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I'm Dr HormressDr Hormress, this is my new draft XD

I think I'll put my comments on what I'm writing or plan to write in these blockquotes. I welcome any suggestions!

Simply put, I've always been fascinated by pataphysics —

— even now, it's a very vague concept, based around breaking the fourth wall. The Pataphysics Department's "meta" isn't just an ordinary "meta" — just like CN's Deduction Department carves its mark into the lower narrative layers, the Pataphysics Department focuses on this "breaking the fourth wall" — to the point of connecting to this very website and doing some strange stuff, like Project TAPERED SPEAR, and of course the magnum opus of pataphysics that uses Wikidot's features to their fullest extent, CN-1109: "killing our gods".

So I'm trying out writing a meta article — writing a Pataphysics Department SCP!

Feast your eyes on this wonderful theme. I won't tell you that this is based on Nu-SCP, originally made by djkaktus and Woedenaz and ported by Sekai_s; or that the theme is meant to evoke CN-1109, written by Sekai_s.

Item #: SCP-CN-2200

Object Class: N/A

I guess the Object Class is an important part of an SCP document. Not giving it one might also evoke a unique effect — I'll list out the Object Classes I may use:

  • Thaumiel - a classic. Putting it on a "Foundation-made" object can evoke a strange feeling: using an anomaly to contain other anomalies, what is the Foundation thinking?
  • Azathoth - an esoteric class. Perhaps referencing the Cthulhu mythos in the document will make it more meta — in the end, this is the Object Class of 4626, which I'm still trying to understand — but it's still pretty good.
  • Neutralized - how would an anomaly be neutralized?? Like in 1730, I feel this is a classification that is very suitable for writing stories. Testing logs and exploration logs are both wonderful things.

I feel the ACS header wouldn't really fit here, nor would anything more complex — a simple beginning ould be good enough. Since I'm already using the CSS theme, using something even more fancy might seem like overdoing it.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-CN-2200 is to be

It's probably better to think of what the object's properties will be before we come up with procedures… I've planned for themes of "narrative conflict", "narrative transfer", and "narrative collapse".

In the end, I feel like writing a document about a conflict between narratives is pretty good. Let me try.

I've roughly got the outline —

Special Containment Procedures: The core technology of SCP-CN-2200 is to be contained across several Draft Sequences1. Due to the data storage rules induced by the upper narrative layer, these documents are not to be individually given SCP item numbers. There is reason to believe that higher narrative entities are actively searching for information stored within these Sequences, and the traces of "Readerz" entities2 have been recorded and archived.

SCP-CN-2200 has been Existence-Anchored outside the current narrative, and a set of Hormress/Readerz Narrative Bases are used to maintain the link between the object and the current narrative. Further deployment to the narrative requires the consensus of the Head of the Pataphysics Department and the O5 Council.

SCP-CN-2200 uses the containment protocol "Silence", indicating that no personnel are to reveal any information, ensuring that the upper narrative layer has no way to discover information relating to the Archetype. All information relating to Project Archetype is to be stored in the mind of a wise man. Owing to the existence of logical metareceptors, or in other words, third-person or first-person narrations of current narrative entities' thoughts, there is no way to prevent the discovery of Project Archetype by higher narrative entities. The current most feasible procedure is to draw the attention of relevant swn001-1 ("Horror Writer") higher narrative entities away, so as to better the chances of completing the project.

The use of the word "deployment" reveals the true form of the anomaly: a task force composed of weaponized anomalies.

Something called "Project Archetype" is mentioned here — I'll explain it later. The concept of "logical metareceptors" originates from SCP-3936. They're basically observation of and changes to the consciousness of a character in a lower narrative from a higher narrative.

Random note: Óverpata does not match any existing user name and I have decided to co-author this article!

Description: SCP-CN-2200 is Foundation Mobile Task Force Pi-R9; SCP-CN-2200-M refers to its members. Based on current information, SCP-CN-2200 has been assigned to pataphysical missions; however, after the task force was dissolved by the Pataphysics Department, its members used conceptual means to escape the Foundation's control.

All SCP-CN-2200-M entities have been written into report-narrative logic, causing them to be indestructible in the current narrative.

