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Item #: SCP-CN-204

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: As SCP-CN-204 is a naturally occurring phenomenon, there are no means of containing it. Foundation weather satellites are carrying out constant monitoring of the complete weather conditions in all areas of China. All sites located in China containing humanoid anomalies must be outfitted with weather monitoring systems; all weather information retrieved must be updated hourly. As SCP-CN-204 has caused the deaths of approximately ██ humanoid anomalies to date, all humanoid containment cells must be designed with lightning resistance in mind, and are to be situated as far away from other structures as possible. If it is discovered that SCP-CN-204 is targeting any humanoid anomaly in the Foundation's custody, the target is to be immediately brought to an uninhabited, empty location to prevent lightning damages to the facility. As it is suspected that the anomaly may occur in any location within China, and that the anomaly's existence has become known to other organizations, Mobile Task Force Beta-CN-33 ("Weather Radar") has been stationed in locations throughout China in order to allow them to reach the affected locations and contain SCP-CN-204-A. As the rate at which the phenomenon occurs has been steadily increasing, the Foundation is to convince the excessive rate of lightning strikes is due to a global climatic anomaly.

Description: SCP-CN-204 is a phenomenon responsible series of anomalous lightning strikes, 95% of which have occurred within China. The color of the lightning induced by this phenomenon is typically white or pink, but has been observed to be black on █ separate occurrences. The voltage and amperage of such lightning strikes is similar to other lightning strikes, but the damage caused by the anomaly is markedly more severe. SCP-CN-204 can occur regardless of the weather; however, the situations under which it occurs are always situations where lightning strikes would otherwise occur naturally. Of note is that implements such as Faraday cages and lightning rods are significantly limited in their ability to mitigate the effects of SCP-CN-204; it is currently unclear what mechanism produces this limitation.

When SCP-CN-204 occurs, regardless of the weather conditions, a large mass of storm clouds will manifest in the span of a few minutes and lightning will repeatedly strike towards the target (SCP-CN-204-A). The lightning strikes will continue for a period of time before finishing. Using weather control to disperse the storm clouds is thought to be impossible, as they will immediately reform in the same location.

According to records, SCP-CN-204-A are human subjects possessing anomalous properties. Based on investigation into their previous activity, SCP-CN-204-A were not born with these properties, but acquired them later in life. SCP-CN-204 will manifest targeting these individuals some time after they gain their anomalous properties, with the observed timespans ranging from one week to ██ years. In addition, when SCP-CN-204 manifests, the anomalous properties of the targeted SCP-CN-204-A will begin to permanently increase in intensity up until the lightning strikes cease. This process will often lead to SCP-CN-204-A losing control of their anomalous properties. It is unknown whether the increase in anomalous properties causes SCP-CN-204's manifestation or vice versa.

If the target is killed during the process, the anomaly will dissipate immediately; statistics show that due to the anomaly's existence, the rate of survival for SCP-CN-204-A is less than 1%, and those who survive the anomaly sustain irreversible physical or psychological damage. The Foundation has not yet discovered a means of preventing or avoiding this damage. If the SCP-CN-204-A instance remains living after the end of the event, it will not become a target of SCP-CN-204 again in its lifetime. Although the Foundation has no means of determining whether a human or humanoid anomaly is an instance of SCP-CN-204-A, it has been noticed that 1 to 5 hours before the occurrence of SCP-CN-204, the targeted SCP-CN-204-A will [DATA EXPUNGED].

The Foundation's Chinese branch first observed SCP-CN-204 in ████████ City on 19██/██/██, followed by an explosion it caused; following this, the Foundation employed the cover story "lightning strike on a gas station causing an explosion" and amnesticized all witnesses.

Note: According to information gained from the Abnormality Institute, the Kuiyang Sect was aware of SCP-CN-204's existence as early as ████, and had used it to [DATA EXPUNGED]. The information also showed that up until 19██, SCP-CN-204 had not manifested for ███ years.

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