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Item #: SCP-CN-2043


Entrance of tunnel leading to SCP-CN-2043.

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-CN-2043 is to be contained at its original location. Further containment work is to be handled by Site-CN-00. Recovered digital text records are to be saved in a Low-Value Secure Document Database.

Description: SCP-CN-2043 is a room that spontaneously manifested on 2021/10/22 under Site-CN-00, along with a tunnel leading between the Site Director's office and the object. No signs of human habitation are present within the object; however, a large quantity of scratch marks and blood, a metallic plaque hung at the entrance (not rusted, but reading "SCP Foundation Department of Abnormalities (Former)"), and text engraved on the walls (see Addendum A) are present. The room contains a long-unusable electric lamp, which is thought to have been used to monitor an object

Further investigation revealed the following (arranged in order of discovery):

  • The room's interior is free of dust, as if it had been swept thoroughly prior to discovery;
  • A difficult-to-clear mist is present within the room;
  • At the center of a room is a hanging metal cage; the chain connecting it to the ceiling has broken, and the interior of the cage contains many [REDACTED] (non-human size);
  • One corner of the room has been inscribed with some high medium-level thaumaturgical symbols, which are no longer functional;
  • The wallpaper has fallen off been burnt in many places;
  • A [REDACTED] left behind by an unknown person is present near the door; it can be confirmed that it was not left after the object's discovery;
  • Scattered on the floor are a large quantity of observation reports in an unknown language, which has proven hard to analyze;
  • The left side of the room contains a wooden shelf, which contains three sets of used protective suits, which are primarily meant to protect the ears [REDACTED];
  • The right side of the room contains a machine, which is inoperable, making ascertaining its use difficult (it may be used to [REDACTED] anomalies);
  • One Two models of the human ear have fallen onto the floor;
  • Within the cage is a Scranton Reality Anchor, which is still operable which is no longer usable; a strip of paper is stuck onto it, which reads "Only useless work left here.";
  • Text has been inscribed onto the walls of the object, as well as a series of images depicting a boy child with [REDACTED] and a [REDACTED] face;
  • The floor contains burn marks from [REDACTED];
  • The room does not contain corpses (this matter [REDACTED]) The room contains two corpses, confirmed to be Researchers Abe Slane and Lefs Abraham, both of which appear to have died by suicide;
  • [REDACTED] fills resounds within the room.

Further investigation work is ongoing. It can be confirmed that the Foundation has never had a "Department of Abnormalities".

Addendum A: Text Record.

Everything is ending.
Of course, thanks for everyone's painstaking work.
I hope all of you can have a pleasant final moment.
This Is The Final Outcome You Want.

Sincerely, Department of Abnormalities.

Of the above text, the line "This Is The Final Outcome You Want." appears to be freshly engraved; it is unknown what the meaning of the above text is Containment breach. An EK-Class "End of Human Consciousness" scenario has been confirmed.

It is unknown what the process of this containment breach entailed.

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