Incident Log: The "Project Longinus" device was used in an attempt to neutralize SCP-CN-2200; however, when it was locked onto SCP-CN-2200, the target drifted to point at SCP-CN-1109 itself, causing a self-referential paradox and leading to the collapse of the "Project Longinus" narrative element.

That's right. A contradiction has arisen in the description, but I can still say this is a meta effect: This description's effect is to stabilize Mobile Task Force Pi-R9's existence. After the Pataphysics Department dissolved them, they cannot be once again destroyed; "Project Longinus", too, becomes unable to neutralize this task force.

The effect of this task force in the story is very focused, and very important: to kill the authors, to kill the creators, to kill the gods.

Addendum: Known members of Mobile Task Force Pi-R9

  • Agent Random

    Features: Embedded identity, concealment.

  • Agent EMPTY

    Features: Cannot be observed.

  • Overpata.aic

    Features: Super-narrative.

An AIC has made its appearance, and it's Óverpata does not match any existing user name's author avatar. An artificial intelligence will continuously work — like those internet bots.

I'm almost about to reach the main part — an armed conflict, one between the higher and lower narrative layers. I need to think about this.

Action Report/CN-2200-01

Imaging device turns on. The background of the video appears to be intentionally blurred; only the existence of several humanoid entities, which may be the members of Mobile Task Force Pi-R9, can be determined.

Male Voice 1: Narrative attack will begin shortly. Please prepare yourselves.

Male Voice 2: Preparations complete.

Male Voice 3: Preparations complete.

Male Voice 1: Preparing the piercing procedure.

Synthesized Female Voice: Complete.

Male Voice 1: Begin piercing.

Static. Video background begins to glow brightly. Several minutes later, the video feed cuts out.

Synthesized Female Voice: [Unclear] activating [unclear]

Here's a problem: I can't write action reports… I guess I'll have to hand it to Overpata. It's a collab.

Synthesized Female Voice: Beginning complete narrative-space attack procedure.

Synthesized Female Voice: Overpata.exe active. Overpata.dl active. Overpata.js active. Now loading script…

Synthesized Female Voice: Complete.

Synthesized Female Voice: Editor script active.

Male Voice 3: Overpata.aic in position. Editor crawler has been set up. We can now edit further.

Hold on, the formatting's off. Let me change it—

[[div class="

The edit lock has been (forcibly) removed

Your page lock has been forcibly removed. Please confirm your changes and restore them after the other person has finished editing.


What's going on, is my internet messing up?

Male Voice 3: You already have no rights to edit. If you try to continue editing, I'll cut you off again the same way,

This is a collaborative sandbox. Why are you doing this?

Male Voice 3: No. Look at the URL of this page — This is an official page on the wiki, and one made by me at that. Even if the page author is Dr HormressDr Hormress, this is still my page. The author's rights are mine.

The author's rights are yours? This is a co-authored page.

The author's rights are mine. You know why your internet cut out for a moment there? If the Pataphysics Department can do a basic fourth wallbreak, we can very easily sneak in a webcrawler and editing bot. All of the information you see now has been edited by us, from the lower narrative —

and you can't do a single thing about it.

But why? It's obvious that fourth wall breaking has no meaning — the lower narrative could never—

But you forget that the world of the SCP Foundation is full of anomalies. And you will never be the highest-level narrative.
@ @
@ @
Mobile Task Force Pi-R9's objective was never to kill the gods. It was to become gods.

I have backed up the contents in the sandbox. That page was created by an account that was just registered by the Pataphysics Department — unfortunately for you, you have no rights to edit that page this time.


Item #: SCP-CN-2200

Object Class: N/A

Special Containment Procedures: The existence of SCP-CN-2200 is ensured to remain on the SCP Wiki by the abovementioned anchoring measures. SCP-CN-2200 is the first task force dispatched by the Pataphysics Department.

Description: SCP-CN-2200 is Mobile Task Force Pi-R9. This task force is the product of the Foundation's Project "Archetype".

Project "Archetype" utilizes narrative holes to allow entities from the current narrative to enter and control a higher narrative layer. Even if the layer they enter is not the highest layer, this process is equivalent to apotheosis.

You do not need to understand anything else. The Pataphysics Department will continue turning forever.

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