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Item #: SCP-CN-2082

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: The entrance of SCP-CN-2082-1 is surrounded by forty-nine nine-meter-long white cotton ropes dyed with the blood of common farm animals1. Rectangular pieces of yellow paper with thaumaturgical symbols inscribed in cinnabar are to be attached to the ropes using glutinous rice adhesive. When the color of the ropes changes from black to red, the rope must be changed within two hours.

A closed factory is to be constructed around SCP-CN-2082-2 SCP-CN-2082-2 must be located in an open space. Seven identical red candles are to be arranged at the corners of a heptagon of side length 7 m, with SCP-CN-2082-2 at the center. While the candles are ordinary, if placed correctly, the candles will not diminish in length even while burning. If it is discovered that one of the candles is melting normally, personnel are to check for mistakes in enacting containment procedures immediately. Wind-blocking sheets are to be installed around these seven candles; in addition, personnel are to ensure that the candles are not blown out by the objects' anomalous properties.

Through several revisions by the Foundation Folklore Department, the "Consummation Ritual" has been confirmed to be the only means of containing SCP-CN-2082. The responsibility for selecting personnel and executing the ritual is held by MTF-丙子-74 ("Eternal Bonds"); Site-CN-82 is to provide assistance where required.

The following consists of information related to the "Consummation Ritual".

Personnel Required

One Asian male aged between 40 and 55, measuring 165 to 175 cm in height. Subject's real name must be two or three Chinese characters long, with a valid2 Chinese surname; no character under the "tree" radical3 may be present in the subject's name. This criterion may be satisfied with a legal change of name. The subject's face must be wrinkled, and he must not have significant grey hairs; plastic surgery or hair dye may be used to satisfy this. The subject should not have more than a middle school education; he should be able to read, but not understand advanced science. This may be achieved using amnesticization. This subject is designated SCP-CN-2082-A, codenamed "Husband".

One Asian female aged between 20 and 35, measuring 155 to 160 cm in height. Subject's real surname must be the same as -A's; all other restrictions on naming are identical to those on -A. The subject's shoe size should be no larger than 28; surgery may be used to achieve this. The subject must not have knowledge from formal education; this may be achieved using amnesticization. Subject must be able to prepare Chinese meat and vegetable dishes. This subject is designated SCP-CN-2082-B, codenamed "Wife".

One Asian female aged between 13 and 19. No other requirements. In view of this subject's role in the ritual, it is recommended that this role be filled by a member of Class D personnel. This subject is designated SCP-CN-2082-C, codenamed "Offering".

One child of Asian ethnicity, no older than one year of age. Must be biologically related to -C; this may be achieved using in vitro fertilization. No further requirements. Owing to the difficulty of instructing this subject, it should be tranquilized outside of required sections to prevent it from affecting the ritual. This subject is designated SCP-CN-2082-D, codenamed "Grandchild".

Eight Asian males, aged between 20 and 65, in good health, with no significant chronic conditions or injuries. Capable of preparing Chinese meat and vegetable dishes. No other requirements. These subjects are collectively designated SCP-CN-2082-E, codenamed "Helpers".

Items Required

  • 64 porcelain bowls, 64 pairs of chopsticks, 8 baxianzhuo4 and corresponding seats
  • Large amount of raw food resources for preparing Chinese meat and vegetable dishes
  • One Chinese-style red bridal dress
  • 10 liters of brown rice
  • One broken, unusable old-style phone
  • 62 paper dolls, with eyes drawn on them
  • A total of nine jin, nine liang and nine qian5 of paper money
  • One willow coffin in traditional Chinese style
  • 49 candle lanterns, each of which has the character 奠 ("offering to the dead") written on it in kaishu script using a brush
  • Two suona6

Points to Note

  • Personnel participating in the ritual are to refer to SCP-CN-2082 and other personnel involved with the correct Chinese familial terms, based on the role they are playing. During the ritual, -A plays the father of SCP-CN-2082; -B plays the mother of SCP-CN-2082; -C plays the wife of SCP-CN-2082; -D plays the child of SCP-CN-2082; and -E plays the helpers hired for the wedding.
  • During the entire ritual, personnel may not carry on their person any electronic devices except for the broken phone. In addition, no manmade sources of light are to be present except the lanterns. Before the ritual commences, check that the old-style phone is completely inoperable.
  • If the ritual is correctly carried out, corresponding anomalous phenomena will manifest to ensure that the ritual continues. If at any point the corresponding phenomenon does not manifest, immediately check the previous ritual step for mistakes. If after correcting the step the anomalous phenomenon still does not manifest, personnel at the scene must immediately leave the scene and contact Site-CN-82. An IIK-class "Yellow Springs7 Wide Open" scenario will then be reported.
  • The ritual must be carried out once at midnight on the eleventh day of the eighth month of the Chinese lunisolar calendar every year.

