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Item #: SCP-CN-2000-J

Object Class: Thaumiel

Special Containment Procedures: Different components of SCP-CN-2000-J are kept in different sites of the Foundation and its Branches respectively according to their specific situations. Only Foundation personnel are allowed to access and use SCP-CN-2000-J.

Due to the properties of the items, there is no need to set up security procedures to prevent SCP-CN-2000-J from being recovered by non-Foundation Group of Interests. It is assumed that the average intelligence level of their members is not enough to utilize SCP-CN-2000-J correctly.

However, due to the austere manner and humble principal of the Foundation, the application of SCP-CN-2000-J should be kept under strict control to prevent the object's recovery by other groups of interest.

Description: SCP-CN-2000-J is the collective designation of several Foundation-made black-technology products, which exceed the current level of human technology between twenty (20) to a hundred thousand (100,000) years. SCP-CN-2000-J fully corresponds to the objective physical laws, but only Foundation researchers have sufficient intelligence level and knowledge reserve to understand the working principle behind it.

Let me tell you once again, there's no doubt that SCP-CN-2000-J is scientific technology! No reasons needed, that's how Foundation's doctors are so badass!
— Dr. T█m Long

SCP-CN-2000-J includes the following components:

SCP-CN-2000-J-1: D-class Generator

When SCP-CN-2000-J-1 is plugged into a 220V domestic power source, the object will output a batch of D-class personnel. This procedure does not require any materials. It will generate 2,000 D-class personnel in 24 hours when operating at full capacity. Size and details of the production can be customized according to user's requirement, such as: D-class with assessed disposition to violence and criminal record, D-class for feeding the giant lizard, D-class that has been traumatized mentally in childhood and ran a rough course of true love when grown-up and lost her husband and children in accident so got the ASPD and being arrested and jailed due to her crimes and finally be chosen by the Foundation for experimental purpose, and D-class specified for monthly termination.

What did you think why the Foundation can terminate 10,000 D-class personnel each month that easily?
— O5-CN-██

SCP-CN-2000-J-2: Parallel World Generator

Used for generating parallel worlds that share the same physical law with current time-space or not. Developed in order to let various disasters, end of the world scenarios and universals destruction that contradicts with each other unfold at the same time without conflicts.

Different from similar products of poor quality, this component is able to implement dimensional attack that reduces three-dimensional objects into two-dimensional. It also has various advantages such as short operating time, wide affecting area and strong operability.

I know you have some doubts on why Shanghai was destroyed 20 times by different reasons in one day. There is no problem. We have generated ███ parallel worlds to satisfy the requirement. And I must emphasize that we are using it in restraint. Do you know how frequently the Japanese branch uses SCP-CN-2000-J-2? Know that how many times Tokyo has been destroyed by aliens, Kaijus, geological disasters, and high-school students?!
— O5-CN-██

SCP-CN-2000-J-3: Aura Force Field Generator for the Foundation's Doctors

A portable generator that can generate an unknown force field. This generator can protect the user from any damage of biological, chemical, physical, memetic, reality-bending, timeline, and the law of causality nature.

That's why Foundation's doctors can face any dangerous SCP like a boss. Hard-to-Destroy Reptile? We are the Hard-to-Destroy ones!
— Dr. T█m Long

SCP-CN-2000-J-4: Object Regenerator

A machine that can regenerate any broken or lost object, with four models:

SCP-CN-2000-J-4-A: Human Regenerator: Regenerates human and their memory in batch. It can regenerate whole human society on a continent in five (5) minutes.

SCP-CN-2000-J-4-B: Earth Regenerator: Regenerates the Earth from any damage, including the function of biosphere recovery. This processing usually requires █ minutes only. Moreover, according to the memorize and hysteresis effects of the component, it could still provide the energy for subsequent recovery or regenerate again when the power source was cut off.

SCP-CN-2000-J-4-S: Cosmos Regenerator: Regenerates a destroyed universe by a big bang, performed by highly compressing all the matter into one point and heating it to extreme temperature. The process is broken down as follows:
0.01 second after activation: the temperature reaches 1,000,000,000,000K, particles required for regenerating the universe such as photons, electrons, neutrinos, protons, neutrons and so on, have been generated. The system of thermal equilibrium is rapidly expanding, temperature and density are declining.
0.1 second after activation: the temperature drops to 3,000K, neutral atoms have formed by chemical combination. Gravitational activity has generated to agglomerate gaseous substances into high-density intergalactic clouds, stars, and stellar systems.
1 second after activation: according to the memorize function of the component, the galaxies, stars, dust, and vacuum that duplicate the original universe has been generated in a moment, including all of the details such as the probability cloud of fundemental particles.

SCP-CN-2000-J-4-EX: Rules Regenerator: Monitors the occurrence of space-time distortion by observing gravitational waves at the observation point. When the rules are tampered with, the distorted physical law, timeline, and law of causality can be repaired by the method of changing the scale of space and time in the speed of light. All of the twists of reality can be recovered perfectly. This component can completely restrain the anomalous individuals called "Chunibyo Primary Students"

End of the world? Haha.
— O5-CN-██

SCP-CN-2000-J-5: Multipurpose Black Technological Weapon of the Foundation

In its inactive state, SCP-CN-2000-J-5 is a picture of the general icon of the Foundation; once activated, it can transform into different weapons according to present requirement, including: Gordon Freeman's Crowbar, Dagger, Infinite ammo pistol, Rifle, Sniper Rifle, Sub-machine Gun, Flamethrower, Grenade, Flashbang, Molotov Cocktail, Mortar, Tank, Jet Fighter, Fleet Girl Destroyer, Nuclear Submarine, Carrier, Space Cruiser, Laser Gun, High-energy Particle-beam Launcher, Nuclear Bomb, Antimatter Annihilator, Schwert Gewehr, Fin Funnel, Level 5 Rail Gun, Positron Blaster Cannon, Star Destroyer, Adamantium Claws, Batman Suit (including Batarang, mask, belt, and Kryptonite for punching Clark), Ironman Armour, Mjölnir, Blades of chaos, Frostmourne, Magical Girl Special Forces Transformer, Master Ball, Gundam, EVA Unit 01, Android 16, Kamehameha Launcher, SUPER TENGEN TOPPA GURREN LAGANN, Saber for beating Able, and Bat for strike 682 a home run.

That's how the Foundation was able to kill 076 over 233 times and contained wild 682 over 998 times.
— Foundation Agent ██, asked not to be identified

In addition, SCP-CN-2000-J-5 in Mainland China is able to transform into the following weapons: Qilin Arm, Ruyi Bang, Pangu Axe, Men-making Clay used by Nüwa, ████████ School's Parallel Worlds Traveler Suit, Harmony Generator, Ultra Foundation Arms with Chinese characteristics, Psychological Weaponry from online video website with real-time commentary in the form of MAD Video, Keyboard Fighter's keyboard and "ANIMAL DRAWING ONLY" Memetic Weapon.

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