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Item #: SCP-CN-2124

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: A copy of SCP-CN-2124 is stored in one of Site-CN-69's Online Containment Computers. Foundation webcrawlers have been set up to conceal advertisements for the anomaly and erase its download links. Experiements on the object must be approved by at least one member of Level 4 personnel, and must be performed on a copy of the application on a specialized testing computer in a corrosion-proof, blastproof testing chamber.

Description:SCP-CN-2124 is a tile-matching video game titled Element Matcher, developed by Letters Entertainment's F&F Studio. The application is 2██ MB and runs on Windows XP and newer Windows operating systems, and can be downloaded through advertisements appearing on various websites or on Steam1. When the advertisement is clicked, the anomaly will automatically be downloaded. All attempts to decompile the anomaly have ended in failure.

Upon opening the game, the title "Element Matcher — Become the Mendeleev of the Matching World!" will appear, as well as the two options "New Game" and "Settings". The game is similar to other tile-matching games; however, all tiles are marked with standard chemical element abbreviations. The player can merge together and clear adjacent elements within a certain number of moves and gain points based on the complexity of the compound composed of those elements. After reaching a certain score, the game will continue to the next level. If no such compound exists in the real world, or the elements in question cannot be formed into another compound, there will be no way to match and clear tiles.

Within 10 seconds of clearing a compound, an equivalent amount of the compound will manifest near the player in a form they understand; in some cases, this will manifest with a container, or with impurities. Entities will normally be unable to notice the manifestation for a few seconds, which may cause physical harm or death to the subject.

The "Settings" screen displays the following:

"Volume": Adjusts the volume of the ingame sound effects and background music, as well as the sounds produced by the materials generated by the game.
"Size": Can be toggled between "Small", "Medium" and "Large", which will change the amount and range of materials generated by the game.
"Radiation Shielding": Greatly reduces the rate at which radioactive elements appear in the game; all of the materials produced by the game will not be radioactive, but will retain their basic properties. Products of chemical reactions between these objects and other materials will still be radioactive.
"Normalcy": Once activated, more common elements such as O, H, N, C, S will generate; materials produced by the object will not possess anomalous properties.

The following are experiments involving SCP-CN-2124. If there is a requirement to update this, please contact a member of personnel with Level 4 or higher clearance.

Date: 2020/9/24
Test Subject: D-3427, graduated senior high school.
Procedure: D-3427 was instructed to play the game and complete the first level.
Compounds Produced:

  • CO2: A ~3 cm3 block of dry ice.
  • H2O: A sphere of liquid water 3 cm in radius, which spilled onto the floor of the testing chamber.
  • Fe3O4: A ~200g block of magnetite, with red and blue paint on its surface. Magnetite sample determined to be highly pure iron(II,III) oxide.
  • NaCl: A pile of roughly 10g of table salt.
  • C2H5OH: A lighter with approximately 150 ml of capacity, made of glass, containing about 100 ml of ethanol.一
  • CH3OH: Gaseous methane.
  • HCl: A 9 cm sphere of concentrated hydrochloric acid, which fell onto D-3427's head, leading to death.

Notes: Further experimentation on this object should take place in a dedicated containment chamber.

Date: 2020/9/27
Test Subject:: D-3428, graduated junior high school, was instructed not to deliberately create any dangerous compounds.
Procedure: D-3428 was instructed to play the game and complete the second level.
Compounds Produced:

  • CuO: An 8g block of a black solid, confirmed to be a combination of carbon and copper oxide.
  • SO2: Gaseous sulfur dioxide.
  • CaCO3: A 0.3m long hip bone, composed entirely of calcium carbonate.
  • NaOH: A pile of 16 g of sodium hydroxide. Upon touching the object, players will feel a burning sensation for 24 hours.
  • CO(NH2)2: A 2.5 kg bag of urea fertilizer.
  • CO2: Cold gaseous carbon dioxide.
  • Ca(OH)2: A 5 cm ball of slaked lime, which fell onto D-3428's body and quickly solidified.
  • SiO2: A triangular shard of glass massing ~50 g, which fell from a height on 1 m and impaled D-3428's hand, leading to death.

Date: 2020/9/28
Test Subject: D-3429, undergraduate, was instructed to synthesize as many complex compounds as possible.
Procedure: D-3429 was instructed to play the game and complete the third and fourth levels.
Compounds Produced:

  • Cu2(OH)2CO3: A 20 g malachite gem.
  • C2H4: Gaseous ethylene, which fully burned up within 3 seconds.
  • KH2PO4: A bag of 500 g monopotassium phosphate powder.
  • NaClO: A bottle of ~200 g sodium hypochlorite bleach.
  • GaN: A ~24 g light-emitting diode completely filled with gallium nitride.
  • C3H9BO3: A green flame manifesting in the air, burning for 10 s.
  • As2S3: A yellowish-white chunk of orpiment, with minor realgar impurities.
  • KAl(SO4)2: A 10 g pile of potash alum powder.
  • CH3COOH: A ~200ml bottle of vinegar, no branding.
  • C7H5N3O6: A pile of TNT explosive, which immediately exploded, leading to D-3429's death.

Date: 2020/9/28
Test Subject: D-3430, graduated senior high school.
Procedure: D-3430 was instructed to play the game and complete the fifth level.
Compounds Produced:

  • Hg(SCN)2:A 0.3 m3 chunk of black solid, which within one minute produced 5 m3 of mercury sulfide and carbon disulfide, as well as a loud screaming and burning sound. D-3430 was instructed to temporarily leave the testing chamber.
  • C6H10O5: A baguette, with a 5 mm thick layer of starch on its top.
  • C6H12O6: A purple liquid contained within a plastic bottle. Confirmed to be grape-flavored sugary drink.
  • COFe2: A mug of hot coffee. D-3430 was instructed to drink it, and stated that it was "not bad".

Note: Wait, that works? I have an idea.

Date: 2020/9/29
Test Subject: Dr. Ibgail
Procedure: Dr. Ibgail successfully synthesized three "compounds".
Compounds Produced:

  • BaNa2: A non-anomalous banana.
  • AlCu: A 2 g block of gold and 2 L of chlorine gas. Dr. Ibgail successfully left the test chamber. Purity of produced gold was 99.8%.
  • S2(NO)2: Two middle-aged men, who each indicated to Dr. Ibgail "What ██████ wants to be your son?" before disappearing. Test stopped by Dr. Ibgail.

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