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Based on the requirements of SCP-CN-2161 and out of respect for Foundation Star recipient, Level 3 Agent Liu Ang, RAISA has saved the first version of this document in scanned format into the database. Readers are to distinguish these versions carefully.

— Maria Jones, Director, RAISA

item #: scp-cn-2161

object class: safe

special contanement procedures: this document is the homework dad gave to me, i should write it well. my dad took this piece of paper from a drawer, it has a secret code. my dad told me the secret code, after that i opened it. my dad said this is a very important homework, i only need to use a pencil to write on the back. dad told me how to write. dad also told me how to turn on his computer and send infomation to the people at his job so they come over to my house. dad says when they come over i have to show them the homework.

description: scp-cn-2161 is dad's work number, but the adults dont call him that, they call his name. my dad stopped going to work a few months ago, he plays with me all day, like mister strawberry bear. my dad says he isnt just my dad, but my bets friend. my dad even said that before he didnt spent a lot of time with me, but now he wants to be with me more while i grow up!

i was very happy, but mom didnt seem happy. i dont know why. dad says it was because he and my mom played hide and seek and mom didnt find him. i also want to play hide and seek with mom!

last week, me and dad watched a cartoon, in the cartoon the lazy sheep said he didnt want to die. i asked dad what die means and he said dieing means to turn into a little fairy, and wait until a kid wants friends, then appear fast! all people are like this. i dont believe it! because i know some kids dont have friends, like me. and, not every kid wants a little fairy. dad said, when they are wanted, they will appear. then i asked him, why does the lazy sheep not want to die? dad said, because after you die you might have to wait a long time until a kid wants you.

im done! dad saw it and said, there are a lot of parts that need to be erased, because they are not good. but after he thought a while he said fine and wanted to leave it, and let the people at work leave it too.

Item #: SCP-CN-2161

Object Class: Safe Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures: The original and final versions of the document have been collated and saved in the Foundation database. Relevant external affairs personnel are to regularly supervise PoI-2161's mental health and growth and report back to the project lead. If the anomaly ceases, the project lead should first request approval from their superiors before updating the document. Foundation personnel with children are to be monitored; screening of children whose parents were Foundation personnel killed in action and covert investigation of those under 18 is to be carried out.

Based on the special properties of the object, there is no need to amnesticize PoI-2161.

Description: SCP-CN-2161 is former Foundation agent Liu Ang. His position outside of the veil was a high school teacher. Liu Ang was killed in October 2018 during the [REDACTED] incident, and was later posthumously awarded the Foundation Star. The Foundation covered up his death to his family using the cover story "car accident". In March 2019, Foundation personnel discovered Liu Ang's personal inbox had been logged into, and a hidden code had been sent to the Foundation intranet. At this point, Foundation agents were dispatched to his house to investigate, leading to the discovery that he had become SCP-CN-2161.

SCP-CN-2161-1 is a document written by Liu Ang's daughter, PoI-2161. Its contents are written on an SCP anomalous record document. Based on SCP-CN-2161-1's description and measurements taken on site, SCP-CN-2161 is not a spectral anomaly, nor are there any Hume level changes in the vicinity of the anomaly. It is currently theorized that SCP-CN-2161 is a mental hallucination of PoI-2161, possessing sapience and autonomy, but incapable of affecting the physical world. SCP-CN-2161-1 was written by PoI-2161 at the anomaly's direction. According to SCP-CN-2161's description, the anomaly is not an isolated incident, and is a normal alteration after a person's death. The information obtained through SCP-CN-2161-1 and PoI-2161 regarding SCP-CN-2161 are as follows:

1. Once a person dies, they become an instance of SCP-CN-2161, a mental hallucination within a child's mind.
2. SCP-CN-2161 appears to have no adverse effects on normal persons.
3. SCP-CN-2161's continued existence is strongly tied to the child's growth.
4. SCP-CN-2161 will demanifest once the child has reached a certain level of emotional maturity.

Addendum: As of January 2022, PoI-2161 expressed that SCP-CN-2161 demanifested. At the time, PoI-2161 was 15 years old. The Foundation has performed the appropriate amnesticization on PoI-2161; however, it has been decided to maintain the original version of this document.

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