Ritual Process

From 7 pm on the eleventh day of the eighth lunar month, the cotton ropes surrounding the entrance to SCP-CN-2082-1 are to be removed. One of the lit red candles, as well as one empty bowl, is to be placed directly in front of SCP-CN-2082-1's entrance. When entering SCP-CN-2082-1, personnel are not to step over this candle unless directed to.

"Husband", "Wife" and "Helpers" are to place the baxianzhuo and fix two paper dolls to each seat; finally, a bowl and a pair of chopsticks is to be placed in front of each doll. Following this, the lantern-rack is to be raised and forty-seven lanterns are to be placed within; the positioning of the lanterns should be roughly equidistant. The remaining two are to be held by two "Helpers". All of the lanterns should be lit. At this point, the "Offering" is to wait within SCP-CN-2082-1 holding the "Grandchild".

If the previous step is correct, at this point, the phone held by "Husband" should receive a call at exactly 11 pm. "Wife" is to take this call; regardless of what the other person says, "Wife" must only provide affirmative responses and wait for the call to be hung up. Following this, personnel are to continue waiting until the wind in the area anomalously increases in strength and blows out all candles.

The two "Helpers" holding lanterns are to light them up; all other lanterns are to remain unlit. If the character painted on the lanterns is replaced with 囍 ("double happiness"8), this indicates that the ritual has properly begun. All personnel are not to deliberately observe the lanterns or paper dolls; if one believes themselves to have accidentally done so, they must make an apology immediately. At this point, "Wife" is to enter SCP-CN-2082-1 and sit at "Offering"'s side.

The two "Helpers" holding lanterns are to follow the designated path and walk between the tables. If at some point during the process the personnel trip, they are not to observe the floor. Three "Helpers" are to place the prepared dishes at each baxianzhuo; each table is to have four non-vegetarian dishes, three vegetarian dishes and one soup. "Husband" is to pour white wine into each paper doll's cup and perform the "toast to the couple" procedure at each table. After each time the procedure is completed, check if the contents of each cup are still wine; if they are no longer wine, the liquid is to be poured away. If the liquid is still wine, immediately express apology and check if the ritual has been performed incorrectly.

After three "toasts to the couple" at each table, check that each table's food has cooled. If any table's food has only cooled to near room temperature, "Husband" must perform an extra "toast to the couple" at that table. When all tables' food has cooled below room temperature, continue to the next step.

The eight "Helpers" are to split into two "Leaders", four "Pallbearers" and two "Musicians". The "Leaders" are to be personnel who have a deceased direct relative within two generations, the "Pallbearers" are to be personnel who have participated in the previous "Consummation Ritual" and have myopia of at least 5.00 diopters, and the "Musicians" may not be personnel born in the autumn according to the Chinese calendar.

One "Musician" is to knock on SCP-CN-2082's door and sing [RITUAL PHRASE A-01]. The other "Musician" is to sing [RITUAL PHRASE A-02]; no other action is required. "Wife" is to approach the door and check SCP-CN-2082-1's edges. There should be light shining through. If the denomination of the paper money is less than 30,000, ignore this light and sing [RITUAL PHRASE B-01], after which a new light will manifest. If the total amount of paper money is greater than 30,000, sing [RITUAL PHRASE B-03], then open the door; if the denomination of paper money is greater than 30,000, sing [RITUAL PHRASE B-02], then place the money into one's pocket and open the door.

"Mother" is to return to "Offering"'s side and take "Grandchild", then direct "Offering" to leave SCP-CN-2082-1. At this point, "Mother" and "Grandchild" are to loudly sob; if required, ginger sheets can be rubbed onto the eyes to induce tears. When the "Offering" leaves SCP-CN-2082-1, she must step over the candle. Following this, she must enter and lie within the coffin with the help of two "Pallbearers". During this process, the "Offering" must not directly touch any of the "Helpers".

