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Item #: SCP-CN-1999

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-CN-1999 cannot currently be contained; continued observation of SCP-CN-1999 is to continue in order to determine the pattern of its occurrence. As the observable radius of SCP-CN-1999 is extremely large, the feasibility of amnesticization is low. As such, front companies are to falsely claim that these are "special activities" or "high-tech projections".

Description: SCP-CN-1999 is an unknown entity located in the sky above the Earth, which will at an unclear time appear in a random part of the sky, and after a period of time disappear. At any given time, at least 3 SCP-CN-1999 manifestations will be ongoing on Earth. SCP-CN-1999's height is unclear; all devices located on the surface or at low altitudes can observe SCP-CN-1999 above them; however, higher-altitude devices such as satellites are unable to perceive the anomaly.

The shape of SCP-CN-1999 differs between manifestations. Previously observed manifestations include floating locations or creatures found in various cultural traditions and legends, various flying containers, stars and planets both fictional and real, and strangely shaped clouds. SCP-CN-1999's shape appears to be somewhat correlated with more well known popular culture1, and with the main culture of the area in which it occurs (typically a country or cultural sphere)2. Regardless of the shape of the manifestation, SCP-CN-1999 appears to be approximately 10 km wide.

Under normal circumstances, when SCP-CN-1999 manifests in the sky, it will not make any major movements or actions. It is theorized that SCP-CN-1999 is a large-scale projection; however, the accumulated historical records, artworks and Abnormality Institute records indicate that this is not a modern phenomenon. Based on the Abnormality Institute's records, its manifestation in ancient times was higher, and often manifested in the form of objects of worship.

It is currently unknown whether SCP-CN-1999 possesses other anomalous properties or effects; the possibility of an intelligent, telepathic or mind-affecting phenomenon is not to be ruled out. Based on an online survey, 10% of subjects thought the phenomenon was "scary", while over 70% considered it "romantic" or "fantastic", and indicated that they thought positively of it.

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