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▷ Special Containment Procedures-6/7/22 (Current):

Due to the neutralization of SCP-CN-2153 (See Incidet Log 2M4-D), all explorations or research tasks on the object are cancelled. The entrance of the object will be concreted after the object interior is completely emptied and the investigation into the object's neutralization incident is completed. Ancillary facility Sector-λ is permitted to contain additional objects.

▷ Description:

SCP-CN-2153 was discovered during the excavation of section CQC-03 of the Area-CN-22 underground railway network "Nerve" branch.

SCP-CN-2153 is a three-story Foundation secure facility, marked as "Site-CN-36", though no information related to the facility can be found within Foundation database. The first and third floors are inaccessible for unkown reason, the only entrance to the object found as of now leads straight to the second floor. There is space warping effect inside the second floor and at its entrance.

Due to the anomalous light absorption of the internal walls of SCP-CN-2153, lighting equipment with an electrical power lower than 60-watt will not be able to function properly, and this anomalous effect will gradually become significant with the distance travelled by personnel inside the object. Further exploration of the object is not possible due to personnel load limitations. Individuals will experience gradual memory degradation when staying inside the object and around the entrance for a period of time. The effect will vanish approximately fifteen minutes after exiting the object.

Existing documents inside SCP-CN-2153 are majorly relevant to a Foundation department named "Department of Memorization", and again no information about this department can be found in the Foundation database.

Due to Incident 2M4-A, SCP-CN-2153 has lost all anomalous effects and has therefore been reclassified as Neutralized.


Incident Log

SCP-CN-2153 Neutralization Event

On 07/02/2023, a violent explosion occurred inside SCP-CN-2153, generating a fierce orange-red flame. The flame quickly spreaded throughout the object and could not be extinguished, lasting for 84 hours. During this period MTF-CN-Mu-9 attempted to enter SCP-CN-2153, but was forced to cancel due to the fact that the fireproof suits worn by the team members did not significant effect.

MTF-CN-Mu-9 and other squads re-entered SCP-CN-2153 to restore containment after the major flames extinguished spontaneously. According to the investigation carried out by MTF-辛申-14 ("Polarized Light"), the explosion of SCP-CN-2153 was caused by human factors. SCP-CN-2513 lost its anomalous effects after the incident.

The orange liquid that remained on the ground after burning was retrieved, and according to the witnesses of the team at the scene, the liquid could burn for an anomalously long time and was not completely burned out after a long period of time, and is believed to be the combustion material that led to this accident. It has been sent to Area-CN-22-β for study. The cause of the accident is still under investigation.

SCP-CN-2153 has therefore been reclassified as Neutralized.

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