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Item #: SCP-CN-2171

Object Class: Pending

Special Containment Procedures: Personnel are to ensure that SCP-CN-2171's records have been placed in a permanently offline terminal within their own physical reach, and that the file is set to read-only and clearance requirements permitting Level 3 and higher personnel only have been instated. A spare copy is to be made to every storage device on the terminal. In addition, relevant personnel are to attempt by any means possible to upload the anomaly's documentation to the main databases of Foundation sites or share it with any other personnel in order to assist the Site in starting further investigation and containment work.

Current success count: 0.

Description: SCP-CN-2171 is an anomalous stationary space. Its physical state and manifestation causes are currently unknown. When a human subject is in an enclosed space, there is a chance that it will become affected by the anomaly. Based on investigation involving test personnel, the anomaly's occurrence is characterized by:

  • The enclosed space becoming replaced with SCP-CN-2171.
  • All doors, windows, and walls becoming immovable and indestructible.
  • All functioning timekeeping devices (such as watches and computer timing circuits) stopping.
  • All food and water in the space no longer experience chemical change.
  • All internet access options ceasing to function.
  • All means of external communication ceasing to function.
  • The metabolic and other biological processes of such personnel are unaffected.

Discovery: Based on observable circumstances, the most recent occurrence of the anomaly occurred in the southernmost single bedroom of the third floor of Block A of the Containment Department Dormitories at Site-CN-11. The anomaly occurred on March 2, 2023, 11 days ago. Only Foundation Level 3 Researcher Hu Kai was affected.

Addendum Recommendation: The spatio-temporal structure of the inside of SCP-CN-2171 appears to not produce any interaction with baseline reality. As such, from the perspective of personnel inside SCP-CN-2171, time outside the anomaly has been stopped. Based on the above information, there is no way to discover any means to put an end to this state. In addition, due to the properties of the anomalous space, personnel within the area may experience symptoms similar to those experienced in a completely soundproofed environment.

In addition, as metabolic function and waste products are unaffected by the anomaly, personnel are to maintain personal and environmental hygiene as much as possible.

Personnel may experience ketosis due to prolonged lack of sustenance, and as such are encouraged to manage food supplies well.

While electronic devices' clocks are stopped by the anomaly, their battery is not prevented from depleting. Personnel are encouraged to manage their devices' battery life.

If a recording device is available, it is recommended to turn it on as a further information backup.

[Wi-Fi connected automatically.]

[Now uploading document.]

[Record Date: 2023/03/02]

[Record Author: Hu Kai]

<Audio Recording>

[Sound of handle turning]

[Sound of door opening]

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