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Unauthorized access to this document will be dealt with swiftly and accordingly.

Item #: SCP-CN-2035

Object Class: Euclid Keter

Special Containment Procedures:

The original URL of SCP-CN-2035 has been set to reject external connections, and the original link has been changed to point to a non-anomalous site. Foundation webcrawler JPKILLER.aic is monitoring attempts to access the original URL of the anomaly in real-time. If a new IP address attempts to access the webpage after 2021/4/2, the IP address will be logged, restricted, and traced, and all downloadable or exportable content will be blocked. MTF-壬卯-05 "Lordship is Serious Business" will be dispatched to administer Class D amnestics to people in the area.

All Foundation personnel are prohibited from accessing related information to SCP-CN-2035. Testing on SCP-CN-2035 is prohibited.

Description: SCP-CN-2035 is a webpage that manifested on 2021/4/1 at 13:18: "www.zhi██.com/question/██████". The domain is registered in China. The website appears to be a question posted on a question-and-answer website, with the question being: If the fifteenth image you were to see were to kill you, what would your cause of death be? After visiting this webpage and viewing the fifteenth image, viewers will go through two stages of effects. The first stage consists of the effects of a Class V cognitohazard, which convinces the viewer that they will die of whatever is depicted in the fifteenth image. The second stage occurs five hours after the first stage, where the viewer will die because of an object or concept related to the contents of the fifteenth image. Between the posting of this page and its discovery by the Foundation, the anomaly had led to the deaths of ██ people. The IP of the poster was determined to be 10.3.███.██; Foundation investigation has revealed that the poster's account was linked to PoI-CN-1948, who was not aware of the post and claimed to be unable to delete it. As PoI-CN-1948 had viewed the fifteenth image at 16:50 on 2021/4/11, he was administered countermemetic vaccines and Class D amnestics, and has not experienced any anomalous effects died at 21:50 the same day.

Addendum 1: Test Log (Excerpts)

Subject D-17172
Image An online celebrity's pet hamster
Effect Subject began coughing up blood 5 hours after viewing the image; a bloodstained Syrian hamster crawled out of his mouth.
Result Subject died of blood loss; autopsy revealed 80% of his throat had been damaged by bite marks. Investigation showed that the pet hamster in the image had not left its owner's side2.
Subject D-9744
Image A blacked out image of a knife
Effect The lights and surveillance equipment in the testing area failed 5 hours after the subject viewed the image; all personnel in the area were temporarily unable to see. Following restoration of equipment, an 8.2 cm long fruit knife was found lodged in the subject's head.
Result Subject died at the scene. Investigation revealed that the kitchen supplies section of the supermarket nearest the site had lost a fruit knife, and that said knife matched the weapon used to kill the subject.
Subject D-10991
Image A [DATA EXPUNGED] candy
Effect Subject's head was torn open 5 hours after viewing the image, resulting in near-instant death.
Result Investigation showed that the wall behind the subject contained several pieces of soft candy; a slow-motion replay showed that a piece of candy appeared in mid-air traveling at a speed of ███km/s and pierced the subject's head.
Subject D-11271 (administered Class-A amnestics after viewing the website)
Image A diagram of the composition of air
Effect Subject felt extreme discomfort 5 hours after viewing the image and being amnesticized and began gasping for air. Subject suffocated and fell over after one minute.
Result Autopsy revealed the subject's throat had produced four gill-like organs
Subject D-7701
Image Scan of the forehead of a subject affected by SCP-CN-1076
Result Subject's brain tissue liquefied 5 hours after viewing the image, leading to death. Subject's skull displayed abnormal growth resembling Chinese text, reading "Thanks for participating谢谢参与".
Result SCP-CN-1076's anomalous effects did not restart due to this. Researcher █████, who initiated this experiment, was disciplined and all testing on SCP-CN-2035 was suspended.

Addendum 2: Interview with PoI-CN-1948 (Excerpt)

Interviewee: PoI-CN-1948

Interviewer: Dr. Kai

Preface:This interview was recorded at 20:35 on 2021/4/1, prior to antimemetic vaccination and amnesticization of PoI-CN-1948.

<Begin Recording>

Dr. Kai: Alright, let's begin. ███ ███████3, how are you feeling?

PoI-CN-1948: Honestly? I feel like complete shit! Everything was fine and dandy before you guys burst in like fucking Counter-Strike, and everything after that has been shit!

Dr. Kai: I apologize for this, but you know, this is a very serious situation. If we don't respond to it quickly and efficiently, things will go out of hand very quickly.

PoI-CN-1948: Serious? I know it's fucking serious! After my Zhi██ account posted that damn question, people started fucking dying! This is some fucking sci-fi shit.

Dr. Kai: Were you logged in when that question was posted?

PoI-CN-1948: Of course not! Officer, I was sleeping when that happened! And then some fucker steals my account and starts killing people, and then you people come in while I'm trying to delete it!

Dr. Kai: I understand, don't worry. At least, I know you're not associated with the deaths.

PoI-CN-1948: That's good, that's good. But this kind of thing is so dangerous! ██ dead in just a few hours? This has to be a gang operation, right?

Dr. Kai: We'll look into it. Right now we're just looking for a statement from you. Oh, yes, I need to ask. After you saw that post, how many images have you looked at? Do you still remember?

PoI-CN-1948: I can't remember, but it's definitely more than fifteen. Oh, now that I think of it, I even went through some pictures on my phone, and the fifteenth one was an SS division from fucking World War II, now some goddamn Nazis from last century are going to fucking kill me! I heard those murders were random, so on the way here I thought they'd come to me, but even if he had the guts to do it he wouldn't be able to. But fucking hell, a whole army!

Dr. Kai: Don't worry, we'll protect you around the clock. They won't be able to find you here.

PoI-CN-1948: If that's the case, that's good, that's good… Thank you so much, I'm afraid all my information would be leaked to the perpetrators. In all honesty, there was a comment on my personal page that scared me, thankfully I managed to delete it.

Dr. Kai: Wait, a comment?

PoI-CN-1948: It was in English, I don't quite remember what it was. I think it was… Are we cool yet?
<End Recording>

Note: Following the interview, at 21:50 the same day, a squad of ██ soldiers dressed in 1929 German Schutzstaffel uniforms burst into the Foundation site in which PoI-CN-1948 was held, executed PoI-CN-1948, and disappeared. No Foundation casualties occurred defending the site from the soldiers.

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