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Item #: SCP-CN-233

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: All documents containing SCP-CN-233 and similar objects are to be sealed and stored in Storage Room 54 at Site-CN-12; all digitally stored images containing SCP-CN-233 are to be deleted as soon as possible. Under normal circumstances, personnel are to avoid visual contact with SCP-CN-233. Containment and testing work on SCP-CN-233 is to be carried out by personnel with minimal general knowledge of physics or personnel who meet attention span criteria.

Description: SCP-CN-233 is a 3 cm x 2 cm image, containing 12 black dots of 1 mm diameter with equal space between each. Color analysis of SCP-CN-233 has not produced any anomalus results.

When a subject views one or more of the dots comprising SCP-CN-233 and mentally visualizes an imaginary line extending from the center, an invisible cylindrical protrusion will extend from each observed dot, with a diameter corresponding to that of the dots, perpendicular to the surface of the paper. This typically results in the subject's palms and head being pierced and resulting in near-instant death. Analysis shows that the protrusions extend at over 1000 m/s, piercing any objects in their path up to a distance of 10 m, before disappearing, seemingly leaving no other trace.

SCP-CN-233 was discovered on the top left of 723 pieces of 1/8 folio printer paper. Subsequent research shows that SCP-CN-233 can be duplicated by various methods including photocopying or photography, but not by copying by hand. Any part of any of the dots comprising SCP-CN-233 retains its anomalous properties; however, burning SCP-CN-233 or covering up SCP-CN-233 with paint will invalidate its properties, as will deleting an electronic copy.

Addendum CN-233-1: Extract from text printed on the paper on which SCP-CN-233 was initially found

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