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ITEM # SCP-CN-2145 BASE CLASS Thaumiel//Object
OBJECT CATEGORIES foundation-made portal temporal  

Special Containment Procedures: All currently existent SCP-CN-2145 have either been sealed or destroyed. One SCP-CN-2145 and its original device are to be maintained at Site-CN-10's Spacetime Anomalies Department to aid in research. The use of SCP-CN-2145 requires the approval of the Spacetime Anomalies Department and the Logistics Department.

In order to prevent the possible effects on SCP-CN-2145-1, exploration into the object is to be minimized.

Description: SCP-CN-2145 is a T-type γ-model wormhole generator developed by Site-CN-10's Spacetime Anomalies Department. During its construction, personnel lost control of the anomalous technology in use for unknown reasons. As such, SCP-CN-2145 is incapable of correctly selecting the target coordinates, and all produced portals lead to a parallel reality (SCP-CN-2145-11) with unknown coordinates.

When SCP-CN-2145 enters a stable operational state, it will produce a wormhole portal of radius 3 m and irregularly2 produces a variable but typically large amount of EVE particles. Of note is that the portal produced by SCP-CN-2145 will randomly send the user to an empty location, but cannot be used by anything other than humans. Based on testing by thaumaturges, humans who reach SCP-CN-2145-1 are considered incorporeal entities. Specifically, upon reaching SCP-CN-2145-1, humans will have their physical body transformed into a body composed of a dense assortment of EVE particles3. However, upon returning to the current reality, they will regain corporeal form.

In addition, multiple explorations have shown that the wormholes produced by SCP-CN-2145 and any incorporeal entities are seemingly imperceptible to SCP-CN-2145-1's original residents.

Following detailed exploration, SCP-CN-2145-1's history is ahead of the base universe's by 60 years. In addition, the non-anomalous societies within SCP-CN-2145-1 and the main universe are seemingly identical, and SCP-CN-2145-1 appears to have the same natural environment, geography, social structure, world governments and culture. Of note is that all explorations have indicated that SCP-CN-2145-1 does not contain any anomalies, nor do they contain an equivalent of the Foundation or any other paranormal organizations.

Exploration Log (Partial)4

Interviewer: (A) Spacetime Anomalies Department, SCP-CN-2145 Research Head

Interviewee: (B) D-1415

Date: 1963.3.6

A: First, do you remember where you were initially transported? Were there any prominent features, like landmarks or signs?

B: Um, I think I was sent to a graveyard, I don't know where it was though.

A: Please describe any sensations you felt, and if there were any obstructions to your movement.

B: No, I felt fine, like I always do… but I was only able to walk on the ground I came out on. When I encountered stairs or building walls, I just phased right through.

A: Phased through?

B: Yeah, like I said, phased through it like there was nothing there. But I think I could fly — or rather, float, like it was an innate ability of mine. I could float up to quite a distance, but floating made me feel tired.

A: Describe the surroundings. Objects, buildings, people, anything.

B: That place had quite a lot of trees, but after about a mile I came out of that place. There were a lot of buildings, tall ones, with something like mirrors. Blue mirrors, with a bit of reflection.

B: They had televisions in there, but they weren't black and white, they were in color, and the people in the buildings were all playing quite happily. Some of the buildings didn't have that, but they had some words floating vertically, I couldn't understand them. And there were a lot of strange things in the streets, all colorful, and there were a lot of… if I recall correctly, they had many long trains going around the streets.

B: I felt like I was still in the country, but I couldn't understand any of the words, though it might just be that I'm not too good at reading characters. But come to think of it, the streets there didn't use large posters or painted words any more. That place is quite good, much better than we are now.

Interviewee: (B) Senior Thaumaturge Belo

Date: 1970.4.5

A: Recording. Dr. Belo, please detail the location where you manifested initially — any surrounding landmarks, and any societal details.

B: Okay. I manifested at the door of a civilian dwelling. There were no landmarks, but based on the style of building and style of speech it was somewhere in the Wu-dialect5 speaking regions of Eastern China. The buildings were mostly five or six-floor buildings, with fields all around. Based on previous records, I figured I was in a developed farming village.

A: Okay. Next, about SCP-CN-2145-1's EVE and Hume levels, what did you experience?

B: To be honest, other than my surroundings, there weren't any EVE particles to speak of other than the ones coming from me. The Akiva radiation coming from my body scattered faster than it currently does, and comparatively the range of my radiation was much shorter. As for Hume reality, I myself felt part of it was rather shallow, but my initial analysis is that in SCP-CN-2145-1, Hume reality may be meaningless, or may not even exist.

B: The strangest thing was that, after I entered that place, I felt like I still had my senses to some degree, even though I didn't have any physical presence — I am quite sure that I had become what the ICSUT has been researching for a long time, these "ultra-dense life-energy entities". This kind of EVE density is impossible to imagine in our reality, it's far too dense, to the point I could not imagine it — at that density, a fingertip's worth of EVE particles is enough to set off a whole line of thaumaturgy. The normal world's science can't even begin to fathom that energy can directly form life, but I can say, among civilians, there are quite a lot of legends.

A: Which are?

B: Ghosts.

B: Sapient beings composed of extremely pure energy. The only difference is that there, even if my energy was huge and dense to the point where I could do anything I dreamed of, regardless of what thaumaturgy I pulled off, there was no way I could influence reality — not a single bit of recoil came out — which indicates that the thaumaturgy I used was incompatible with the structure of reality there. But that doesn't mean that there isn't a reality structure based on Hume reality there. Reality is reality, there's no way to abstract it, much less quantize it.

B: But one thing is still on my mind…

A: Are there any other things that stood out?

B: It was strange, but not particularly major — when I was walking around and testing my thaumaturgy. I don't know where I was going in particular, but I'm certain I met someone — a woman, and she stuck in my memory, because she looked a lot like my daughter. You know, besides the birthmark, there's always bound to be some strange effect between people. Even though I don't believe in those, right then, I felt like this woman who looked very much like my daughter had shaken my thoughts, and I tripped up my casting and scattered EVE everywhere — here, it would result in a huge recoil effect from reality, but there nothing happened. But that woman turned to look at me, and she seemed to have a certain expression on her face, I don't know if she…

A: If she could see you? That's not possible. But was there anything in particular on her person, or around her? I don't believe that you could mess up like that when casting.

B: [Silence]… Yes, I recall that at that time she was burning paper — perhaps she was burning paper money, and on the ashes and burning paper there was a huge EVE particle reaction, I think it was because of that.

A: That, huh… Thank you for the information. If you wish, you may deliver a request during the next exploration.

B: Hold on, comrade…

A: Is there anything you'd like to say?

B: No, it's just… I don't know how to say it, you may not even want to record it.

B: You know, my comrade, even if I'm a thaumaturge with an English codename, I went through four years of Marxist materialist education… These few years, I've gone through many containment breaches, but this time, something really might have changed me…

Update: On 20██.4.5, the Foundation recorded for the first time an ultra-dense life-energy entity (PoI-2864) in the current reality. The entity was humanoid, but did not pose any effect on the structure of reality. The entity was observed for a total of 2 hours.

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