> PARANOI#51325
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Logging in…

Login successful. Welcome, Agent Dusk. What would you like to do?

> access SCP-CN-2019


We have always been here.

Item #: SCP-CN-2019

Object Class: Drygioni

Special Containment Procedures: Besides this document, no other information on SCP-CN-2019 has been gathered; as such, the veracity of this document requires investigation. MTF-戊辰-9 "Array Sequence" is currently searching for further information regarding SCP-CN-2019 in Site-CN-82's administrative area.

Description: SCP-CN-2019 is an anomalous phenomenon, thought to be related to the former Site-CN-82-α; following the completion of Site-CN-82-α, personnel within the facility have experienced varying levels of visual and auditory hallucinations:

  • Indiscernible whispering
  • Black silhouettes constantly moving, yet possessing no mass or reaction to thermal radiation
  • Constant low-intensity reality reconstruction
  • "Dusk."

The above phenomena have not been confirmed on security footage.

Discovery: SCP-CN-2019 was first discovered by Agent Dusk, who claimed that she could hear her deceased husband within the Site. Agent Dusk committed suicide a day later.

> back

What happened? I need to sort out my memories…

> access SCP-CN-2019


SCP-CN-2019 coverup facility.

Item #: SCP-CN-2019

Object Class: Drygioni

Special Containment Procedures: MTF-戊辰-9 "Array Sequence" is currently searching for relevant Antimemetics Division Chinese Branch information within Site-CN-82's administrative area. This task has been postponed indefinitely. The Foundation does not have an Antimemetics Division.

Description: SCP-CN-2019 is the Chinese Branch of the Foundation's Antimemetics Division, located at Site-CN-82-α. It is thought that this group has suffered a devastating attack, and its personnel have been converted into various imperceptible organisms.

> back

Not right. Not enough. I need to find more information.

> access SCP-CN-2019


Site-CN-82-α coverup facility; occurrence of the anomaly drastically increases in this area.

Item #: SCP-CN-2019

Object Class: Drygioni

Special Containment Procedures: MTF-戊辰-9 "Array Sequence" is currently searching for further information regarding SCP-CN-2019 in Site-CN-82's administrative area as well as Foundation deepwell databases. Before confirming the veracity of the anomaly, the Foundation will not take further measures. As the only person with knowledge of Incident 82θ (if it exists), Agent Dusk is currently being undergoing investigation and psychological treatment.

Description: SCP-CN-2019's nature is currently unconfirmed; it may either be an anomalous phenomenon or an entity. According to Agent Dusk's testimony, it caused the loss of the old Site-CN-82-α1, and influenced all personnel within the Site at the time. These personnel are described as "dark shadows constantly moving within the Site, whispering to each other"; however, various measuring devices have been unable to confirm their existence. As such, it is more likely that this is a collective hallucination experienced by the staff.

Addendum: Video log, 2014/10/17

[Begin Recording]

Dr. Foster: Please, take a seat, ma'am. I heard you have new information for us?

Agent Dusk: Ah, yes. (sits down) My love told me the day before that incident, he wanted me to bring certain pieces of information out…. He said this anomaly is an antimeme. Please, believe me, he was working with those things.

Dr. Foster: Forgive my bluntness, ma'am, but all our records say you have not married… We have tried all methods, if it's an antimeme, it would definitely be there, but… With no proof, we can only assume these incidents are caused by optical reasons or mind-affecting anomalies, and as for that other part… They might have been given a new number.

Agent Dusk: No, no, I can prove it, I — oh, give me a bit of time, I can definitely save you all, definitely —

Dr. Foster: Ma'am, I have reason to believe you are suffering from delusions.

Agent Dusk: No, I'm not! I'm telling you I'm not! [DATA LOCKED]! [DATA LOCKED][DATA LOCKED][DATA LOCKED][DATA LOCKED]!

Dr.Foster:What — No, this can't be, we already —

Agent Dusk faints.

[End Recording]

… So that's how it happened.

> Upload file C:\database\memory

Currently uploading Research report on SCP-CN-(awaiting designation)

Goodbye. I hope never to see you again.

Upload failed. Please retry upload.

> Upload file C:\database\memory

Upload failed. Document not found.

No, no, what's going on?

> Upload file C:\database\memory

Upload fa&…@%¥…%&*%#¥

The border has been secured; your work is done.

Can you hear the souls crying out behind your back?


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