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Item #: SCP-CN-200

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-CN-200 is to be contained in a location suitable for fragile goods, such that it is protected from physical damage due to strong vibrations. Nearby food is to be kept at least 80 m from SCP-CN-200. All Level 2 and higher personnel are permitted to perform regular and contact tests with SCP-CN-200, but must refrain from bringing comestibles into the region to avoid affecting the test. Testing involving SCP-CN-200 and comestibles may only performed with the approval of at least one member of Level 4 management.

Description; SCP-CN-200 appears to be a set of clay dolls, of which 27 are currently contained. Differences between individual instances are minimal, and each measures 20 x 17 x 30 cm. Expressions, clothing and accessories are depicted through painting on the dolls' surfaces, and are different between each instance.

When food intended for human consumption comes within 80 m of SCP-CN-200, a randomly selected portion of the instances will transform into 4 to 6-year-old Asian children (SCP-CN-200-1); their clothing and facial features correspond to their appearance as clay dolls. SCP-CN-200-1 will consume the food and express positive emotion. If the food item is in another person's possession, SCP-CN-200-1 will ask to have the food, and if denied, will express either sadness or anger (depending on the instance). After consuming the food or failing to obtain it, SCP-CN-200-1 will once again take the form of a clay doll and return to its original location, with its expression identical to the expression of SCP-CN-200-1. No additional effects related to the dolls' expression are known. Outside of offering food, all other attempts at communication have failed.

Many members of personnel who have made contact with SCP-CN-200 express that when they are alone near the object, their work is troubled by harmless annoyances such as containers falling, accidentally dropping personal items, or momentary technical issues. Dr. █████ ██████ has proposed that this is related to SCP-CN-200; however, Researcher ███ ██ has claimed that these phenomena are coincidental or random. Further notes can be found in Dr. █████'s research notes (see Addendum B).

The first confirmed record of SCP-CN-200 occurred in 19██, in ██████ City, China (see Addendum A). According to local traditions, SCP-CN-200 in clay form were thought to be able to bring good growth to newlywed couples. Rumors of strange children requesting food continue to circulate in the area even today. In view of SCP-CN-200's status as an object of veneration in the area, it is thought that there remain uncontained instances of SCP-CN-200.

Addendum A

Dr. █████ ██████: Based on these records, we can confirm that SCP-CN-200 can be damaged in the same manner as ordinary clay statues; as SCP-CN-200 retrieval operations operate on a long cycle, we are certain that this work has not completed. 20██/██/██

19██/██/██, ██████ City, Agent ██ █████: The first person to discover SCP-CN-200-1 was a street hawker selling box lunches from a cart. Upon passing through a low-income area, an SCP-CN-200-1 instance manifested and requested food. The hawker provided one meal, but upon being told to provide payment, the instance expressed conflicting feelings and ran into a nearby house. The hawker entered the house and discovered a destitute middle-aged woman, who stated that her husband had died long ago and they had no children. Following this, the hawker discovered the instance of SCP-CN-200 as a clay statue in the corner, and in shock smashed the object. Some of the food provided was found among the remains.

Based on later questioning of the woman (both she and the hawker were administered Class B amnestics), it is understood that SCP-CN-200 was obtained for a fee in a locally well-known temple. We quickly went to the temple for investigation and obtained 14 instances of SCP-CN-200; however, we did not find the source of the objects, nor their means of production. In the following three months of work, we obtained a further 6 from local residents.

Addendum B

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The number of SCP-CN-200-1 produced seems to correspond to the time since the last "feeding". If the time between two "feedings" is relatively long, there will be more SCP-CN-200-1 manifesting in the latter "feeding". The most we've seen so far is 22, after 6 months. They also manifest in greater numbers if food is provided during typical meal times (breakfast, lunch, dinner).
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SCP-CN-200 instances seem to only react to food intended for immediate human consumption. Chinese food, fast food, Western food and even airplane meals have activated the effect, but raw ingredients (raw meat and raw grain cereals, etc.) do not. Food that has been poisoned or otherwise contains harmful substances that take immediate effect also do not activate the anomaly.
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Based on ultrasonic testing, each SCP-CN-200 contains a cavity, which is filled after food is provided. Based on the information in Addendum A and the recent barium swallow test, food provided does in fact enter the cavity. The food disappears after approximately 24 hours; where it goes is unknown. All destructive testing, even to find out the form of the food after consumption, has been denied unless new SCP-CN-200 have been received.
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With regards to the mild inconveniences personnel experience near SCP-CN-200, I suggest further investigation. However, Researcher ███ ██ insists that not all personnel will experience these phenomena, and that this is simply related to the person's psychological state and random occurrence. As such, the investigation I have proposed has not begun.
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