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Item #: SCP-CN-2262

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-CN-2262 has been locked since discovery. Unauthorized access is prohibited.

Description: SCP-CN-2262 is a house located in ███████ District, █████████ County, Henan. It occupies an area of 34 m², and does not have a yard. Personnel entering the building express extreme attentiveness towards all objects within save for the northeast corner; this effect ceases upon leaving the building.

The contents of the building include:

  • Walls and floor. The floor and ceiling have a total area of 108 m², and consist primarily of crudely painted cement. Its surface is rough and uneven, and there are 2,761 concavities caused by air bubbles and protrusions caused by irregular painting; their average depth is over 1 cm. The walls display clear signs of being repeatedly painted after drying. Some protrusions are slightly reddish and darker. The floor consists of 52 pieces, which have an average of 16 natural lines on them and each cover 0.7 m² of area. Of those, 7 possess dark tree scars. The floor waxed, with 37 depressions thought to be caused during the application process with an average of 0.2 cm depth. Part of the floor has expanded due to water uptake.
  • Door and door frame are located on the northwest wall. The door is made of genuine wood, and measures 96 cm wide, 4.7 cm thick, and 2 m high. The door has been painted brown; part of the oil paint has broken and fallen off. Some of the remaining paint shows signs of being scratched, but has not been detached from the door. The exterior of the door has been severely dented; the door has 27 dents in the middle and a further 34 smaller, deeper dents near the bottom which are from ramming. The handle and lock are both made of brass, with the handle showing severe weathering and the lock damaged to the point where it no longer functions. There are three hinges between the door and the frame, which are of ██████ brand. Two of the hinges have broken and are no longer attached to the door frame
  • Two sliding windows, each 17 cm in height, located on the west wall of the room. The window frames are made of fir. The glass windows are single-layer and have been broken from the inside. There are 8 remaining glass shards left on the window frames, which match in manufacture and color. The window frames appear to have been distorted by an attempt to expand them. Each window is equipped with blinds, which are single-layer acrylic fiber dyed deep blue, with yellow bird images poorly woven on. Two of the blinds have been torn horizontally, while the other two have been severely damaged with 37 slash marks and 19 scratches.

The above information is a reduced excerpt; for further information, see archived document [2262/2 House Structure Samples, Analysis and Investigation].

  • One reading desk, located at the southern part of the building, 140 cm long, 70 cm deep. 259 scratches of different depth are present on its surface, as well as three deeper incisions, within which were found graphite dust. The legs of the table are hollow and made of steel painted with black oil paint, some of which has peeled off. The exposed steel shows signs of having been struck, including resulting light deformation. The lower right part of the table has two empty drawers that move using a wheel and rack. The interior of the drawers shows 143 scratch marks, and the wheels are somewhat dislocated. The underside of the table and the inside of the drawers are heavily cobwebbed.
  • One Chung Hwa brand pencil and 43 sheets of writing paper are placed on the table. The pencil has been used up to approximately half of its original length; when discovered, its tip had broken off. The wood making up the main body of the pencil has been indented in an oval shape in four locations. 37 pieces of writing paper have been crumpled and scattered on the table. The contents of the crumpled paper are mostly illegible; however, most of the characters written mirror each other; the remaining are completely meaningless scrawls; these papers have seemingly been torn up or crumpled.
  • 276 glass bottles of Tsingtao beer and 1189 boxes of Changbaishan cigarettes, located in a corner in the southeast of the room. A small number of bottles have been broken or smashed, and many of the cigarette boxes contain three to five cigarettes left over, while others have 10 or more. Some of the cigarette boxes have been crushed, causing the boxes' structure to be damaged; a few pieces of plastic packaging have been notably damaged. Some of the bottles and cigarette boxes contained ashes from burning paper, which were retrieved.

The above information is a reduced excerpt; for further information, see archived document [2262/4 House Contents Samples, Theories and Investigation].
Moving the scattered arms, head and body will cause the object's northeast corner to once again display anomalous properties; as such, investigation and interference with the object has ceased.

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