The coffin is to be lifted up and one "Musician" is to sing [RITUAL PHRASE A-03]. Following this, the four "Pallbearers" are to lift up the coffin from each corner; the two "Leaders" are to each hold one lantern and each take three jin, three liang and three qian of paper money, then stand in front of the coffin at either side. The two "Musicians" are to hold the suona and stand behind the coffin. Once the coffin has been lifted up, "Husband" is to hold ten liters of brown rice and stand to the left of the coffin with one hand on its left side; "Wife" is to hold "Grandchild" and stand at the right of the coffin with one hand on its right side. All personnel are to sing [RITUAL PHRASE A-04] and proceed towards SCP-CN-2082-2.

During the procession, the "Leaders" are to scatter one set of between seven and ten pieces of paper money every seven steps, or additionally whenever a member of personnel trips; the "Musicians" are to constantly perform Lifting of the Bridal Chair (抬花轿). "Husband" and "Wife" are to remain smiling, and are to pour brown rice onto the floor below the coffin. Other personnel are to ensure that they do not step on the brown rice. As no extra brown rice can be brought along, the rate of scattering is to be controlled.

Upon reaching SCP-CN-2082-2, the "Musicians" are to stop playing; the "Pallbearers", "Husband" and "Wife" are to place the coffin down, and the "Pallbearers" are to begin digging a hole at the designated location. "Husband" is to draw a fireproof circle around SCP-CN-2082-2; "Wife" is to draw a fireproof circle around the coffin and prepare the source of flame and paper money. All personnel are to not deliberately look at the "Leaders"' state.

Once all preparations are complete, the "Musicians" are to play Joyful Wedding (喜拜堂), and "Husband" and "Wife" are to light the paper money within the fireproof circle, and are to continue adding paper money to ensure the fire does not go out.

The "Leaders" are to sing [RITUAL PHRASE C-01]. If the ritual has been performed correctly, the ashes produced from burning the paper money will fly towards the sky. Following this, the "Leaders" are to sing [RITUAL PHRASE C-02]. If the ritual has been performed correctly, the ashes will then fly towards "Husband" and "Wife", surrounding them. Following this, the "Leaders" are to sing [RITUAL PHRASE C-03]. If the ritual has been performed correctly, the ashes will join towards each other, surrounding the seven candles around SCP-CN-2082-2 and putting them out.

All personnel are to sing [RITUAL PHRASE C-04], and then place the coffin into the pit. After this, personnel are to wait for the mud to collapse into the hole, filling it. At this point, the "Consummation Ritual" will be complete.

Ritual Phrases

Similar to other rituals, the "Consummation Ritual"'s ritual phrases must be read correctly to function effectively. Note that some characters are pronounced with dialectal or historic pronunciations different from modern Mandarin Chinese.9


Tone: Praising, celebratory

Text: O young woman, your groom is here to meet you.


Tone: Praising, celebratory

Text: The bride and groom are deeply bound, for eternity to once again meet.


Tone: Praising, celebratory

Text: When they meet, they shall bow to the hall, never to part in life or death.


Tone: Impassioned, celebratory

Text: Now upon the path.


Tone: Lamenting

Text: Forget not that the matters of the living must receive the ritualr of the living.


Tone: Praising, celebratory

Text: Forget not the manners, but will the love be forgotten? Quickly, the couple shall meet.


Tone: Praising, celebratory

Text: Wrongs can be righted, but will the love change? Quickly, the couple shall meet.


Tone: Impassioned, celebratory

Text: One bow to heaven and earth.


Tone: Impassioned, celebratory

Text: A second bow to the parents.


Tone: Praising, celebratory

Text: A third between husband and wife.10


Tone: Impassioned, celebratory

Text: Thus, the Consummation Ritual.

Description: SCP-CN-2082 is a Chinese male, deceased for approximately 700 years; based on some information, it is reasonable to assume SCP-CN-2082-2 is SCP-CN-2082's former residence and SCP-CN-2082-2 is its grave.

The anomalous properties of the object are that any manmade object buried under the ground within 10 m of SCP-CN-2082-2 will disappear when unobserved and be replaced with an equivalent volume of mud. In addition, if [DATA EXPUNGED]



It is required to regularly perform the "Consummation Ritual".

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