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Riddle: 2109

Difficulty: High

Contents: Listen to this riddle.

People in charge should protect the city wall, so that it is not seen by outsiders.
People in charge are trying to cover their eyes and cover God's whole body in cloth, because God is blind, deaf and mute, and people always look up.
God has white eyebrows and a white beard, with long braids, and only his head can be seen.
God spends every day above, and no one knows why he doesn't come down.
Whoever looks up ends up like God.
Only dead people end up like God.
Don't talk about who God is like.
It is OK to take a profile photo of God, but it scares people and makes them curious enough to look up.
People in charge should not look up when outside.
The locals should be used to the blood.
The locals should be used to the stench.
The locals should not look up when outside.
It is always raining in this head-sized county town; when going out, use umbrellas, especially in those seven areas.
At noon every day, there is no sun outside, but one should not look up.
People in charge should think of a way to calm down God's will, or to cover up God's ears, nose and mouth, so that it does not rain.
It cannot be said plainly; rather, it is said in a riddle, for God loves riddles. Otherwise, God will get angry, and the rain will get stronger.

Answer: [There is no way to tell you]

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