon detected the presence of SCP-CN-1997-1, and determined that its presence was preventing SCP-CN-1997 from further approaching the baseline universe.

SCP-CN-1997-1 is a small-scale extradimensional space located between the baseline universe and SCP-CN-1997 on the phase plane level, overlapping Hong Kong, China in the baseline universe in terms of physical location, and can be accessed by various entrances located throughout the Kowloon Peninsula and the New Territories area4. SCP-CN-1997-1's geographical environment is identical to that of Hong Kong, but the direction of the magnetic field is rotated 90 degrees to point west. Most currently known entrances to SCP-CN-1997 are located in the east of SCP-CN-1997-15. More information about SCP-CN-1997-1 can be found in Addendum 4.

SCP-CN-1997-1 has currently been confirmed to be the cause of the cessation of interference between SCP-CN-1997 and the baseline universe; on the phase plane level, SCP-CN-1997-1 repels both the baseline universe and SCP-CN-1997, preventing their mutual approach. As such, in order to prevent further interference, the maintenance of SCP-CN-1997-1's structural stability has been made the main focus of Foundation containment of SCP-CN-1997.

WARNING: The following documents are classified 3/CN-1997

Personnel without 3/CN-1997 clearance accessing these documents will be recorded and disciplined accordingly.

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