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The boat pushes open the waves

Item #: SCP-CN-2105

Object Class: N/A

Special Containment Procedures: Based on civilizational convention, the Foundation has sent all relevant documents of SCP-CN-2105 and sealed this document. The Foundation FTL warp-folding space carrier is currently proceeding in the direction of the expansion of the observable universe.

Description: SCP-CN-2105 is the current universe. Specifically, SCP-CN-2105 originally referred to the phenomenon of "emergence of anomalies" as a single unit, containing all the anomalies that have manifested on every planet on which life has existed in recorded history, as well as the anomalous structural changes in reality under specific points of view relating to the presence of star systems containing life. However, as this definition is difficult to explain and research by the Department of Deduction has shown that all above anomalies are created by the same set of swn001-1 entities and point towards the same conceptual entity on this narrative level, that is, this universe, the definition of SCP-CN-2105 has been revised to be "the current universe".

SCP-CN-2105's anomalous properties manifest on all star systems containing planets on which life exists, as well as on the stars themselves. The stages of this effect on the planets are:

  1. When life on a planet is considered to be in the "sprouting" stage1, a small number of anomalies will manifest on the planet.
  2. When reptiles or vertebrates have evolved on the planet and become the dominant species, then a small number of anomalies will manifest on its surface or within its volume.
  3. When civilization is established on the planet, the kinds and number of anomalies will increase in proportion to the development of civilization.
  4. This continues until the anomalous entities and phenomena destroy all civilization on the planet, after which the anomalies will slowly cease to exist.

In its known manner of expression, SCP-CN-2105's mode of operation is similar to that of SCP-CN-1000; however, it is wider in targeting, and possesses a stronger level of uncertainty. Based on the definition, SCP-CN-1000 is part of SCP-CN-2105; in other words, it is an anomaly produced by SCP-CN-2105.

However, it is to be noted that not all anomalies are produced by SCP-CN-2105. In reality, only some currently known anomalies can be definitively said to be caused by SCP-CN-2105; the relations between all other anomalies and SCP-CN-2105 are either definitively nonexistent or under investigation.

Based on currently existent information, SCP-CN-2105's activity has a specific goal in mind, which is "to destroy all developed civilizations that attempt to escape its domain of control". However, in reality, this goal seemingly targets all intelligent civilization. In addition, as its domain of control is extremely large, even devices produced by Project Aidita are unable to escape the object's effects, and may cause the object's range to expand to other parallel universes.

Of special note is that SCP-CN-2105 is thought to be closely related to SCP-CN-2701. Specifically, SCP-CN-2105 and SCP-CN-2701 have the same swn001-1 entity direction; however, the two objects do not encapsulate each other on the narrative level. In other words, SCP-CN-2701 was not produced by SCP-CN-2105; however, the narrative objectives of the two objects are seemingly contradictory.

In reality, the Foundation was not the first to discover SCP-CN-2105; prior to the Foundation, at least 3264 civilizations had sent omnidirectional transmissions or physical data storage devices prior to their destruction, which were later intercepted by the Foundation. The vast majority of the transmissions and devices contain automatic decoding systems; however, for various reasons, only 94 such messages remain in good condition and can be successfully decoded by the Foundation.

Of note is that in the vast majority of these messages, there exist changes in vocabulary relating to the central star of the star system. In most of these messages, the sending civilization states that prior to discovering SCP-CN-2105 and SCP-CN-2701, they referred to the central star of their star system (as well as all colonized star systems in some cases) as "the Sun" or similar terms. However, after discovering these two anomalies and performing research on SCP-CN-2701, they use the terms "ships", "navigation" and other transport-related terms in place of "Sun" to refer to the central star of the system. In addition, in a significant number of messages, there exist statements similar to "The ship leads us to the impossible outside the universe".

Update: Foundation space telescopes discovered a spaceship not belonging to the Foundation, as well as a strong engine light, on 3214/6/47.

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Item #: SCP-CN-2105

Object Class: Eparch2

Special Containment Procedures: The document has been sealed in accordance with standard measures. Level 3 or higher clearance is required for access.

Research into the anomaly described in SCP-CN-2105#A is currently underway.

Description: SCP-CN-2105 is a transmission confirmed to originate from a parallel universe's Foundation, consisting of the transmission itself and a document detailing SCP-CN-2105 (SCP-CN-2105#A); the anomaly detailed in SCP-CN-2105#A has been designated SCP-CN-2105-1.

Of note is that the interuniversal transmission channel ψ/68a.φ, which was marked when the Foundation received SCP-CN-2105, can no longer be traced; the reason is unknown, but attempts to contact that universe have failed as the coordinates could not be determined.

The Foundation is attempting to determine whether this universe contains SCP-CN-2105-1; however, as the method of determining its existence is detailed incoherently in SCP-CN-2105#A, progress has been slow.

To respect their wishes, the Foundation has elected to assign this anomaly the previously empty item number "SCP-CN-2105".

The following is the main content of the message:

So, make your escape now…

We have nowhere to run. But this is a promise to civilization. We are born in the tomb.

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